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Why Should Your Business Use Paperless Payroll?

September 22, 2017 - By 
paperless payroll

Are you trying to make your workplace more convenient?

If that’s the case, you might want to consider paperless payroll management. Thanks to cloud computing, businesses can manage payroll processing through web-based solutions.

Why are more businesses turning to a paperless payroll system? It can help save time, money, and even the environment. These systems can also be handled internally — eliminating the hassle of dealing with a third party’s convoluted process.

Are you considering making the switch to a paperless office? Read on to discover why your business should consider making the payroll switch.

Paper Costs

A web-based payroll solution might sound expensive. But rising paper costs have made paperless payroll a cost-effective option for businesses.

Paper costs have been on the rise thanks to increased supplier costs. These increased costs have had a domino effect on prices on everything from shipping to packaging.

The web’s accessibility makes these costs unnecessary to businesses. Paperless systems can eliminate the need for paper involved in checks, tax forms, government documents, and mailing documents.


You’re not just helping your business when you switch to a paperless solution. You’re also helping the environment.

The average person in the United States uses more than 700 pounds of paper every year and paper use contributed to over 26 million tons of landfill waste in 2009.

Consider a large number of businesses still using paper systems. The employee paper usage adds up when you consider each individual pay stub and W-2 forms. Eliminating these paper documents could help to cut down on millions of tons of paper waste.


Moving towards a new payroll system might sound like a tedious process. But it can save you a large chunk of time in the long run.

Paperless payroll offers unparalleled convenience for businesses. For one, employees have a central portal where they can access all of their payroll records and documents.

Online pay stubs have a number of convenient benefits. Employees no longer have to worry about losing their records, dealing with bank deposits, or picking up their paper checks.

Employees can also take advantage of a paystub generator. By simpling entering their salary information and company name, the generator will provide them with a snapshot of their payment history. This can be extremely useful for tax information, proof of income, and even salary breakdowns.


Thanks to smartphones, it’s easy to access a wealth of information from the palm of your hand. Payroll systems are no different.

Employees can use their paperless system to access their paychecks directly via their smartphone. This allows them to access paperless stubs and deposit their checks at any time.

This helps to make sure payroll is always processed on time. Mobile continues to dominate the modern landscape and will only play a bigger role in payroll systems moving forward.

Your Paperless Payroll

Are you interested in moving your payroll system to a paperless platform? Doing so can make your modern workplace more convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Payroll is just the start. There are a number of other digital programs available that can help change your business. Read our blog about how digital downloads can help your company today.


5 Secure Websites Where You Can Access Legal Document Downloads

September 22, 2017 - By 
document downloads

Hiring an attorney is expensive, even for simple legal needs like petitioning for a change of name. Did you know that most legal needs can be resolved on your own with legal form document downloads?

All you need to do is find the proper form for your legal needs, fill it out and pay the required filing fee at your local courthouse.

Even when dealing with complex legal issues like establishing a DBA (doing business as) or filing for divorce, you can still handle things on your own with the right document downloads.

In this article we’re going to cover the top 5 secure websites where you can access all the legal document downloads you’ll need.

Not only will this save you money, it’ll end your legal stress.

1. US Legal Document Downloads

This is one of the most helpful and comprehensive online legal forms services available.

This service boasts over 36,000 legal forms that are state-specific, as well as a host of non-legal documents. US Legal covers more areas of law than any other legal form document download website.

US Legal’s range of documents is so extensive that it’s unlikely you’d need to look at any other site to find what you’re looking for.

They even have the documents you’ll need when you learn how to apply for income based repayment navient on student loans.

One negative is that they don’t have any presence on social media.

2. FindLegalForms, Inc.

This is also a very comprehensive service with almost any legal form you could need. They allow you to download your chosen forms directly into an MS Word document so you can enter all your personal information.

You can also choose PDF downloads if you’d like to fill out the forms by hand before filing.

FindLegalForms gives you great support options that make it a top pick.

On the downside, you can’t access immigration forms on this site. But other than that, it’s quite good.

3. Rocket Lawyer

One of the best features of Rocket Lawyer is that you can speak with an attorney for free as a part of their service.

That’s a unique option you should definitely take advantage of.

They also have most of the forms you’ll need for personal and business needs. However, you won’t be able to access lien forms or certain immigration forms like the I-485 (to apply for permanent residency).

They do have a very extensive list of real estate, business and financial forms that make it a good choice.

4. Legal Zoom

At Legal Zoom, the forms are simple to locate and fill out.

You’ll get easy questionnaires to help you find the legal forms you need. You also get the option of previewing them before making a purchase.

They’ll auto-check your forms for errors and spelling mistakes to make sure everything is done right.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any bill of sale or loan agreement forms.

5. Law Depot

This is another easy-to-use service with state-specific forms for business, real estate, finance and personal legal issues.

For each form, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions within an interview format.

Completed forms are then saved, printed or emailed off to be signed and filed with the court.

You’ll notice that they don’t offer any bankruptcy documents.

You should utilize these free options before going after the more expensive versions.

When it’s time to resolve legal issues, check out this article on hiring an attorney.


The Weird, Wonderful World of Video Game Influencers

September 22, 2017 - By 
video game influencers product or service

Now that billions of people play video games, gaming as a hobby is becoming far more accepted. But things have come a long way since Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

Games like Call of Duty and Destiny are far more complicated than their predecessors. And yet many gamers prefer to watch someone else play a game rather than play it themselves.

An estimated 90% of gamers reportedly tuned into a YouTube or Twitch stream at least once a week. In fact, one YouTuber, Markiplier, is so popular that he’s getting his own tour!

What’s the deal with these gamers and how do you find them anyway? Read on for all of the details on the weird, wonderful world of video game influencers.

What Exactly Are Video Game Influencers?

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out the world of influencers, you’re not alone. Most businesses can’t figure it out either.

But there’s something about it that resonates with audiences. So what’s an influencer anyway?

A video game influencer is someone who makes sponsored content by streaming games. They use the power of social media and streaming to get their content directly to their audience. These streamers form unique bonds with their audiences and in turn, influence their purchasing choices.

Let’s take the Five Nights at Freddy’s series for instance. Initially, Scott Cawthorn’s game was released to little to no fanfare. In fact, most people didn’t even know it existed. That is until some YouTubers got their hands on it.

Suddenly, millions were tuning in to see what the jumpscare riddled game was about. And just like that, FNaF became a multi-million dollar hit.

How Does it Work?

This is where things get really interesting. How does becoming a video game influencer work, anyway? Well, it largely depends.

In some cases, like the CBS-owned Giant Bomb, there’s a combination of corporate sponsorship mixed with creative freedom. The company is under the CBS Interactive umbrella but only employs around a dozen employees.

In other cases, such as Jim Sterling or TotalBiscuit, the influencer gets paid from their audience via crowdsourcing.

Of course, there are also streamers who take sponsorships directly from corporations. Turn on Twitch at any given moment and you’re likely to discover a streamer with a company’s watermark in the corner or a chair with a logo.

If you’re interested in finding streamers for your business, all you have to do is use social media. Tools like Grin find influencers on Instagram and make it easy to connect with them.

Why Would Anyone Want to Watch Someone Play Video Games?

All of this begs the question: why are people watching game streaming? Why not play games yourself?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. First of all, streamers and their audience have a unique relationship. The audience forms a bond with the influencer and views them as more friend than an entertainer.

Of course, others don’t have the time to play these games themselves.

Video games are getting increasingly complex and time-consuming. Watching someone else play lets you experience the game without having to buy it.

Last Thoughts on Video Game Influencers

If you’re still confused by the world of video game influencers, that’s okay. It’s a bit of an odd phenomenon. But it likely isn’t going anywhere, and having the right influencer on your side can be beneficial.

