Instant Author 15 eBook PLR

Instant Author 15 eBook PLR

Dear Friend,

Have you ever even attempted to create your own information product? Not only is it incredibly time consuming but if you aren’t an expert on the topic your content will fall short.

People just won’t believe in it – and in turn, you risk losing all credibility.

When it comes to making money in the multi-million dollar information marketplace, your name – your credibility is all that you’ve got. Once that’s gone and the trust has disappeared with it, you’ll always struggle to make your name in the arena. And you can forget about any potential joint venture or networking opportunities…no one will want to go near you!

But there’s a solution right here at your fingertips…

My partners and I have been fortunate enough to rub elbows with some of the most experienced, seasoned marketers and money-makers in the business. We know what works, and what doesn’t – and there’s little that we haven’t tried.

From uncovering the secrets to 6-figure blogging to building wildly profitable mailing lists, we’ve done it all. And for the first time ever, we’re offering you the unique opportunity to not only learn our methods first hand but you can turn around and sell our secrets, keeping 100% of the profits!

And you can even claim to be the author of everything!

This means absolutely no work is required on your end!
No Designing eCovers – We’ve done it!

No Writing Ebooks – We’ve done it!

Just Upload And Start Making Money

Every ebook included in this special package was written by a professional writer with hands-on experience in these high profit markets!

Best of all, you won’t just receive just one ebook that you can turn around and sell as your own, but you’ll instantly gain access to 15 well-written, high quality ebooks that you can sell!

These professionally written products are ready to sell, straight out of the box! No editing, proofreading or revisions needed. These are comprehrensive, accurate, market-ready information products written by a seasoned marketer!


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