Top 5 Best Downloadable Dating Apps in 2017

Today, more than a third of married couples in the United States meet online through websites and apps.

Chances are, you’re already glued to your electronics. Why not use your technological obsession to boost your intimate life?

Whether you’re looking to find your perfect match or simply interested in having a good time, downloadable dating apps are the easiest way to meet new people.

Keep reading to learn about the hottest apps in 2017.


You’ve heard of it, you’ve wondered about it, and maybe your coworker met her husband on it.

With 350 million swipes happening each day, Tinder is one of the most well-known downloadable dating apps on the market. It’s wildly successful at helping people meet in an easy, fun way.

Here’s how Tinder works:

Any adult over age 18 with a Facebook account can sign up. Once you’re registered, you create a brief profile and add up to six pictures.

Then, you get swiping! Tinder will reveal a name and photo to you.

Like what you see? Simply tap on the photo to learn more about the person (you can also see if you have mutual Facebook friends).

Do you still like what you see? Swipe right to “like them.”

Not a fan? Swipe left.

If it turns out that you both swiped right, Tinder will notify both of you that you’ve matched and invite you to send a message.


They say we are who we hang out with, and the Hinge app capitalizes on that notion.

Rather than scrolling mindlessly through a stream of strangers, Hinge matches you with people that you have mutual Facebook friends with. You also have access to see where users work and go to school.

That means that the love of your life may be your cousin’s roommate or your high school bestie’s coworker. It may even be one of the bombshell blonde escorts looking to settle down.

It’s also one of the best downloadable dating apps for ensuring safety. After all, you can always ask your cousin if his roommate is mentally stable before actually going on the date with him.


Do you identify as a feminist? Or, are you just someone who isn’t afraid to break the ice when you know what you want?

If you’re a lady tired of being hit on by strange creepers, we’ve got the ultimate downloadable dating app for you.

Bumble works by the woman taking the lead. If a man and a woman match, the woman has 24 hours to send a message.

Make a mistake swiping the wrong way? No worries. You can magically undo this error by simply shaking your phone.

If you wait longer than 24 hours to send a message, the connection disappears (unless the man extends for another 24 hours).

Don’t worry – the app will give you notice when your time is about to expire.

For same-sex couples, either person can initiate the first point of contact.

Regardless of your intentions, Bumble is an exciting, fast-paced way to get the conversation moving and flowing – or onto the next person!


What if you already met the love of your life, but you just didn’t know it?

Happn believes in that magic of hopeless romanticism. They believe that can exist in tiny passings every single day – whether you are actually aware of it or not.

Perhaps, your soul mate is the person that grabs coffee at the same local diner as you. Maybe it’s the cute girl in your English class. Maybe it was someone you saw on the morning bus.

This app works with GPS location-tracking services. When opening Happn, you receive a gallery of photos of people you’ve physically crossed paths with throughout your ordinary day.

In a nutshell, you get a birds-eye view of everyone who has been physically around you.

In fact, you can even see a timeline of every user you’ve been near in the past few days. The app ranks in chronological order and by how often you’ve been around them.

Seem creepy? It depends on how you look at it. This might just be the icebreaker you need to chat up that cute barista or fellow students in class.

Send a “heart” if you like what you see. If the other person sends you a “heart,” you both receive a notification. Let the magic unroll.

It started as one of the most infamous dating websites in the world, and now Match has an easy-to-use downloadable app.

Unlike apps that simply pair you with people near you or people who have mutual friends, Match takes into consideration your actual, well, matching capabilities.

That means it learns “who you are” and helps tailor appropriate potential matches each time you log in.

If you’re tired of the wild, wild west when it comes to free dating apps, it might be time to upgrade your options. Because it does come with an upfront fee, Match tends to attract more serious users looking to settle down.

Match allows you customize different details and potential dealbreakers from everything to travel styles to religious preferences. It also allows you to fill out an extensive profile and indicate what you are looking for in a partner.

In a world full of swiping, Match still has a serious role on the dating playing field.

Final Thoughts on Downloadable Dating Apps

Dating in the 21st century can be stressful, but it’s also easier than ever.

With just a smartphone and a few pictures, you can be well on your way to securing your perfect match.

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