Looking to learn more about the world of video games? Be sure to check out our software downloads or ebook selection.


Using Technology to Step Up Creative Marketing for Dentists

September 21, 2017 - By 
creative marketing

Are you looking to use technology to step up the creative marketing efforts of your dental practice?

Technology can help keep your practice in touch with your patients, and attract new ones, in the digital age.

Read on below to learn about how you can use technology to help amp up your dental practice’s creative marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing

You should be utilizing social media platforms as a dentist.

It’s a great opportunity to grow your brand and connect with your target audience.

Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are great tools for branding.

They have made it possible for dentists to reach their target audience in an effective way.

These platforms allow you to connect, engage, and interact with your patients before their appointments and long after they leave the office.

This means it’s worth it to develop engaging social media campaigns that reflect your brand and digital presence in a positive way.

Finding ways that help bridge your office’s mission with your online community will help make your practice feel modern, vibrant, and welcoming.

2. Maintain a Blog on Your Practice’s Website

Did you know that 75% of people will make judgments about your practice based on your website?

That’s why it’s important to make sure your website is up-to-date and that you maintain a blog in addition to your social media channels.

A blog is a great way to keep your patients, and potential new patients, informed about dental health, industry news, and updates about your practice.

An effective way to help promote the content available on your blog is to share your posts directly on your social channels.

This kind of inbound marketing guarantees that your content is visible on various online platforms to your audience.

Sharing content on your blog and social channels is a great way you can use technology and SEO together. It will help improve your marketing efforts and drive web traffic.

Remember: always create valuable content for your blog that your target audience cares about to help sustain online engagement for your practice.

Taking the time to learn more about the importance of valuable content to your marketing efforts is essential to your business’ success.

3. Email Marketing

People regularly check their email throughout the day. Why miss out on this opportunity to reach your patients?

Email is a great way to combine your marketing efforts in one place and reach your patients directly in their inbox.

Send out regular e-newsletters with office, website, and blog updates.

Be sure to place your social buttons in the email and make sure your office’s contact information is readily available too.

Want to use email effectively in other ways? Send your patients electronic appointment reminders.

To really step it up, ask them if they’d like to receive reminders via text message as well.

Your patients are bound to appreciate the convenience that email updates and electronic reminders provide them in their busy lives.

Technology Can Enhance Your Creative Marketing Efforts

It’s clear that technology and how it is used has influenced the way dental practices shape their creative marketing strategies.

Utilize social media marketing, your website and its blog, and email marketing to your advantage to help step up your practice’s marketing efforts.

What other technology do you use as a dentist when it comes to your creative marketing tactics?


What You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Photography Website Builder

September 19, 2017 - By 
photography website builder

Whether you’ve been in the photography field for decades or you’re just trying to make a name for yourself, you need an up-to-date website to show off your body of work.

In this day and age, any old website won’t do. If you want to make a good impression, you’ll need a well-designed, top-notch site that will grab viewers’ attention.

The site builder you choose can make all the difference.

Here’s what you need to know before you choose a photography website builder for your budding business.

How to Choose the Best Photography Website Builder

When it comes to website builders for your photography site, you have seemingly endless options to choose from. Here are some tips for how to sort through your choices.

Set a Budget

Your first consideration when you choose a site builder should be the cost.

Some platforms are completely free, but they usually come with ads and a non-custom domain name.

For the best results, you should expect to spend some money each month on your website.

Pick a Site Builder Tailored to Visual Portfolios

The main purpose of your site is to show off your skills behind the camera. To do that, your photography site needs to be visual.

When you’re shopping for the right site builder, make sure they offer visual portfolio templates. You want your homepage to offer a clear picture of your work—without a lot of extra text.

Opt for a Platform With Enough Hosting Power

Some site builders will limit the number of photos you can host through their platform. If you want to post a lot of high-quality shots, that could become a big problem pretty quickly.

Shop around for a photography website builder that will let you host as many images as you want for a reasonable price.

Make Sure You Can Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Your website needs to look great, even on the tiniest screen. That’s because mobile browsing dethroned desktop as the preferred way to view the web in 2016.

Choose a site builder that will automatically handle the mobile-optimization process for you. Make sure your images scale down to a viewable size and that your layout shifts to account for vertical scrolling.

Look for a site builder that lets you use large, tappable buttons instead of hard-to-hit hyperlinks, too.

Pick a Site Builder You Can Integrate with a Digital Marketing Campaign

For your best chance at success, you need to use a solid digital marketing strategy to publicize your website.

A full-service web design firm like OONIE can take the guesswork out of this part of the equation for you. If you plan on bootstrapping it, look for a site builder that lets you track your visits, clicks, and bounce rate.

It should make it easy for you to cross-post your photos on social media, too.

Download Everything You Need to Succeed from Pligg

At Pligg, we offer the latest downloads the internet has to offer. With our help, you can master any subject in no time. Check out our complete guide to Adobe Lightroom and take your photo editing skills to the next level.


5 Signs You May Be Walking on Asbestos Floor Tiles

September 19, 2017 - By 
asbestos floor tiles

Although asbestos use is at an all-time low in the United States, did you know it’s estimated that over a million workers are still exposed to its harmful effects?

Asbestos can be found in many areas including walls, pipes, and flooring. It can be also found in paint and insulation. There is a high chance that at least something was constructed with asbestos in your home if it was built during certain years.

Are you concerned you may have asbestos in your house? Continue reading below for five signs that you may be walking on asbestos floor tiles.

1. Know Your Construction Year

Be especially wary if your house was built during or before the 1980’s. This is because homes built during time would commonly be built using many materials that contained asbestos.

This could include walls, ceilings, and insulation. Certain pipe products like cement were also known to have asbestos. This information is important to know as asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma cancer.

2. Asbestos Floor Tiles — A Large Concern

You could be walking on floor tiles that have asbestos in them without even knowing it. Unfortunately, you can not usually see asbestos, as the particles are too small. You should look for classic warning signs.

Make sure to be wary of flooring tiles with nine by nine inches patterns. Most floor tiles of this size used asbestos.

3. Questionable Fireproofing Material

Because asbestos insulation had fireproof qualities, gray or white asbestos was widely used as insulation for pipes and on the fittings. White asbestos tape was also commonly used on house pipes.

If you see any white tape on your ducts, don’t immediately worry. It likely will not cause any issues unless it is disturbed.

4. Check Over Your Head

Old homes can sometimes have textured ceilings. Think those popcorn ceilings that were once all the rage. While not all popcorn ceilings are dangerous, many textured ceilings in older houses used materials containing asbestos.

Take care when cleaning around a textured ceiling until you have it tested.

5. Other Signs of Disturbed Asbestos

As mentioned, you can not readily see asbestos. Instead, pay attention to disintegrating pipes and insulation. Be mindful of excessively worn walls, tile, and stovetop pads.

Plan to keep a close eye on anything that has been in the house since when it was built. Keep a lookout for any dirty or dusty areas. Cracks or spots that look like they are breaking down are also a concern.

What To Do if You Find Asbestos

If you have found asbestos floor tiles or other problem areas, don’t do anything. Asbestos isn’t dangerous when it’s still in good condition, but when it starts to break down and the fibers are released into the air, it becomes toxic.

When cleaning, avoid disturbing areas where possible asbestos is. Do not scrub any surface you suspect could be harmful.

When in doubt, consider getting any suspicious material looked at a professional. Price ranges can vary depending on location and scope of the problem. If it is difficult to collect samples, be prepared to pay more.

Properly handling asbestos can be important in preparing to sell your house.

Stay Informed

Now you should be able to tell if you are being exposed to asbestos floor tiles or harmful walls.

