Top 10 Reasons to Go Tiny

Even though the average American home is now 1,000 square feet larger than homes in 1973 were, there’s a new movement that’s making waves.

The tiny house movement has prompted people from all walks of lives to give up living in over 2,500 square feet so they can live in a space that’s often under 250 square feet.

While moving into such small quarters might have people scratching their heads in confusion, there are actually plenty of reasons to make the switch. Here are the top 10 reasons to go tiny.

1. You’ll Save Money

The average home costs much less than the average house. That’s because it requires far fewer materials to build.

Even if you hire an engineer to design and build your home, you’ll still end up saving money. If you don’t want to hire anyone, you can actually find free tiny house plans online. These will run you anywhere from $20-$50,000.

The average home costs around $107-$125 per square foot with an average size of 2,400 square feet. A regular home usually requires you to take out a mortgage but a tiny home can be yours without needing a loan.

Even if you do need to take out a loan, it’s far easier when there’s less money involved.

2. You Can Take It With You

In most cases, when you build your own home, where you built it is where it will always stay. You’re invested in both the land and the home itself.

That type of permanence is no longer as attractive as it may have been in the 1950s. Back then, having one job was completely normal. We’re now a much more mobile society.

One of the top 10 reasons to go tiny is that if you need to move, you can take your home.Which means if you got a new job or just hate your neighbors, you’re not stuck.

You may need to look for a new plot of land, but you’ll never have to find the perfect home again. Best of all, communities like the tiny house community North Carolina are starting to spring up.

3. Your Tiny Place Can be For Anything

One of my favorite top 10 reasons to go tiny is that these little homes are so versatile. It can be your primary home, but it doesn’t have to be.

It can also be the perfect space for you to use when visitors come. You can also use it as a home office. It’s perfect because you’ll be able to remove yourself from the usual distractions that working from home often have.

Another great reason to go tiny is when a family member comes back to the roost. This way, you’ll both have your space, but you’ll also enjoy the ability to live close to one another.

4. They Are 100% Eco-Friendly

Imagine owning a home that is 100% eco-friendly yet complete with modern conveniences. That’s why eco-friendliness is one of the top 10 reasons to go tiny.

You can actually set up your home to be completely off the grid. There are solar and wind sources that you can use for power. You can install a rainwater catch, add in a filtration system, and install a compost toilet.

These additions would make your home functional anywhere while limiting your environmental impact. Even better, it’s possible to re-purpose pretty much everything that goes in your home.

The materials used to build your home can all be made from recycled materials.

5. There’s Less Clutter

There’s no space for clutter in a tiny home. Clutter causes frustration, overwhelm, and even anxiety and depression. One of the top 10 reasons to go tiny is to increase your levels of happiness while decreasing your stress levels.

Less clutter makes it easier to make smarter, healthier decisions. You won’t find yourself becoming emotionally attached to items. You also might find you start to cherish the items you do own and use.

6. It’s Easier to Decorate

One of the most fun things to do with a new home is to decorate it. One of the top 10 reasons to go tiny is that it’s so easy to decorate your tiny home.

You’ll save a ton of money on decoration costs because of the size alone. Which means, even if you get bored easily and keep deciding to redecorate, you’ll still save a ton of money.

7. Less Time Spent Cleaning

Small homes are also easier to clean. You’ll spend only a fraction of the time trying to clear out dust and dirt from your tiny home.

You’ll also find that with less space, there are fewer opportunities to cause a mess in the first place.

8. No Debt

The average American has over $15,000 of credit card debt. To many, owning a home now seems like an impossible dream.

However, if you invest in a tiny home, you actually have the opportunity to get out of debt and become a homeowner. It’s really a win-win situation because the costs are so much lower than owning a traditional home.

9. You’ll Lower Your Energy Bills

Unless you’re Amish, most of us enjoy living with the benefits of electricity. However, one of the top 10 reasons to go tiny is that you have options when it comes to choosing which energy source to use to power your home.

The energy needs of a tiny home are much lower than those of a more traditional home. Your smaller appliances will work more efficiently.

You’ll also find it easier and far less expensive to heat and cool your space because it’s so much smaller. You can choose to use a solar source or hook up to a power line.

10. Top 10 Reasons to Go Tiny Ends By Enjoying a Simpler Life

Life can get complicated extremely quickly. There are a lot more options now than there were in the past.

In some ways, having more choices is extremely beneficial. Other times, it just makes decision-making more difficult and stressful.

Having a tiny home means you are forced to choose what really matters to you in life. You can’t just keep everything. Your options are much smaller and simpler.

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