How to Find Out Reviews for Your Answering Service

If you run a business or manage a company, such as a lockout service for an apartment, it’s likely you want someone available for your customers to call when a need arises. You don’t want to keep yourself or your staff around just for the odd emergency that may happen.

For these reasons, it’s best to have an answering service. But how do you find out if the service has the type of quality customer service you want to offer others?

Before you decide to go with a specific answering service company, it’s crucial to pay attention to reviews and make sure they’ll provide what you’re looking for. Learn more about how and why reviews should help determine if you’ll use a particular answering service.

Look On Social Media to Find Out More About a Company

Social media is where most people spend their time when they want to connect with others. Because of this, it’s the go-to place when leaving reviews about a company and their services.

If you’re unsure about where to start, Google+ and Facebook provide the best results. Start there and look for reviews other customers left for the service.

Make sure the reviews are:

  • Fairly recent
  • Give a somewhat objective view of what worked or what did not

It’s true that many customers leave poor reviews in the heat of the moment. You’ll want to take some time to separate fact from fiction and make an accurate decision.

Regardless of what reviews you find, consider looking at more than one source, in order to get the most accurate view. Learn more about the best social media platforms for business.

See What the Better Business Bureau Has to Say

One of the most trusted places when it comes to getting reviews is the Better Business Bureau, also known as the BBB. Here, companies are assigned graded ratings, just like what you’d get in school.

If a company constantly has problems that result in low ratings, the BBB downgrades their current rating. Since many businesses take pride in being part of the BBB, those who aspire to do well want to maintain high ratings.

If you’re looking to find out about answering service reviews, make sure to check out what the BBB has to say. Regardless of your decision, you’ll feel informed based on what you know from others who’ve gone through the same experience.

Get References From Previous Customers if You Can

When possible, attempt to contact other customers who have used the company. Sometimes this is best done through social media since you can easily message them on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

If you know friends, family, or other individuals who have personal experience with the company, ask them point blank what their experiences were and if they would suggest doing business with them.

Some companies provide references personally, so you can contact them and make sure their quality is up to your standards. In most cases, it’s best to seek out references on your own.

Doing so gives you the upper hand by getting reviews that are honest, with nothing to gain.

Get More Than One Review When Possible

Don’t settle for one review before you deem a business worthy or write them off completely. When collecting answering service reviews, get a few from different sources.

This means going on more than one social media platform, visiting Google+ or the BBB, and looking for independent companies where customers leave reviews. Finding information this way helps you to get unbiased facts.

You’ll know if there is a problem with something specific related to the company, or if individuals from a certain area have issues that don’t apply to what you’re looking for.

Getting well-rounded facts allow you to make the best decision when it comes to finding the right service for yourself, your customers, and your company.

Finding the right answering service is important since this presents an image of your company when customers call. Learn more about how your business can move forward in the 21st century and build an online empire.

Look for a Theme

When reading reviews, pay special attention to any themes you notice when learning about the organization. See if you find any similarities related to:

  • Repeat issues (more than one customer having the same type of problem)
  • Issues with certain service personnel
  • Problems related to payment or canceling service

All of these are red flags to be aware of. If you’re noticing more than one in several different reviews, it’s time to rethink using that particular vendor and find out about other options.

If you only find a few reviews that are off, consider trying out the service and seeing how it works. What’s important about finding a theme is the ability to see if there are consistent and reoccurring problems with the service that aren’t being addressed.

Pay attention to how old the reviews are, and if the company has recently undergone a change. If the company has new management and you’re noticing an upward trend of positive reviews, there’s a good chance you won’t have to worry about future problems.

Let Us Help

When finding answering service reviews to make sure a company is just right for you, it’s not an easy path and makes take some time to sift through. Once you find a company that provides the solid service you’re looking for, both you and your customers are in good hands.

Take time to read different reviews, and find out an answering service that provides everything you’re looking for.

Learn more about how your business can get ahead. Check out our blog on the benefits of SMS marketing, and see how easy it is to increase your customer base.