Looking for other home repair and remodeling guides? Visit our site today!


3 Great Hearing Aid Apps All Users Should Download

September 18, 2017 - By 
hearing aid apps

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 1 in 8 Americans reports hearing loss in one or both ears.

Today, technology has made everything easier, including managing your medical and emotional health.

Whether you have worn hearing aids for years or you’re a novice user, hearing aid apps can make the world of difference in your comfort and well-being.

Let’s get into some of our favorites!

1. uHear (IOS)

Before getting started on all your Hearplex research, consider taking a free, self-administered test to screen your hearing.

Concerned that you listen to headphones too loudly? We’re all guilty of that (not to mention guilty of going to too many rock concerts!).

Fortunately, uHear is one of those simple and effective hearing aid apps that allows you to identify any problems within about five minutes.

There are three tests:

  • Hearing sensitivity- determining normal range hearing
  • Speech in noise- identifying speech in noisy situation
  • Questionnaire- hearing in ordinary situations

While this test does not necessarily replace the feedback or professional testing done by an audiologist, it’s a great starting point.

It’s also a great way to detect potential issues and bring them to your physician or audiologist during your next appointment.

2. Sound Alert (IOS and Android)

This highly-advanced app allows you to transform your ordinary smartphone into a customized safety and alerting advice.

In a nutshell, Sound Alert allows you to convert essentially any environmental sound into a notification. Monitor everything from delivered packages to smoke alarms to your neighbor knocking on the door.

Best of all? You choose how the notification works. It can vary from a vibration to a flashing light to a smartwatch vibration.

This app works seamlessly with other technologies, including the company’s microphone and pebble watch.

Prices for this app start at $69, but for the comprehensive and customized features it provides, it’s a great option for those with busy lives and schedules.

3. MyHearing (IOS and Android)

This is one of the most revolutionary telehealth communication options for patients and their audiologists.

Essentially, it’s a two-way tool. It allows audiologists to check in with patients, monitor and review progress, send and receive text messages, and adjust hearing aids as needed.

It’s safely encrypted (meaning, your information is confidential) and very user-friendly, with tutorials, learning modules, and an extensive FAQ.

This technology eases the process between the initial appointment and any follow-up visits. It’s important because hearing aid fittings often need to be adjusted over time, and going in for several appointments can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Best of all? It’s completely free!

Final Thoughts on Hearing Aid Apps

No matter how you manage your hearing, using these apps can be a great tool for your overall health care plan.

Be sure to update your physician and/or audiologist if you have questions or concerns during your using. They can be a valuable asset for your overall well-being and making sure everything is on track!

Now get back to listening to music and taking care of yourself.


5 Benefits of Having a Website for Your Business

September 15, 2017 - By 

What’s the one key to being successful in business?

Ok, that’s a trick question – there’s more than one essential part of being successful. But one thing you absolutely must have to win in business is customers. Without sales, you don’t have a business!

81% of customers search online before they make a buying decision. If you don’t have a website, you’re missing the boat!

The good news is that there are many benefits to having a website for your company. Here are just a few.

1. Websites Make You Easy to Find

The vast majority of customers will generally make their selection from the businesses they find and research on the internet.

When you have a website, you become part of the conversation. If someone searches “Brixly hosting reseller uk,” for instance, and you are in that industry and location, you want to be sure you show up in search results!

2. Websites Give You Credibility

The question, “If you can’t find it on Google, does it really exist?” is so true that it almost isn’t a joke anymore. If you don’t have a professional-looking website, people can doubt your credibility.

With a website, you can establish your brand, showcase your products or services, and share customer testimonials and reviews. These help customers trust you enough to buy from you.

3. Having a Website Extends Your Reach

If you’re a brick-and-mortar store that’s been comfortably doing business for decades, you may not see the benefits of having a website. But what if you could expand your customer base without building another location?

Many companies find that the biggest boost they get from their website is the ability to reach a whole new market without investing in a physical store. You can dramatically boost your revenue without much additional overhead.

4. Websites Are Always Available

Being accessible to your customers 24/7 is impossible if you rely on your physical presence. You simply can’t be everywhere all the time.

However, when you have a website, you can be. You can exist around the world and always be open for business. Being able to serve customers at any time of day or night is one of the benefits of having a website.

5. You Can Access Niche Audiences

Many store owners would like to carry more products, but they can’t justify it because there aren’t enough customers in the area. However, when you expand your reach around the world online, you can access very strong, passionate niche audiences.

From doomsday preppers to creators of software programs, you’d be amazed at the communities that will come together to support products and services they need. All you need is a website and an online marketing strategy to reach them.

The Many Benefits of Having a Website

These five benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that there are dozens and dozens of benefits of having a website. Once you give it a try, you’ll discover many on your own.

You can design your own website using purchased graphics, or hire someone to take care of it. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy having an online presence!

What’s the biggest benefit of having a website in your opinion? Share in the comments!


5 Benefits of Having Online Pay Stubs Available for Download

September 15, 2017 - By 

The invention of the pay stub generator has revolutionized the way that bosses pay employees. While paper pay stubs certainly had their place once, the go-to option now is online pay stubs.

Online payment systems have cut out tons of work, and have made it much easier for employees to receive their hard-earned money.

But how does a pay stub generator benefit the employer?

Here are 5 benefits of having online pay stubs available for download.

1. Reliability

One of the biggest benefits of using online pay stubs is that it’s reliable.

When sending out paper pay stubs, you’re at the mercy of several entities. These entities include everything from mail complications, to the weather, to holidays, and more. Any of these entities can delay pay stubs and keep your employees from getting paid on time.

Using an online pay stub system ensures that pay stubs will reach your employees as quickly as possible without any complications.

2. Simplicity

Using paper pay stubs leaves you subject to a number of additional work that you wouldn’t have if you used online ones.

Not only do paper pay stubs have to be printed, they have to be handed out and mailed as well. With a pay stub generator, you can simply enter payment information and have it in the possession of your employees with the click of a button.

This will make not only your life easier, but the lives of your employees as well.

3. Protects Information

While we hope that they never happen, disasters and mishaps are a possibility. What if your building catches on fire and all of your paper records are destroyed? What if a hurricane hits your town and water logs all of your records?

These disasters would cause huge finance and paperwork issues for your company.

By having an online pay stub system, your records can’t be destroyed by such disasters. As long as you have your online records backed up, they will remain safe.

4. Saves Time

Dealing with paperwork is time-consuming. Not only does it take time to print paper documents out. It also takes time to organize said documents so that they can be found in and transferred to the correct areas.

Taking advantage of an online payment system will nix pay stub paperwork altogether.

No longer will you have to print, envelope, mail, and hand out paper pay stubs. Simply plug all pertinent payment information into your payment system, press a button, and send the information to the appropriate person.

5. Saves Money

Paperwork is expensive. Not only do paper and ink cost money, the process of using them costs money as well. As they so often say, “time is money.” You don’t want to waste time and money printing out paper materials.

While switching over to an online payment system may be expensive in the short-run, it will pay itself off time and time again in the long-run.

This will serve to save your business quite a bit of money over time.

Make Payment Easy with Online Pay Stubs

Looking for information about online pay stubs? Perhaps you’re looking to download your own online payment system?

If so, we here at can help you.

Get started by checking out our blog!


5 Digital Marketing Apps All Marketers Should Download

September 15, 2017 - By 

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. As a marketer, it’s important to perpetually keep your finger on the pulse of these changes.

Managing all of these changes, and calculating necessary statistics to analyze them is not an easy task. You need all of the help you can get.

Fortunately, there are a number of digital marketing apps available for smartphone and computer use which can help you get the job done.

Here are 5 digital marketing apps that all marketers should download.

