Cutting Edge SEO Mastery

Cutting Edge SEO Mastery

Despite all of the lies out there, you can still make SEO work for you if done right, and it can be a treasure trove of free traffic.

Here is what is included in this training program…

Video 1 – Overview of SEO: Gain a broad view of SEO, so you can start to see what is working now.
Video 2 – What Is Working Now: Discover what SEO strategies are working right now, and what strategies you should be employing for long term success.
Video 3 – Mobile Optimization: This is such a vital part of your overall SEO success, and you need to know this if you have any desire to achieving free search engine traffic.
Video 4 – Effective Keyword Research: Learn how to find and target keywords like a seasoned SEO master! Targeting the right keywords can impact many areas of your Internet business.
Videos 5, 6, 7, & 8 – On Page Ranking Factors: Once you go through these lessons you will be able to have your site in excellent shape to start getting valuable search engine traffic! Optimize your site like a seasoned SEO professional!
Video 9 – Negative Ranking Factors: If you miss this video you may be doing stuff that will get you banned from the search engines all together.
Video 10 – Understanding Search Engine Updates: If you don’t know where to find the latest search engine updates, or don’t understand what these updates mean it could have detrimental impact on your traffic. This video will help you gain control over your rankings again, and help you stay one step ahead!
Videos 11, 13, & 13 – Link Building Strategies: Link building is the most powerful thing you can do to positively impact your website’s search engine rankigns. If done wrong though you can crush your chances at free traffic. This is an in depth training on doing link building the right way! Finally understand how to do link building so you don’t get banned from the search engines.
Video 14 – Social Media Marketing Strategies: You can’t have a top SEO strategy without an effective social media strategy in place. They go hand in hand. You need both working for you to achieve the best results. Learn how to make them work for your business in this video.
Video 15 – Local SEO Methods: Discover exactly what you need to increase search engine rankings for your local business, or use this strategy to do work for small business owners in your area.
Video 16 – Analytics and Webmaster Tools: Learn how to effectively track your website’s performance by using Google Analytics and Google’s Webmaster tools.
See what someone said that went through one of my past traffic courses! I know what I teach in these videos can help you and your customers just like they helped Mark!

“Paul, I spent about 4 days running through the training and implementing each step as you had explained it.

Now the results are starting to show. Firstly, the bookmarking links were showing up on page 1 of Google within a couple of hours of being created (the DIGG bookmark actually showed up on Google inside an hour).

Secondly, my site was indexed and showing up in Google inside a week. My EzineArticles article took 7 days to be approved and is now sitting in Position 5 on Page 1 of Google.

As of today, FIVE of the first 12 results in Google for the chosen keyphrase are MINE … which is pretty awesome! My EzineArticles and ArticleDashboard articles are both on Page 1, the other important link to my Weebly Blog and my video at Metacafe are in positions 11 & 12 at the very top of Page 2.

Even my video has had 50+ views (I didn’t check until today). Traffic is now beginning to arrive at the site. Thanks for creating this training series.”

– Mark Wilson


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