What to Do If You’re in Car Crash: 5 eBook Must-Haves

A car crash hurts you emotionally and physically, so it’s the last thing you want to experience. But what would you do when you get involved in one?

When it happens, injuries can be severe and emotions high. If possible, there are certain things you need to do to ensure safety and prep for any litigation and insurance claim. This post is going to help you understand the necessary steps to take during a car accident.

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Safety Comes First

The first step is to ensure that everyone involved in the crash is safe. Check for injuries and call 911 for an ambulance if necessary. If the vehicles can run, you need to move them off the road. Make sure you take photos before and after moving them.

If it’s not possible to move the vehicle, just place a road sign to warn other drivers using the road. Also, ensure everyone is in a safe area.

Call the Police

Even in a minor car crash, calling the police is important. You want a police accident report, especially when dealing with your insurance company.

Try as much as possible to provide the police with all the relevant information. Experts recommend avoiding blaming others or admitting fault. Instead, you should let the police make their own judgment basing on events that led to the crash.

You can also file a vehicle accident report with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if the police fail to show up at the scene. The report can also be used by your personal injury lawyer.

Stay at the Scene

After calling the police, don’t leave the scene unless you have a serious injury that requires medical attention.

If you leave the scene when a person is injured or killed, you can be indicted for a hit-and-run. Plus, you also need to be available to ensure the police have all the necessary information. These details are necessary when writing the report, too.

Staying at the scene will also make it easier for your Craig Swapp lawyer to build a solid case.

Gather Information

If the case advances to litigation, your car accident attorney will need substantial evidence and information to support the case.

Take the time to talk to witnesses to know what they saw. If possible, ensure to record the conversations with the witnesses. Get their numbers, names, and addresses, too.

Ensure you have taken pictures of all the damages to our car. The insurance adjuster will need them to determine the amount of your compensation. It will also be great if you have before the crash photos.

Call our Insurance Company

It’s advisable to let your auto insurance company know that you have been involved in a car crash. Work with them to let them understand what happened and provide the crash report. This is important especially if you were at fault.

If the other car driver was at fault, you have the option of calling their insurer. Alternatively, you can allow your insurance company to file the claim on your behalf.

Always Be Prepared for a Car Crash!

An accident can happen anytime, so it’s wise to know the necessary steps to take when it happens. Do not sign any document unless it’s your insurance agent or police issuing it.

Your vehicle registration, ID and other personal documents should always be in the glove box or center console. This will prevent them from getting lost during the car crash. Having a safety kit is usually handy, too.

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