Linde Pallet Stacker Type 362: T20 Ex, T30 Ex Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Linde Pallet Stacker Type 362: T20 Ex, T30 Ex Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Pallet Stacker Type 362.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
T20 Ex
T30 Ex

Format: PDF, 61 Pages
Language: English


Proper usage
Unapproved use
Description of use and climatic conditions
Receiving the industrial truck
EC declaration of conformity
Type plates
Technical data
Technical description
Hydraulic system
Insulation monitoring
Insulation monitoring warning
Insulation monitoring fault
Temperature monitoring
General view of truck
Operating and display elements
Composite instrument
Hour meter
Isolation monitor indicator light
Battery discharge indicator
Beginning operation
Safety rules
Safety guidelines
Safety information
Symbols used
Periodic safety inspection
Residual risks
Explosion protection check
Operation of industrial trucks in the plant area
Handling fluids and lubricants
Running-in instructions
Maintenance work prior to initial start-up
Daily inspections
Daily checks and servicing before operation
Removing the front cover
Installing the front cover
Disconnecting the battery plug (version 1)
Connecting the battery plug (version 1)
Disconnecting the battery plug (version 2)
Connecting the battery plug (version 2)
Checking the battery charge
Charging the battery
Connecting the battery to a suitable external charger
Check the condition, electrolyte level and specific gravity of the battery
Battery change
Battery removal with a crane
Turning on the key switch
Turning off the key switch
Push in emergency isolator button
Unlock emergency isolator button
Check the horn
Check the belly button
Check the braking system
Jacking up truck, checking condition and easy motion of wheels
Check the truck for tightness
Check fork protective surfaces
Check the requirement to discharge static electricity via the tyres
Releasing the emergency isolator button
Moving the tiller intodriving position
Travel, change of direction
Moving forward
Moving backward
Change of direction
Steering, belly button, horn
Belly button
Operating the horn
Braking, fuses
Tiller brake (parking brake)
Plug brake (service brake)
Energy-saving feature
Lifting device
Operating the lifting device
Lifting forks with control lever
Lowering forks with control lever
Before loading
Transportation withload
Depositing the load
Before leaving the pallet truck
Towing, hoisting
Towing the truck
Towing procedure
Hoisting the truck with a crane
Taking the truck out of operation
Measures before taking the truck out of operation
Putting the truck back into operation
Disposal of old vehicles
General information
Maintenance intervals
Inspection and maintenance after first 50 hours of operation
Inspection and maintenance chart
Inspection and maintenance as required
Clean the truck
Check the tyres for damage and foreign objects
Tighten the wheel fasteners
Removing accumulations of dust
Isolation monitor indicator light


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