5 Digital Marketing Apps You Need to Check Out

1. Wistia

Wistia is a company that provides video hosting services for various businesses.

If you’re in digital marketing and make frequent use of video content (and you should be), the Wistia app is an invaluable resource for you.

Not only does it allow you to post a high number of quick and responsive videos, it also offers you some of the most in-depth video statistics available today.

Having these statistics on your side will enable you to deeply analyze your videos, helping you to decide which type of videos are effective and which types of videos are useless.

2. Keyword Explorer

Created by marketing analytics software company Moz, Keyword Explorer is very arguably the best keyword research app on the market today.

Entering a keyword phrase into the app will give you tons of information on everything from monthly traffic, to related keywords, to page ranking potential, and more.

It’s the most comprehensive keyword research tool you’re going to find.

3. Hotjar

One of the keys to digital marketing is knowing what your website visitors are interested in and clicking on. Knowing this information allows you to optimize your website and convert on as much traffic as possible.

Fortunately, the Hotjar app exists to tell you exactly where users are clicking on your website.

Providing everything from click heat maps, to information on which device was used to make the click, and more, it essentially allows you to get inside the minds of your users.

Digital marketers who understand their users are successful digital marketers. It’s that simple.

4. ScreamingFrog

A large part of high-quality digital marketing is auditing your website. At the very least, you should run an audit once a month. However, the more, the better.

Trying to audit your website without the use of any tools is a waste of time. There are tons of SEO auditing digital marketing apps available on the market today. One of the best is ScreamingFrog.

ScreamingFrog is capable of crawling the entire index of your website, finding components that aren’t optimized, and providing you with reports on what needs fixing.

It’s incredibly useful, and certainly beats just using your eyes.

5. BuzzSumo

Wouldn’t it be great to have an entire database of the most-shared online articles at your disposal? Well, with BuzzSumo, you can.

This useful app provides you with information on the most-shared articles over the previous 12 months. It tells you everything from how many times it was shared, to who wrote it, to who is connected to it, and more.

There’s no better way to keep tabs on trending articles.

Find Thousands of Downloads

If you’re looking to download a number of useful digital marketing materials, you can easily find them at

You can also find tons of useful information on our blog!


The Essential Guide to Using Whitening Strips

September 15, 2017 - By 

What’s the easiest way to get pearly white teeth? Using whitening strips can give you that big, Hollywood-white smile.

Practicing good dental hygiene is essential, but there are times when brushing and flossing isn’t enough to achieve that sparkling smile.

Coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, cigarettes, and other dietary factors stain your tooth enamel and cause discoloration. Avoiding cigarettes and cutting this food out of your diet helps, but whitening strips help to repair the damage.

This tutorial will give you a reason to smile! Read on and find out the best way to use whitening strips.

Brush Your Teeth

It’s a good rule to brush your teeth before you use the strips. A good tip to keep in mind: Crest toothpaste pairs perfectly with Crest White Strips.

If you skip this step, bacteria could be trapped between your teeth and the strips. As you can probably guess, the results won’t turn out well.

After you brush your teeth, wait a half hour before using the strips. Let your saliva clean out the fluoride before whitening.

Open Up The Package, Peel Off the Bottom Strip

After you open the package and pull out the sheet, take off the bottom layer. This will be attached to your bottom teeth.

Tip: Fold the strip in half before placing it on your teeth. Some have stated this helps conform to the curve of your teeth.

Tip: Dry your teeth with a napkin or paper towel. This will prevent saliva from interfering with the strips.

Putting on the Whitening Strips

Place the gel-side on the front of your teeth. Smooth the strip over your teeth; you can use your nails or even your toothbrush to get into the creases.

There will be a part of the strip that’s sticking up. Fold that over to the back of your teeth. Smooth out the back.

Apply the Top Strip and Wait

Use the same technique you did for the bottom strip.

Have the strips on for the recommended amount of time (read box or instruction manual).

Take your nail and lift up one of the corners of the strip. The strip should come off easily.

Right after the strips are off, either rinse your mouth with water or fully brush your teeth. Either method will take off any residue left by the strips.

Additional Advice

Make sure the strips are on tight. There are chemicals in the gel, these should only be on your teeth. If they leak from the strips and get into your mouth, it will taste bad.

The best time to use the strips is when you’re at home and getting ready for bed. The strips also shouldn’t have contact with your gums. This will burn and could make your gums look white.

To reduce saliva production, lie on your back with your mouth open. If you’re doing a task requiring sitting or standing, breathe through your mouth.

Don’t swallow the residue left by the strips.

Wrapping Up

Whitening strips are an affordable and convenient way to whiten your teeth. Whitening your teeth is a process; however, discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. If you’re ever unsure or concerned, ask your dentist.

If you want to have whiter teeth, there’s no easier and more effective way than using whitening products. Be sure to read more ways you can improve yourself.


5 Exciting Real Estate Technology Trends on the Rise

September 14, 2017 - By 

Are you worried that technology will eventually make real estate agents obsolete?

The good news is that a growing number of buyers continue to hire real estate agents. In fact, in 2016, 87% of buyers worked with an agent.

For agents to continue to be a necessity, understanding real estate technology trends is a must. Realtors® need to be ready to embrace these digital changes.

Want to capitalize on these trends? Want to ensure you’re in the know with the latest and greatest technologies?

If so, we’re here to help!

Read on to learn about 5 real estate technology trends that are on the rise.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is widely popular in the gaming industry. The same technology is positioned to change how buyers interact with a home. With the use of VR, buyers can tour a home without stepping foot inside of it.

This will completely change the experience of buying a home.

In the past, buying a home without seeing it physically was risky. VR removes the challenges associated with long-distant home purchasing.

The technology will also allow buyers to experiment with the home. They can choose different styling options, floor plans, and more.

2. Smart Homes

The smart technology industry continues to improve. The idea of a fully automated home is no longer a thing of the past.

With smart technology, home owners can use:

  • Automated door locks
  • On-the-go temperature controls
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart appliances

These devices boost quality of life, home functionality, and improve energy efficiency. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the demand for smart technology is growing.

As a real estate agent, you’ll need to understand and market this technology.

3. Automation

As an agent, most of your daily tasks require a human touch.

You have to create posts on social networks. You have to create emails to keep in touch with prospective clients.

With automation, you can spend less time marketing yourself. Instead, you can dedicate more of your time showing homes.

This trend will make agents more efficient in their daily work.

4. Big Data

How many posts have you seen where friends and family members check into restaurants? While this data seems useless, geographical check-ins are quite useful.

Social media companies, such as Facebook, use this data to tailor digital marketing and advertising. By looking at consumer behavior, companies can determine:

  • Where customers live
  • Potential buying/selling behaviors
  • Income
  • Marital status

As a Realtor®, Facebook is a gold mine of data. You don’t even need to know how to code. You can use social networks to connect with prospective buyers and sellers.

With big data, the days of mass-mailing postcards are of the past.

5. On Demand Services

These days, consumers expect instant gratification. With the click of a button, we can find a local cab or order grocery delivery.

With the continued growth of on demand services, real estate agents need to focus on providing instant gratification.

Instant connections are a must. Consumers want to know that there is an agent from Power House Real Estate who is available to meet within the next 2 hours.

There are several companies, such as CurbCall and the Real app, that are exploring instant real estate services.

Real Estate Technology Trends: Wrap Up

As an agent, staying on top of real estate technology trends is a must. As new digital technology is available, consumers expect Realtors® to be in the know.

As an agent, you’ll also want to embrace digital downloads. At Pligg, you can find a wide variety of downloads.

Our site provides graphics for your real estate website as well as real estate eBooks.

Check out our site today and get to downloading!


