Related Content Plugin

Related Content Plugin

Link to related content to help your readers. Get attention from other authors. Make great outbound links for SEO. With just a few clicks.

== Description ==

Adding related posts to the bottom of your posts makes your creations feel more authoritative and credible. Related posts help your readers find other interesting content and it gets you the attention from the authors you’ve linked to. Give exposure, get exposure. A line of related posts goes a long way.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What are Related Posts? =
Related Posts are an easy way to add outbound links to related content from around the web to make life easier for your readers and to attract attention from other authors.

= How does it work? =
Our plugin reads what you write and suggests Related Content from a large network of sites in real time. With one click you add a link with a thumbnail to the bottom of your post. Your readers will like you more for showing them where to go next. Authors that you’ve linked to will notice it and love you for it. You’ll make friends and influence people.

= Does it help SEO? =
Google says that good outbound links help make the web a better place. And they reward you for it. Just don’t go crazy. Use common sense. Everything in moderation.

= What else is in it for me? =
If your content is all English, safe for work and of good quality, we will recommend it to other writers. You’ll get links, traffic and love.

= I see promoted content. What is that? =
That is how we keep this plugin free. Publishers pay us to show you related content from their sites. You don’t have to use it. However, we believe that promoted content widens the range of good quality content you can link to.


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