WSO Blueprint PT 1

WSO Blueprint PT 1

Dear Friend,

Hi! Im Derrick Van Dyke and if youve ever wanted to launch a WSO or more importantly, if youve tried and failed…you need to read this letter now.

The sad truth is…most of the offers I see in Warrior+ look like this…

1+ sales means fewer than 10 people bought the product…and look at how many times those offers were bumped at $40 a pop! Do you think theyre making any money?

It truly is sad…and I feel sorry for those people who worked so hard and didnt make a dime. But it doesnt have to be that way…

I made $78,296 on my first WSO because I did the research and discovered what people in this marketplace really want to buy (not what I thought theyd want to buy). See the difference?

If you know what types of products are guaranteed to sell and you create an offer that has incredible value, then you have a winner!

How to Create a Product in One Day Thats Practically Guaranteed to Sell

It doesnt matter how good your sales copy is…if you pick the wrong topic, you will fail miserably! Pick the right topic and you can make a huge profit (even if your sales copy sucks).

Heres what youll discover the product creation module:

– 6 types of products that are proven best sellers – almost anyone can create one of these in a day…
– 3 intelligence gathering websites that will have product ideas flowing to your brain like a river to the sea…
– A 10-minute trick that will drastically reduce refunds, build your reputation, and increase sales on your next WSO…
– 4 ways positioning tactics that will make your product to stand out from the crowd and bury the competition…
– The best types of bonuses you can use to add urgency to the offer and make people want to buy right now!
– How to outsource your project and get exactly what you want (plus a little-know secret for getting up to 40 hours of virtual work for free!)
– Once you have a product that you know will sell, its time to write the sales copy…

My Simple 9-Step Formula for Writing
WSO Sales Copy That Sizzles

A Warrior Special Offer is a little different from a traditional sales letter because its displayed inside a forum. Ill walk you through the steps to writing high-converting offers and Ill give you the template I use knock out WSO copy in two hours or less…

In this module, youll discover:

– 3 crucial hooks you must include in your headline to grab attention and make them look at your offer…
– The best types of proof elements and how to borrow proof if you dont have any…
– The best place to add your testimonials as they come in (this is totally unorthodox to every world-class copywriter)
– 3 psychological triggers that will make your customers feel almost guilty for getting such a good deal…
– Why you should edit your offer every few hours and what to change to keep the sales pouring in…
– How to write thread titles that stand out from the crowd and get thousands of views…
– 167,677 views on my first WSO and 9,573 on my moms…

Once you follow my formula for writing riveting sales copy, you need to set up a sales funnel…

Set Up a Sales Funnel That Can Easily Double Your Profits Within 7 Days

If you want to build a list of buyers and maximize your profits, heres what you need to know:

– Why Warrior+ is still the #1 best place to launch your WSO (hint: the only place you can sell product is in the Warrior Forum)
– How to add people to a buyers list and remove them from your prospect list automatically…
– A proven upsell method thats hard to resist but doesnt leave your customers feeling like they have to buy to make your system work…
– 2 on-page bumps that can double your up-front profits and only take about an hour each to set up…
– Besides all the technical stuff thats boring and easily outsourced, Ill also show you how to:

Strategically Pre-Launch Your Offer and Get Hundreds of JV Partners to Mail for You

This is actually my favorite part of a product launch! Heres why…

We sit here staring at the computer screen, working our butts off day after day to create something of value for the Internet community…with no social interaction at all (if you stay focused on the goal). The most fun is when the product is finished, the sales pages are done and tested, and the JV signup page is live!

Thats when we can finally go out and get social! Go crazy! Contact everyone you know in the Warrior Forum, Skype, Facebook, and of course, your list!

Heres what Ill teach you in this module:

– How to set up a JV contest and give away $1,000 or more without ANY risk whatsoever…
– 3 additional incentives that you can offer your affiliates that wont cost you a penny…
– How much commission you should pay and why breaking even or even losing money on your front-end offer can still pay off big time in the end…
– The Warrior Forum is a goldmine for recruiting affiliates…but if you make this mistake, you could get yourself banned!
– How to approach marketers in the Warrior Forum without violating any terms…
– A simple 2-minute tweak that promotes your WSO on every thread youve started and every post youve ever made!
– How to set up a viral contest to generate pre-launch buzz in the marketplace (this is brand new stuff and almost nobody is doing this)
– And then comes the thrill of the launch and seeing all that money pour in…

Critically Important Tasks That You Must Complete During and After the Launch

If you think its over after everything is set up, youre fooling yourself. Theres nothing you have to do thats overly technical or difficult to implement. But if you dont get this part right, you could end up with negative comments and a support nightmare…

Heres what youll learn in this module:

– 3 keys that you have to turn simultaneously to open the floodgates to your WSO (hint: youll need 3 different browser windows open to pull this off)
– 3 components that you have to test before going live (get this wrong and your PayPal account will look like a ghost town)
– The best time to launch and when to pay for your thread so you can actually go live when you said you would…
– How to handle comments and PMs and what to do about pessimistic idiots that try to crash the party…
– 3 simple tactics that will keep the sales coming in that only take 2 minutes to implement…
– How to get your affiliates to mail for you again and again during the heat of the launch (hint: its a genetic defect that most people have)
– 4 ways to make even more money after the launch (most people dont even consider this…but a WSO is just the beginning)
– Ive taken a complicated and overwhelming process and simplified it into a step-by-step blueprint that anyone can follow and launch a successful WSO. But theres so much clear and actionable information in this course, you might be thinking…

Why the Heck Are Your Selling it for Such an Incredibly Low Price?

Well, like everything I do, there is a method to my madness…

I know that you expect a good deal, right? After all, it is a special offer

Ive only showed these methods to a few people and I need case studies and testimonials from my customers before I launch this to the public for $47

I just really enjoy the feeling of camaraderie in this forum and the fact that YOU appreciate me and the content I create.

But What Would a Special Offer be Without Some Killer Bonuses?

If you order right now, youll also get…

– The exact sales page template Im using right now for this WSO. Just watch the video and follow along as I walk you through the process…
– The JV contest page template I use to get hundreds of affiliate to promote my WSO and how to give away thousands of dollars without any risk!
– Step-by-step instructions for outsourcing your project and exactly what to say in your listing…
– My secret source for getting 40 hours of outsource work for FREE! ($400 value)

This Package Contains:

1. MP3 Audios & Transcripts – WSO Blueprint

2. MP4 Videos – 1st Five Videos total run time – 48 min 23 sec

3. Bonuses_

– Templates
– wsomindmap.xmind
– BBcode
– PDF_Outsourcing

4. PUR License

Your Rights:

[YES] For Personal Use
[NO] Cannot edit
[NO] Cannot sell
[NO] Cannot giveaway
[NO] Cannot claim copyright
[NO] Cannot sell personal use rights
[NO] Cannot sell resell rights
[NO] Cannot sell master resell rights
[NO] Cannot sell private label rights
[NO] Cannot add to free or paid membership sites
[NO] Cannot be bundled with other products
[NO] Cannot be changed or branded with your own name
[NO] Cannot be offered as a bonus with other PAID products
[NO] Cannot be used to create audio/video products
[NO] Cannot be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)
[NO] Cannot be offered through auction sites
[NO] Cannot claim full authorship


All products are sold as is,We do not guarantee that any form of financial success by using our
products and services. Results vary. Hard work, diligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation
all play a vital role in your quest to make an income from your internet business,We do not
provide any support for the following, WordPress, PHP programming, html, webpage creation/editing,
graphics or information product creation/editing.


WSO Blueprint PT 1.


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