The Art of Writing a Speech. mp3 Audio Book. 18min.

The Art of Writing a Speech. mp3 Audio Book. 18min.

Some Rules To Follow

Having a clear picture of the requirements of the speech content
is very important, as it ensures the speech is designed around this
feature. Deviating from this would result in content that is not
connective to the issues intended and therefore render the speech

The speech should also have three very clear sections, and this
would include an introduction, a mid section and a conclusion. All
three of these parts are very important and should hold a different
significance to the entire theme. The introduction should ideally be
designed around the idea of drawing the interest of the audience and
holding it long enough to ensure an effective launch into the mid
section. The mid section should be where the actual information on
the topic discussed is actually presented. This is then followed by the
conclusion which should be designed to have enthralled the audience
so much that they would now be eager to consider follow up actions.

During the course of creating the speech, there are also
elements that should be considered and omitted, and these would
include the repetition of points, as this would end up giving the
audience the impression that there is really no other substance to the
speech and bore them, the use of jargon which is really not
understood by the majority of the audience and here again causing
boredom and even irritation and the delivery that is not forceful and
too soft to be audible enough for the audience.

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