101 Patchwork Patterns

101 Patchwork Patterns

101 Patchwork Patterns.

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Quilt Name Stories, Cutting Designs, Material Suggestions, Yardage Estimates and Definite Instructions for Every Step of Quilt Making

HANDCRAFTS, like all phases of human endeavor, rather run in varying cycles. Some of us were born in the Pyrography period and reared on hand painted plates
with much beshaded backgrounds; others of us date back to the stork painted on velvet with a pressed pen technique, while all of mature age have survived the
era of crochet boudoir caps, of tinfoil and glass paintings, and much be-beaded lamp shades!

True, there have ever been crafts worthwhile, some arts where beauty combined with purpose to create the “joys forever.” Our treasure chests contain
exquisitely fashioned needlework on garments, household linens and purely decorative pieces… We have devised an hundred ways to fabricate floor coverings,
draperies, and bed-ding. Which brings us to quilts and the no end of fascinating patterns and tales in their history. Through all the changing fads of woven
bead-belts or melon seed portieres our quilts have been always with us. A wholesome thing it is, too, that American women have so saved and planned and
pieced. To have wrought beauty even from beautiful surroundings has not always been achieved; but to salvage beauty and usefulness from coarse waste
materials was the everyday accomplishment of our pioneer mothers who hooked rugs and pieced quilts.

This Pakage Contains:

1. 101 Patchwork Patterns (127 pgs)

Work comes complete with source in word doc format as well as pdf version. Custom cover graphics.

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101 Patchwork Patterns.


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