1984-1996 Yamaha Outboards Service-Maintenance-Repair Manual

1984-1996 Yamaha Outboards Service-Maintenance-Repair Manual

This manual is designed lo be a handy reference guide to maintaining and repairing your Yamaha Outboard. We strongly believe that regardless of how many or how few year’s experience you may have, there is something new waiting here for you.
This manual covers the topics that a factory service manual (designed tor factory trained mechanics) and a manufacturer owners manual (designed more by lawyers than boat owner’s these days) covers. It will take you through the basics of maintaining end repairing your outboard, step-by-step; to help you understand what the factory trained mechanics already know by heart. By using the information in this manual, any boat owner should be able to make better informed decisions about what they need to do to maintain and enjoy their outboard.
Even lf you never plan on touching a wrench (and if so, we hope that we can change your mind), this manual will still help you understand what a mechanic needs to do in order to maintain your engine.


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