How a Digital Communication System is Improving Healthcare

September 14, 2017 - By 

When it comes to life and death situations, there is no room for error. Digital communication system benefits are helping the medical and healthcare stay accurate and efficient in their patient care.

With cutting-edge technology and improved communication systems, doctors are able to make informed decisions as they stay updated on patient information entered in real time. Medical teams are offered easy access to consolidated patient information with advanced communication systems.

Doctors can also quickly learn and incorporate new treatments and procedures into their work as they learn about them through digital systems.

In American adults, 87% of the population use the internet. Of that 87%, 72% have gone online to look for health information. With patient portals and a plethora of information available, we are entering a new wave of optimal health care.

Here’s why.

The Web is an Informative Digital Communication System

There is so much being researched, refined, and updated in the medical field. What once was unknown information unless you knew a doctor, is now available online for everyone and anyone to read.

More and more people are using the internet to research their medical issues. Learning what symptoms mean or what home remedies might work can be invaluable information. It’s never a good idea to rule out the doctor completely, but with helpful information at your fingertips, you can start down the correct path to healing.

Social Media

Social media is changing marketing, relationships, and how we get medical information. This digital communication system is one of the most efficient ways to reach mass amounts of people.

Most medical facilities have social media accounts. This is helpful to you when choosing which healthcare provider or which hospital you’d like to go to. With comment sections and reviews, you’ll get insider knowledge-based on first-hand experience. Go where the glowing reviews are.

Better Treatment

With an updated digital communication system, health care providers are able to give new treatments, machinery, and medicine to their patients. Sophisticated medical practices are helping patients heal while making healthcare more effective.

Lives are constantly being changed in very practical ways through communication systems that are fast, accurate, and proven.

Employee/Worker Efficiency

Digital communication system collaborations have made patient care more reliable. How? Doctors and nurses are using hand-held computers and devices to record a patient’s medical progress or history, which is then sent directly to the database.

Recording test results, vital signs, and medication levels will contribute to a mass amount of information that will allow any doctor to make an educated decision on what their patient needs.

Easy access to all of the information necessary for a patient by whoever is caring for them will ensure that a patient gets the best care.

Everyone Is Easier To Reach

With smartphones, iPads, and portable lap tops, a medical team can access the information that the nurses have been at work collecting. Doctor’s can look up case studies while checking a patient’s detailed history.

Doctors can then use video remote interpreting, e-mails, and even texts to schedule conferences or to collaborate on a decision for a patient if everyone isn’t in the same place.

The New Age

Technology is rapidly helping us stay healthier by having access to large amounts of information. An informed life is a healthy life.

For more health tips, click here!


The Vending Machine Hack That Makes You Snack Healthier

September 14, 2017 - By 

Do you often feel guilty after chowing down a bag of sour cream and onion chips?

Whether your cravings for salty or sweet snacks inside the vending machine becomes more apparent mid-morning or late afternoon, you know it’s not helping your body.

And it’s no wonder. 85% of what’s offered in vending machines is unhealthy.

That doesn’t leave a lot of room for healthier choices so you’re bound to reach for a chocolate bar or a soda. But what if there’s a vending machine hack out there that’ll settle your unhealthy appetite once and for all?

Read on to find out what it is. Let’s get to it!

The Vending Machine Hack You Need to Use

With slim pickings across the board in terms of healthy choices, it can be impossible to keep up with a good-for-your-body diet. They don’t exactly sell salads in a vending machine now do they?

Of course not! That’s why it’s important to be mindful when you’re staring at one. But what if you gazing hard into a vending machine was the key to eating healthy?

According to Rush University Medical Center, they’ve discovered the key to fighting off temptations for salty, fatty foods.

With easy access to vending machines within the office or the mall, the availability of these high-calorie foods is what drives people to consume more of it.

We want our food as soon as we lay eyes on it. With that being said, it often leads to our demise.

We’re impatient and starving, which makes for a bad combination. Our unwillingness to wait pushes our cravings into hyper drive, making us choose those sweet goods because they’re convenient. We could care less about healthy eating until we’ve devoured that unhealthy treat and feel guilty for doing so.

What leads to less guilt is waiting and being patient. And with that, it ultimately ends up with you making a healthier choice.

Sounds crazy yet simple, right? What’s easy doesn’t always mean it’s secretly impossible.

A 25-second wait is all it takes. In the study, they use vending machines with an LED screen that started a countdown if a student chose an unhealthy snack.

Along with that seemingly long waiting time, most often chose to change their minds to a healthier option because they got it faster. Not all machines will have that fancy countdown technology, which leads on to the next topic.

How Can You Apply This Vending Machine Hack in Real Life?

The way to do it is to either countdown from 25 or 30 seconds in your head or set a timer on your phone. While you’re staring at all the sweet, salty and fatty foods, decide if you really want them or not.

Most likely you’ll end up choosing the healthier snack. And if you do, reward yourself later with a good dessert.

Not all vending machines offer a diverse group of healthy snacks. If you’re wanting to change what your office provides, tell your boss to check out HealthyYou Vending reviews. They offer a wide variety of snacks that’ll please everyone in the office.

Wrapping Up

We all know the benefits of eating healthy. In a world where unhealthy snacks are more readily available, it can be hard to avoid them.

It’s good to treat your body as a temple, that’s why it’s important to not be thrown off by sugary snacks. Check out our other blog posts for all things health related and ones that aren’t!


This Guy Made Over $1,200 in 12 Days With Betting Software

September 14, 2017 - By 

Looking to make money fast from one of the thousands of get-rich-quick schemes floating on the internet today? Don’t bet on it!

Most of what you will find out there are costly gimmicks and scams that will just leave you broker than before.

But not every site on the web is designed to steal your money.

That’s what one man found out after trying his hand at online betting.

Now, the guy who made over $1200 dollars in less than two weeks is ready to share the secrets that made him an overnight winner.

And, with the right betting software, you can beat the odds and win big, too.

A Winner’s Winning Tips

If you want to win, take the advice of someone who already has.

Here’s how one gambling man says that you can turn your wager into cash, quick.

1. Don’t Overdo It

Simon Inglis, who is now famous for his big wins, advises to only bet on short odds, and never to fall prey to the temptation to bet more than you should.

Using Bitcoin currency can help you keep your checks and balances in check, so you are only spending what you can afford.

2. Think Like an Investor

How do investors think?

They don’t make emotionally-driven decisions. Instead, bet with your head, and not your heart.

3. Don’t Make it More Complicated than it Needs to Be

You won’t have greater chances of winning by over-complicating what it will take to produce a return.

Keep it simple.

Bet only on the end result. And don’t attach any unnecessary strings, such as implications on who will score, or otherwise complicated terms.

For example, you can download betting software that makes it easy to choose your daily sports picks. Keeping the process simple will help you to make the most of it.

4. Keep Detailed Records of Your Bets and Your Wins and Losses

In fact, keep detailed records of everything.

Making sure that you document how much you spend versus how much you win (or lose) will help you keep an honest gauge of your abilities and your earnings.

It will also help you to see your progress and give you an idea of what steps that you took that led to different outcomes.

5. Be Realistic

It’s unlikely that the first time you place a bet will make you a millionaire.

But with practice and some great betting software, you just might get lucky.

Still, it’s important that you don’t set your expectations too high and that you regularly give yourself a reality check to be sure that you aren’t in over your head.

Avoid risky business, such as maxing out your credit cards to play.

Understand the odds that you are betting against. And don’t expect to walk away a winner without a strategy.

If you are a first timer, the right betting software can help increase your odds.

Get Started with Betting Software

Choosing the right software programs can help guide you if you’re new to the game. There are two types of software that you will want to look at: betting software and Bitcoin software.

If you’re ready to get started, click here for advice on downloading the best Bitcoin software, and get ready to start your winning streak today!


