Forex Gann Indicator

Forex Gann Indicator

Forex Gann Indicator
W.D. Gann is without doubt one of the most famous traders of all time and one of the most influential. His major contribution to trading was his insight into trading psychology and his understanding of how the emotions of hope, greed, and fear move the price in any market. Gann knew emotions caused the vast majority of traders to lose money and made the following statement

~Gann believed that everything was governed by universal law including, human nature which governed market movement. If you knew the underlying law you could predict what would happen in the future and he looked to apply this philosophy in his trading. Gann therefore believed all natural phenomena are cyclical – including financial markets.

~Gann also used the Fibonacci number sequence yet another predictive theory which is supposed to reveal the natural order of the market but was never designed to be applied to them at all. You also get geometry and astrology thrown in and according to Gann’s disciples with this mix of predictive tools, you can see the future but try the method and you will find the predictions are as accurate as your horoscope.





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