Top 5 Benefits of Educational eBooks for Students

In 2016, it was estimated that 485,538,000 ebook units were sold. In fact, sales are continuing to grow as technology gets better.

For students, ebooks are the perfect way to access their educational books. Educational ebooks are only as heavy as the device they are downloaded to!

The ability to manipulate, magnify, and jump to pages in ebooks are only some of the benefits that they provide.

For a student, ebooks are the future, so here are our top five benefits that ebooks provide.

1. Weight

Students are often forced to lug around many books in a backpack for their classes. Heavy backpacks can cause back and neck problems. Since students may need the books, they cannot afford to lighten the load. Some schools are even removing lockers to store the books in.

Ebooks are only as heavy as the device they are featured on. It may seem like a small benefit, but portability is a plus. To avoid future physical pain, consider switching to an educational ebook.

2. Instant Downloads

Have you ever had to sit in a school bookstore waiting in line to buy books?

A benefit to an educational ebook that often goes overlooked is accessibility. Much like downloading music, ebooks often have marketplaces. One click, that the book is on the device.

Gone are the days of waiting in line at a bookstore or an alternative high school library. After the class is over, you are able to simply delete the ebook. Downloads are instant, and there is no physical book left to take up space!

3. Search Features

Thumbing through physical books can be a pain, which is especially true with large school textbooks.

Many educational ebooks have a search feature. Typing in a keyword allows you to jump straight to the page you’re looking for. Bookmarks are also a key benefit of ebooks, allowing for many saved pages at once.

Searching through an ebook saves time and hassle of scanning through a regular book.

4. Affordability

Unlike regular textbooks, ebooks are digital and thus more affordable. Educational ebooks may be also rented for a limited time, instead of owning the book completely. This not only saves money but also space on the device!

Students are even able to find ebooks online for free, depending on the version. Slight changes to a new edition of a book often leave past editions costing less.

5. Accommodation

Educational ebooks accommodate the learning styles of students. Videos or audio narration cues can be embedded within the ebook itself.

Some students need visual stimulation to help them learn. Ebooks feature graphs, infographics, and diagrams for a more enriching experience than plain text.

Educational ebooks and You

Ebooks are the future. Students are able to learn and thrive from using them in the classroom and at home. They’re easily downloadable and are cheaper than regular books.

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