5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Audio Speakers

September 14, 2017 - By 

According to a recent industry report, households spend more than $1,600 annually on electronics, and home audio is a top-three spending choice that’s continuing to grow.

Are you looking to buy a new set of audio speakers for your home, but aren’t really sure what to look for?

By doing a little research, you’ll know what to keep in mind so you can shop with confidence.

Let’s take a look at five things to consider when buying a new audio speaker system.

1. Sound Quality is Subjective

It’s easy to get talked into buying a pair of audio speakers because someone you know claims they offer “the best sound quality imaginable.”

However, keep in mind that sound quality is subjective. What may sound amazing to one person may only sound okay to another.

There is no such thing as a speaker with the “best-ever” sound quality.

Therefore, when you shop for speakers, you need to only worry about your own judgments on sound quality. To do this, bring a few of your favorite albums with you to the store.

Pay attention to whether or not the music sounds natural to your ears, the balance in tone quality, and if you feel like you can listen for long periods without feeling fatigued.

2. Type of Speakers

There are a variety of audio speakers available, and all the options can be a bit overwhelming.

Some of the options are:

  1. Bookshelf, Floor-Standing Speakers: Tend to have the best sound-quality, but take up a lot of floor space.
  2. Satellite Speakers: Small and work best when combined with a subwoofer.
  3. Portable speakers: Fun and easy, but can lack a robust sound.
  4. In-Wall speakers: Can be painted to blend into your walls.

Make sure to choose the type of speakers you need based on your own personal preferences and needs.

3. Location

Not every speaker is going to sound great in every room.

For example, small speakers may sound great in a bedroom, but a bit weak in a large family room.

The audio can also be affected by the content and materials in the room and the dimensions of the room.

When purchasing audio speakers, consider the room you’re going to put them in. In order to get the best quality sound possible, you may need to consider either buying a larger set of speakers or rearranging the room for the best possible acoustics.

4. Other Components

In order to get the most out of your speakers, you’ll want to pair them with a receiver or amplifier that delivers the right amount of power.

Typically, there is a range of amplifier power suggested by the manufacturer. Make sure to look into suggested ranges before purchasing.

Often times, it’s best to select an amplifier that’s the same brand as your speakers.

5. Optimize

Once you’ve purchased your speakers, make sure you take the time to figure out where in your home offers the best performance possible.

For example, some speakers sound great against a wall, while others may need a little more room to breathe.

Be patient and test out several spots before making a decision.

After getting everything set up, you can finally take the time to buy instrumentals, mix your own beats, and play them through your speakers. You might even choose to sell the music you create!

Buying Audio Speakers: Wrap Up

We hope this guide helps you when purchasing your speakers.

If you have any other tips about choosing the right speakers, please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below!


5 Downloadable Tutorials for Glass Blowing

September 14, 2017 - By 

Glassblowing is a mysterious art. How can someone dip a pole in molten glass and form a blob into intricate art?

And yet, like most mysteries, the internet is rife with answers. You can find and download tutorials on pretty much any subject. Not all of them are free, though. But by taking an online tutorial you save a bundle on lessons.

Today we’re going to direct you to five of our favorite “downloadable” tutorials on glass blowing. Scroll down to see.

1. Downloadable Tutorials for Glass Blowing: Glasscraft’s Webinars

The idea of downloadable tutorials is a thing of the past. Why? Video streaming.

There once was a time when you had to download every video you wanted to watch. The internet wasn’t fast enough for streaming video.

Now, not only can we watch videos without downloading, we can participate in live video classes called webinars. And Glasscraft’s webinars are probably the best you’ll find on the internet.

2. Bernard Katz Glass Videos

If you’re a world renowned artist do you share your knowledge or horde it? Bernard Katz chose the former and you can learn from him on his website.

Learn about everything from necking (not that thing you did in high school) to blocking and papering hot glass. He even includes a video about dipping a potato in glass.

This man does some pretty amazing stuff.

3. Matt Baker Makes a Pipe

Glass art doesn’t necessarily have to be blown from a metal tube. You can set up a lampworking station at home if you have the space.

Matt Baker shows you how to make a simple glass pipe not unlike what you can find at Brothers with Glass. And he only uses a lampworking setup and a glass tube.

It’s a simple process that requires pulling a glass tube in two directions over a lampworking flame. If you have the materials and the station, you can quickly learn to make your own tobacco pipe.

4. Getting Back to the Basics with the Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center

If you’ve never glass blown before and want to learn a thing or two before heading to your local studio, then check out the Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center. Their goal is to spread basic glass blowing knowledge and teach you how to create scientific glass equipment.

The site includes 17 written tutorials for the aspiring glass guru. You’ll find everything here from terminology to glass silvering.

5. Howcast’s Glassblowing Videos

After you’ve reviewed Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center’s information, jet on over to Howcast’s glass blowing page. You’ll find 35 videos in their beginner’s guide.

You’ll learn about the tools. You’ll learn about finding your first glassblowing classes. And Howcast guides you through some of the more important details including how to safely dress for a glass blowing class.

Conclusion: Soon You’ll Be a Pro

Glassblowing is a beautiful hobby. And not many people know how to work with glass.

If you prepare yourself ahead of attending a physical class with downloadable tutorials, you’ll quickly learn the skills and soon make glass art of your own.

If you need content for your new glass blowing blog (which you’ll soon be writing), check out our content pack.


Cyber Security Risks Small Businesses Should Prepare For

September 14, 2017 - By 

In 2016, more than 29 million confidential records were exposed by cyber attacks. Studies at the time concluded that the cost per record stolen in the United States came up to $220 and the average cost per breach was found to be $4 million.

If you’re not scared about cyber security threats, maybe you should be.

Surely, your company uploads thousands of personal and confidential data to the web, whether directly or through a cloud service, every single day.

This poses a significant threat not only to your business but also to your employees. Their confidential records could be hacked, identities stolen, and financial records pulled.

If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to prepare for some very real cyber security risks. Being equipped with the knowledge and power to fight them can prevent a terrible catastrophe and an unbearable financial burden.

Cyber Security Risks Facing Small Businesses

Your company’s intellectual property should be protected at all costs. Approximately 29% of cyber attacks to small businesses are planned cyber-crime. An additional 24% come from disloyal employees.

Follow along if you’d like to know the types of threats your business could be exposed to.

Understanding Your Contracts

The first step for cyber security risk preparation is reading the fine print in all the contracts your business has signed. Any third party provider will issue a contract and it’s important to understand the liability that comes with it.

Read everything. Be aware of how your information can be distributed and whether the company has data breach protection or not. Third party providers consisted of one-quarter of the data breach claims submitted in 2015.

Employee Risks

It is also important to understand how your employees can facilitate an attack. One of the most common ways is through lost or stolen documents, phones, or laptops.

Human error is a huge cause for data breaches. Brief your team on how their negligence can negatively affect the company. In this case, education is your best friend.

A mandatory training should be necessary for every new employee. Restrictions should also be placed on which electronic devices can be removed from the building and which ones cannot.

Digital Downloads

This is another classic attack agenda. Hackers will get your employees to download malware and in a matter of seconds or hours, your entire system has been breached.

The financial loss associated with this type of breach can be extremely significant. Resources need to be poured into legal defense and system restoration. Not to mention that the company will not be gaining revenue while the system is down.

On average, companies lose $100,000 during these ransomware attacks just from the downtime. Click for more information on how to get technical issues resolved within your company.

A Great Step Forward

One of the best ways to prevent attacks is to migrate to a cloud service. You will have better surveillance and perimeters, highly controlled access to data, and cyber security expertise by the provider.

