3 Ways to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Program

3 Ways to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Program

I’ve put together a short, 18-page report entitled “3 Ways To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Program”. When you grab your copy below below here are a few things you’ll learn in this quick read…

* 3 different ways to start your own coaching program – including one method that you can get started using TODAY with nothing more than a salesletter in place.
* The “ultimate coaching model” that you’ll probably think “it can’t be that easy, no one will pay for that” at first glance … until you see how 50 students pay me $197 per month!
* Why coaching isn’t simply “trading your time for money” – in fact, as I disclose in this report, many pay for coaching and rarely even interact with their coach.
* A super easy way to use “other people’s content” for YOUR coaching program … I actually learned this amazing technique when someone used MY content for THEIR coaching program! (Completely “legit”, I might add.)
* My sneaky method of launching a coaching program EARLY so you can get paid much quicker than ever before … in fact, I’ll give you TWO ways to take this shortcut!
* A big, big mistake that most people offering coaching programs make (especially those launching their FIRST program … although I have seen “pros” do this too!) and how you can avoid it with one little “change”.
* A 5-step, process for becoming a C.O.A.C.H. in your own high-ticket coaching program … includes a simple “overview” blueprint for establishing your program.
* Your #1 best option for “running” your coaching program … this “blows away” what most people are using with their coaching and will simplify (and greatly improve!) the ease and success in which you conduct your interaction with clients.

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* Includes Sales Page – Yes
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