How to Find the Downloadable Information You Need on Office Trailers

downloadable informationSo much of business these days focuses on cutting-edge technology, like AI chatbots or the Internet of Things. Unfortunately, in this rush to the future, customers looking for downloadable information often get left out in the cold.

Say that you’re in the market for an office trailer. Companies that offer office trailers will list basic info like sizes, amenities, or how far away they’ll deliver the trailer.

What if you need the layout of the trailer because you need to share the space? Where do you find a downloadable version of that info?

Sometimes the trick is knowing what to look for, but sometimes you need to get creative. So let’s jump in and look at how to find the office trailer information you need.

Look for Drop Down Symbols

Sometimes the information you need is right there on the company’s website, but it’s hiding.

In order to save on-screen space, a lot of business websites make a few key features of a product visible. The rest of the information or links to that information get hidden behind a drop-down tab. If you see a little tab with a “v” at the bottom of the features list, you can often get additional information by clicking on it.

Another common practice is to give comprehensive information in a downloadable PDF document. These documents are often given innocuous names like “fact sheet” or “data sheet.” If a link with a name like that appears beneath an office trailer features list, there’s a good chance it contains relevant info.

Ask for Downloadable Information

If you can’t find the info on the website, it doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t have it in a convenient form.

Say that a company like OfficeTrailerHQ has digital blueprints for the interiors of all of their trailers. If no one ever asked to see them, the company might not bother to put them on the website. After all, why clutter the site with things no one seems to want?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to the company via phone or email. Tell them what you’re trying to find and ask if they can give it to you in a digital format. Either they’ll say no, or they’ll send it to you.

Forums and Specialty Sites

In some cases, you can get downloadable information from third-party sources.

You may be able to find the information in a downloadable form on an industry forum. Just be cautious, since that information may come from users rather than manufacturers. However well-meaning, the information may be inaccurate.

Some websites also specialize in downloadable information, such as product specs and user manuals. You may find the information you need on these sites, but it might take a specific office trailer model number to narrow down the search.

Parting Thoughts

Finding the downloadable information you need on office trailers can take a little lateral thinking.

The company selling or renting the office trailer might have the information on the website, just hidden behind a drop down tab or as a file. You may need to request it directly from them. If that fails, you can always turn to industry forums or specialty sites.

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