Commonly, the service provider will also do routine auditing to make sure everything is running smoothly. It is likely your small business would not have the manpower or time to undergo these sorts of checks, so a cloud service is a better alternative to physical servers.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of the types of security risks that can affect your company, it’s time to start preparing. The horrific cost of a cyber attack is sometimes unbearable, especially for smaller companies.

Educating your staff and taking the necessary steps to protect your records can prevent an irreversible disaster.

To get you prepared for a possible attack, do some more cyber security research. Learn about data encryption or secure servers to protect your co-workers from suffering from the effects of a cyber attack. The future of your company is not the only thing that’s at stake.


How to Become an Ordained Minister Online

September 14, 2017 - By 

Organized religion certainly complicates things, doesn’t it?

Some people just have a supernatural closeness to a Higher Power. They might have a “normal” job like real estate, but they are a spiritual guide.

They counsel their friends. They pray for the heartbroken. They visit the sick.

They do everything a minister does. But they aren’t recognized as such because they haven’t jumped through all the hoops that churches ask them to be ordained.

Traditionally, becoming an ordained minister requires years of training and formal education. Education that, frankly, not everyone needs to minister to their community.

Thankfully, there are a number of denominations that allow you to become an ordained minister online—without years of training.

Check Local Regulations

While most of what a minister does is purely religious, there are a few instances where ordination carries legal significance, like officiating a marriage, for instance.

While a wedding is very much a spiritual ceremony, it needs to be performed by an ordained minister in order to be recognized by law. In the US, marriage licenses are issued by the county clerk. Every county has slightly different regulations about who can perform a wedding.

Some counties don’t require an official ordination at all. Some don’t recognize anyone who became an ordained minister online.

If performing weddings or hosting marriage seminars is your primary reason for getting ordained, you’ll be sorely disappointed if your county doesn’t recognize online ordinations.

Find an Ordaining Church

Once you’ve determined that becoming an ordained minister online is right for you, it’s time to find an ordaining church.

There are a number of denominations that will ordain anyone online for a small fee. But this is a serious matter. You don’t want to hand some cash to just any online church and call it a day.

Just like any traditional church, each online church has a unique set of beliefs. Most of these churches will have a statement of faith somewhere on their website.

Before you become an ordained minister online through that church, make sure you read through their statement of faith. Ensure they line up with your convictions. If anything opposes your own beliefs, close the page and keep looking.

As an ordained minister—yes, even one who was ordained online—you will be an official representative of that church.

There are plenty of churches that will ordain ministers online. Don’t bind yourself to a church that you don’t feel comfortable representing.

Become an Ordained Minister Online!

Once you find a good church, it’s time to get ordained!

Every church will have a slightly different process. Some will require you to commit yourself to the beliefs of that church. Some might make you take a test. Some only ask for a small fee and give you a certificate of ordination.

But regardless of the church you choose, the steps to becoming an ordained minister online are usually readily available.

After your ordination, set yourself to the good work. Minister to your community with the knowledge that you have a legal recognition for the role you’ve always held in your circle.

Not everything in life has a manual. But as an ordained minister, you’ll be able to offer peace for life’s most trying moments.

So what are you waiting for? Get ordained today!


5 Digital Planners You Need to Organize Your Life

September 14, 2017 - By 

Whether paper or digital, planners offer a simple, elegant solution to maintaining your life. The only problem is that with your busy life, they fill up too quickly!

And what’s better than a planner? A planner that fits in your pocket. Better yet, how about a dozen planners that fit in your pocket?

Good news! Technology has you covered. You can find hundreds of digital planners on the app store of your choice.

Some planners are going to work better than others. Keep reading to find out more about the top 5 digital planners that you need to download ASAP.

And best of all, we’ve made sure that every app on this list can be downloaded for free!

5 Digital Planners You Need to Organize Your Life


First up on the list is, perhaps the most comprehensive digital planner on our list. In fact, is more than just a planner. It’s practically a robotic helper.

You’ll have the choice between a free and premium account upon signup. And while the premium account will net you a few extra goodies like recurring tasks and custom themes, you can get still have a great experience with a free account.

Whether you’re looking to add to your calendar or just make a grocery list, is pretty much your one stop shop.

And best of all, it syncs across all of your devices. That grocery list you created in a browser will be accessible on the go thanks to the power of the cloud!

2. Google Calendar

Just because it’s a free stock calendar doesn’t mean it’s a bad option. In fact, Google Calendar is still one of the best on the market.

If you don’t have an android phone or a Gmail account, go ahead and sign up. It’ll only take a few moments, and you’ll get great benefits like:

  • An interactive calendar
  • Collaborative planning
  • Cloud syncing
  • Color-coding

3. Cal

Unfortunately, one of the best planners, Sunrise, is no longer available. However, Wired put together a great article that mentions Cal, a fantastic, free resource for those who miss Sunrise.

One of the coolest things about Cal is its seamless integration with In fact, the apps are published by the same company. This means that you can organize across both apps with almost no effort.

Plus, it has one of the coolest UI’s of any digital planners out there.

4. Trello

If it’s productivity you’re after, look no further than Trello. Trello is becoming a mainstay at most offices these days, and for good reason.

It breaks down tasks into small, easy to read cards. You can color code assignments, cards, and even employees. Basically, Trello has the efficiency of Google Calendar with the simplicity of a paper planner

If you’re running an office or just collaborating on a project, Trello is likely the best planner for you.

5. EverNote

Okay, so EverNote isn’t technically a digital planner. At least, not outright. But with a bit of tinkering, you can use it like you would other daily planners.

EverNote’s specialty is idea organization for blogging. If you find yourself jotting down thoughts into a day planner, EverNote can save your sanity (and ink).


Whichever app you choose, a little organization goes a long way. With these 5 apps, you’ll be more organized and productive than ever.

Have any questions about a download or planner? Get in touch with our support team and let us know how we can help.


The Importance of Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

September 14, 2017 - By 

Launching a small business and operating it successfully is no small feat. In fact, half of all small businesses no longer exist after just 5 years.

In order to thrive and survive, small businesses must utilize all of the tools at its disposal. By implementing digital solutions, a small business can book appointments online, deploy effective marketing strategies, track customer purchasing habits, among many other benefits.

Read on to explore different digital strategies and learn how they can improve operations for small businesses.

Why Small Businesses Need Digital Solutions

Failure statistics for small business appear to correlate with a lack of digital strategy.

Digital commerce is a part of life for the vast majority of Americans, yet 50% or more of small businesses have not launched a website. This seems unfathomable in the digital era, but 1 of every 2 small businesses are behind the power curve.

Nearly half of small business owners list identifying new customers as a primary business risk. Another one-third of owners are concerned with losing customers to another business. Luckily, launching a digital strategy can successfully mitigate these risks.

Deploy a Digital Marketing Strategy

As alluded to before, one of the chief concerns of small business owners is attracting new clientele. This is where a digital marketing strategy comes in.

Digital marketing has a broad reach and includes various different platforms. For instance, small businesses should utilize social media for free advertisement and customer communication.

Facebook is a great way to promote new products, share important information with the public, and attract new clients with likes and shares. It’s critically important to collect customer information at any given opportunity. With this information, the business can blast out promotions, sales, and new product launches via an e-mail or text.

Lastly, it’s imperative to launch a website that is mobile-friendly. Because internet browsing is widely done with smart phones today, a website that is not mobile-friendly will be limiting and largely ineffective.

Remember, if this seems overwhelming, there are companies such as Centric Digital that can help test and launch an effective digital strategy for a small or large business.

Retain Employees By Emphasizing Customer Management

A good digital strategy will collect customer data, such as purchase preferences. This will help the business be better suited to meet the supply and demand of its loyal customer base.

In addition, this digital strategy should include a means for customers to provide feedback. This way, the business can improve on weaknesses and demonstrate that the customer’s voice matters.

