Cancer Compatibility And Experiences

Cancer Compatibility And Experiences

Sex with a Cancer Man

Ruled by the moon, Cancer men are the most emotional of the star signs. The crab wears a hard outer shell because he doesn’t want to get hurt – but break through his barriers and the fun and games can really begin!

The crab may seem a little shy at first, but once he trusts you he’ll be happy to go with the flow and may even surprise you with some highly creative sexual positions.

Feel free to release your inner dominatrix. The Cancer man appreciates strong women who know what they want and will go along with whatever makes you happy, no matter how kinky.

Blow his mind: Make the crab feel at home by seducing him on the water. If he’s too shy for skinny-dipping, hire a boat and row out to the middle of a lake, strip off and see where the tides takes you.

His favorite position: For an even deeper emotional connection choose a position where you can look into each other’s eyes, such as the Time Bomb.

Cancer Compatibility

Cancers make ideal partners in a romantic, physical and emotional sense. But if what you’re looking for is a rational, practical relationship, then move on! Cancers bond best with Scorpios, who are thoughtfully romantic and sensually passionate, to compliment the Cancer’s penchant for both physical love and romance. These two signs tend to enjoy great friendships, but are such passionate people that platonic friendships are a rarity. While long-term relationships are not always a guarantee, owing to the fact that neither sign is particularly practical about love, electric romance is a sure bet! Cancers and Pisceans are ideal romantic partners! Both are deep wells of feeling and sensitivity, and will share many common interests. These two are well-suited to forge lasting relationships, but at times a lack of stability proves to be a downfall, unless an earth sign plays a crucial role as ascendant. While two same signs rarely make good partners, two Cancers can often make relationships work, particularly if either or both partners have already been hurt in love (which with Cancer is a definite possibility). They are both romantic and passionate enough for each other, enjoy their time at home, and will spoil their children with the utmost love and devotion. Two Cancers definitely make a great pair.

Virgos are a Cancer’s weakness and strength. These two signs will forge relationships in any settings, whether as friends or as lovers, and will produce passionate, emotional relationships. Cancer infuses the Virgo’s practical world with color, humor and feeling, while the Virgo acts as the voice of reason that grounds and stabilizes the Cancer’s dreams. If at all these relationships fail to last, it will be because of an emotional discrepancy, for the Virgo is often unlikely to open up emotionally even in a settled relationship.

Cancers and Capricorns are often perfect matches. The gentle, faithful nature of the Capricorn proves an ideal foil for the sensitive, romantic personality of the Cancer. Cancer will make Capricorn laugh, while the Capricorn will make Cancer feel secure. On paper, these two signs form inseparable relationships, but conflicting ascendant can of course play an inhibiting role.

Cancers and Taureans don’t really make good partners, though might enjoy a good short relationship. These two signs will interact well professionally and maybe even enjoy a good rapport, but the problem will always be a conflict of interests. Taurus is too financially ambitious and interested in matters that don’t appeal to the artistic nature of the Cancer. On rare occasions this match can prove effective, but it’s definitely not an ideal pair.

Air signs for the whole aren’t ideal mates to the Cancerian, but there are exceptions to every rule. Cancers and Libras are generally very similar people. Both are romantic, hyper sensitive and gluttons when it comes to food and sex. But the Libran’s penchant for discipline and control won’t sit well with the Cancerian that is a bit of a free-thinker and idealist. Gemini and Cancer, being adjoining signs, can develop strong friendships. There is enough in each sign to interest the other, but over time, the lack of emotion in the Gemini will drive the Cancerian away. Aquarians and Cancers can enjoy good professional relationships, but when it comes to romantic partnerships, Cancer will have a hard time bonding with a sign that is as eccentric and free-spirited as the Aquarian. These relationships will start very strong but fizzle quickly.

Fire signs, being the polar opposite element of water, make poor partners for the sensitive Cancer. Sagittarians and Cancers will invariably find themselves in a relationship, but making it last is another story altogether. Sagittarians find the soft, caring nature of the Cancer attractive, while the Cancer in turn is attracted to the Archer’s adventurous spirit. But these sources of attraction will eventually derail the relationship. For Sagittarius will eventually realize that the Cancer is too fragile and easily hurt, while the Crab that loves home first and forever, will realize there is no future with the Archer that craves new experiences and constant travelling. Leos and Cancers, being adjacent signs, get along well and share a common sense of humor. But jokes aren’t enough to sustain a relationship. Cancers need sensitive, emotional partners and the Leo’s arrogant, brash nature will eventually make this partnership too painful to endure. Aries and Cancer suffer a similar fate. While there is bound to be plenty of mutual attraction, at the end of the day there is simply little or no common ground. For Cancer, there is also plenty of potential to be hurt, for Aries can be blunt and wounding when they like, and the fragile outer shell of the Cancer is no laughing matter.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Cancer man Aries woman………………


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