Linde Pallet Truck Type 012: T30R-02 Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Linde Pallet Truck Type 012: T30R-02 Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Pallet Truck Type 012.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 116 Pages
Language: English


1 Vehicle identification
– Signs and vehicle data
2 Travel drive
– Motor, general
– Drive motor technical data
– Drive motor terminals
– Removing the drive motor
– Replacing the carbon brushes
– Replacing the drive wheel
– Removing the travel drive
– Lubricating the bogie bearing
– Changing the gear oil
– Drive motor maintenance
Visual inspection
Brush unit
3 Steering
– General
– Steering sensor
Slipring system
Adjustment when installed
Adjustment when not installed
– Servo unit
– Steering controller
Block diagram
Safety monitoring
Pin assignment
– Track adjustment
4 Brake system
– Function
– Guide to components
– Installing/removing the drive motor brake
– Adjusting the brake clearance
– Adjusting the handbrake
– Adjusting the brake pedal
– Measuring the brake deceleration
– Main brake cylinder
– Bleeding/filling the brake system
5 Travel control unit
– General
– Protective devices
– Operating features
– Safety instructions for commissioning and operation
– Function of the main current circuit
Check on switching on with key switch
Checking and switching procedure on moving off
Generator braking
– Main current circuit terminals
– Logic card terminals
– Programming and adjustment
Table of adjustable values
Saving the settings
Programming the travel transducer
5 Travel control unit
– Error diagnosis
Measuring and testing functions
Error memory
Flashing code on diagnosis LED
Error messages
6 Service software
– WinPulsE
Menu guide
Starting/stopping the connection to the control uni
Reading data out of the control unit
Opening/saving a data set on the computer
– Opening a file
– Saving a file with menu point “File”
– Saving a file with menu point “Parameters” .
– Saving a file
Saving data in the control unit
– Sending a data set directly to the control unit
Changing Parameters
– Reading out parameters and changing them
– Saving parameters in the control unit
– Restoring parameters
Changing the configuration
– Changing the configuration
– Storing a configuration
Reading in the accelerator pedal
Test function
Reading out the error memory
Changing the hour counter
Other functions
– Closing the program (Exit)
– Software configuration
– Keyboard commands
– “Curtis” Combi-Controller
Pin assignment
Setting the final discharge voltage
Technical data
8 Hydraulic system
– Block diagram
– Hydraulic circuit diagram
– Pump assembly
Lifting function
Lowering function
Directional valve
Replacing the carbon brushes
Removing the pump assembly
Removing the pump motor
Hydraulic pump, general
Removing the hydraulic pump
Dismantling the hydraulic pump
Setting the maximum pressure
Oil change
9 Lifting device
– Adjusting the angle lever
– Lifting cylinder


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