The Oscillator at Work by John F. Rider (1940)

The Oscillator at Work by John F. Rider (1940)

The Oscillator at Work by John F. Rider (1940, 257 pages). This is a fantastic book that covers all aspect of test oscillator (signal generator)!

From the Preface:
Oscillators you now use, and those you may use in the future, are described in this book. How they work, and how you can make them work for you to make radio servicing simpler and better are clearly explained in these pages.

This is a practical book for practical servicemen. Therefore, you will find that theoretical discussions are presented in the simplest terms, without reference to involved mathematical equations.

The introductory chapters show how various oscillator circuits function and methods which are used to improve their performance. Many newer and less familiar oscillators, as well as the more standard types, are described in detail.

These chapters are followed by descriptions of the r-f and a-f oscillators used as signal sources. Here are not only the more common types used in radio servicing but also the more complex types used as laboratory signal sources. Complete circuit diagrams with parts vales are given for representative commercial r-f and a-f oscillators, including laboratory-type signal generators.

The concluding chapters cover applications of the test oscillator in radio servicing, and in addition tell you how to check test oscillators of every type and what to do to correct faults which may develop. Much information is given in these chapters which will enable you to get the utmost out of such instruments in practical radio servicing. The special tests, which modern receiver service data make desirable, are described in detail. Laboratory test methods, as well as many other related tests, are discussed in the appendix.


Author’s Foreword
Chapter I – Oscillation
Chapter II – Complex Waves
Chapter III – How An Oscillator Works
Chapter IV – Triode Oscillators
Chapter V – Electron-Coupled Oscillators
Chapter VI – Ultra-High-Frequency Oscillators
Chapter VII – Negative Resistance Oscillators
Chapter VIII – Electro-Mechanical Oscillators
Chapter IX – Relaxation Oscillators
Chapter X – Modulation of Oscillators
Chapter XI – Audio-Frequency Oscillators
Chapter XII – Radio-Frequency Signal Sources
Chapter XIII – Testing and Servicing Test Oscillators
Chapter XIV – Receiver Checking with a Test Oscillator
Chapter XV – Oscillators in Superheterodyne Receivers

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