Wrapping Up

Clearly, a digital strategy for a small business will help target potential new customers, while retaining existing ones. There are a number of advantages to implementing digital solutions.

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5 of the Best Graphic Design Software Downloads

September 14, 2017 - By 

Many upcoming artists don’t have the money to spend on expensive graphic design software. If you’re looking to grow your design career or if you’re growing a new business, you’ll need access to design software.

It goes without saying that graphic software, such as Creative Cloud, is well-worth the cost. But there is plenty of free software that gets the job done well.

Want to refine your graphic design skills without breaking the bank? Looking to put your graphic design knowledge to work, even from home?

If so, we’ve got you covered! With the right software, your creative juices can flow freely. This means you can devote more time to your business, and less time to finding the right solutions to brand it.

Keep reading to learn about 5 of the best graphic design software available today.

1. Inkscape

Inkscape is a high-quality SVG editor. If you’re looking for a free replacement for Adobe Illustrator, look no further!

The program offers advanced graphic design features including:

  • Object cloning
  • Alpha blending
  • Markers
  • Various color modes

Use this program to create sophisticated artwork to build your portfolio. Eventually, you can work your way to the success of companies like Smash Brand.

Inkscape works on Windows as well as Linux.

2. Krita

Krita has been around since 1999! This software is designed for all sorts of graphic artists and embodies creative freedom.

Looking to build your visual effects skills? Are you a fan of textures and matte? Like to create free-drawn graphics?

Krita provides for all of your graphic needs.

The software comes preloaded with a full set of brushes. For more features, users can download plugins. Want more filters or fonts? There’s a plugin for that!

3. Gravit Designer

Want to create icon designs or background images? Looking to use illustration and animation? If so, Gravit Designer is a worthwhile download.

This full vector toolkit offers all the tools you need to create vector images. The software provides:

  • Graphs
  • Fill tools
  • A knife tool
  • Blending modes

This software works on various operating systems, including PC, Mac, ChromeOS, and Linux.

4. Vectr

Vectr can be used as a browser-based or stand-alone desktop app. This means you can create graphics on the go!

With Vectr you can create high-quality 2D vector graphics. The software offers a variety of fonts, shadows, and filters.

The software also provides live collaboration. Ever wanted help from a fellow designer? Want real-time reviews of your creations?

If so, Vectr is the best graphic design software for you.

Cool features you’ll find in this software includes:

  • Built-in versioning and marketplace
  • Private files
  • Custom portfolios
  • Artboards

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This Toyota App Is Taking on Distracted Teen Driving

September 14, 2017 - By 

A parent’s worse nightmare is having their child get hurt when outside of their supervision.

Teens love their electronic devices and aren’t always fully aware of the dangers of distracted driving.

This is why having your teen get behind the wheel provides more challenges and adjustments than ever before. Thankfully, there are some technological advancements that keep teens safe and put parents’ minds at ease.

Any parent who wants their teen to be safe on the road should check out the new Toyota app, which works to prevent distracted driving.

Learn a little bit more about this innovative new app by reading below.

What Does This Toyota App Do?

This app came about due to rampant cases of texting and driving.

Teens specifically drive distracted, because they love their mobile devices and don’t have the life or driving experience to understand the danger.

This Toyota app takes matters into his own hands in a very entertaining way.

Any time the Toyota app recognizes that the teenage driver is using their phone, it immediately plays selections from a parent created Spotify playlist.

By interrupting the teen’s driving experience with oldies but goodies, they’ll recognize the error of their ways and will stop driving distracted, to get back to their own playlist.

Both parents and the teen need to download the app in order to configure settings.

Why Is The App Important?

This app is crucial because distracted driving is deadly.

According to studies, distracted driving causes nearly 2 million crashes annually. Among these crashes, 11 teens are killed every single day.

What’s staggering is that 94% of teenage drivers polled say that they understand that texting and driving is dangerous, yet nearly 40% still engage in the act.

The app is critical because it takes the option out of their hands. Though teenagers are of legal driving age, mental maturity takes some time to develop.

In the meantime, the app saves lives.

How Exactly Does The App Work?

First, parents and teens need to have Android devices in order to access the app.

The phone must be paired with the vehicle so that it recognizes when the car is in motion.

When the app is active, it disables phone calls, text messages, social media platforms and other alerts. The app also recognizes when the teenager is speeding, at which point it will also interrupt with the parent’s created music playlist.

What Makes This App Effective?

Let’s face it.

A teenager’s worst fear at this time of life is to be considered uncool.

There’s nothing less cool than driving around to your parents’ music. This social pressure works to the parents’ advantage, by keeping the teenager in line, while also building positive habits.

It’s best to install the app when the teenager first gets their license. By having the app continuously interrupt their dangerous driving habits, it instills the skills that they’ll hone over the years.

This is a humorous, yet very effective training tool that makes teenage drivers everywhere more conscious and responsible.

Using this app, while also maintaining your teen’s vehicle, makes them as safe as possible on the road.

Start by finding a credible Toyota auto repair shop that can keeps their car in tip top shape. Make sure that they understand what to do when they get into a car accident, so they’re well prepared.

How Can I Get Started?

Head to the Android market place today and download the app.

Let this app purchase inform the way you shop from here on out. This app serves a need and uses digital technology to shape the way you think, shop and live your life.

Try out Toyota’s app and then search a digital download database that can serve other needs in your life as a parent.


5 Cool Photo Apps You Should Download for Your iPhone

September 13, 2017 - By 
photo apps

If you have an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with the fact that these little devices can take a better picture than many digital cameras on the market today.

That might be because an 800-person Apple team is dedicated solely to making the iPhone camera work as great as possible.

Want to expand on this functionality? Try downloading some photo apps that can turn your photos into spectacular captures of some of your favorite moments.

Today, we’re breaking down five of our favorite apps designed just for this purpose.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!


Pronounced “Visco,” VSCO is one of the top photo apps, featuring a range of gorgeous filters and editing options — for free.

Users will also get access to the app’s built-in camera, which boasts a slew of impressive manual controls.

2. Manual

Love your iPhone but miss the way your manual camera worked? If so, Manual is the ideal alternative.

Designed to mimic much of a manual camera’s controls, this $3.99 app allows users to adjust shutter speed, ISO settings, white balance, focus, and more.

Editors will appreciate that you can save in a variety of formats, including JPEG, RAW format, or both. If you opt for RAW, you’ll skip the compression and enable easier edits.

3. Camera+

Another one of the best photo apps, Camera+ offers many of the same features as the Manual app after many tweaks and changes by the development team.

Two standout features of this $2.99 app? You can set the focus and exposure separately, and can also play around with shutter speed and ISO to get the exact image you want.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the app’s 30-second timer (a generous time frame compared to most apps), and get in front of the camera yourself!

4. ProCamera

Optimized for iOS 10, ProCamera is one of those apps that’s perfect for any occasion.

You can set your exposure time, degree of tint, and ISO sensitivity with the press of a button. Nighttime event? Don’t sweat it! With the $5 app’s built-in night camera, you’ll never miss a beat.

With more than 70 filters and full-resolution photo previews, you’ll never want to exit this app, especially when you see its impressively sleek and minimal interface.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Ask any professional photographer which program he or she uses to make pictures look so impressive, and chances are the word “Photoshop” will be used.

Now, the photo editing giant has taken its desktop software game to the handheld market. Adobe Photoshop Express lets you access many of its popular features, such as layers, adjustments, and selections from the convenience of your iPhone.

In the mood to make something special with your pictures, like a woven photo blanket from The Memories Place? Create a mock-up of your design with the app. You can even add text and blend images for extra pizazz!

Photo Apps and More: What You Need to Know

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