Top 5 Documentaries About Plastic Surgery

documentaries abut plastic surgery Did you know that, in 2016, Americans spent a staggering $16 billion on plastic surgery procedures? This was the most we’ve ever spent on such operations, and it appears that these numbers will only continue to rise.

Whether you’re thinking about going under the knife or simply interested in learning more about this hot trend, we’ve come up with the top documentaries about plastic surgery.

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Top Documentaries About Plastic Surgery

Under The Knife

This documentary depicts the adventure of Louis Theroux venturing out to Los Angeles, California to learn about the infamous world of plastic surgery.

Louis chronicles his discussions and observations of several plastic surgeons. He also talks with several patients undergoing procedures and discerns their motives for getting this work done.

Unlike most film producers, Louis doesn’t just play passerby in this documentary. He actually undergoes a procedure himself- just to gain the first-hand perspective.

America The Beautiful

This documentary sheds insight on the darker side of American beauty, as it depicts the body image problems existing in today’s society.

America the Beautiful covers the bases of child modeling, plastic surgery, airbrushed and false advertising, and celebrity worship.

While this is considered one of the documentaries about plastic surgery, it also targets the standard of beauty in today’s world.

Cosmetic Surgery: Creating Beauty

This documentary chronicles several real-life patients before, during, and after cosmetic surgeries.

This movie highlights some of the most popular procedures, such as breast reduction, breast augmentation, botox, lip injections, and some lesser-known operations, such otoplasty (ear pinback).

This documentary encapsulates a realistic portrayal of preparing for plastic surgery, undergoing the actual procedure, and what to expect for downtime and recovery. Whether you’re interested in rhinoplasty (click here for more information) or simply interested in learning about the plastic surgery industry, this is a great watch!

Plastic Disasters

It’s no secret that plastic surgery, similar to any other operation, has its medical and psychological risks.

Plastic Disasters examines these risks first-hand, focusing on three patients with negative experiences, including one woman who becomes fanatical and obsessed over her appearance.

This movie, while somewhat cynical and undoubtedly controversial, portrays the honest medical risks that these procedures can entail. It also accurately shows some of the legal issues associated with these surgeries.

For anyone outweighing the pros and cons of plastic surgery, this is a must-watch.

Facelifts and Fillers

Plastic surgery isn’t just an American phenomenon. This documentary provides a first-hand look at one of the top plastic surgeons in Scotland.

This documentary shows an insider look at aesthetic medicine and offers insight as to how these procedures can help improve one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Facelifts and Fillers originally aired on BBC and is considered one of the leading documentaries on European plastic surgery.

Final Thoughts

For many, plastic surgery is considered a form of self-improvement.

Whether you have gone under the knife, plan to do it, or just simply have an interest in this hot trend, be sure to check out these awesome documentaries.