Easy Email Scrambler

Easy Email Scrambler

Sadly, there are a number of spambots which roam the web harvesting email addresses to send spam to. Often, you have no choice but to include a mailto link with an email address in a web page. Fortunately most of these spambots do not seem to have complete HTML parsers, and most do not execute JavaScript.

Easy Email Scrambler uses obfuscation to generate a mailto: link which will confuse naïve spambots, but will still work in standard browsers. If you own, or operate even 1 website, you know how inundated you can get with spam.

What This Amazing Software Does:

This software will take your existing email address and scramble it up a bit making it obscure to most spam bots, thereby eliminating much of the spam you probably receive on a daily basis.

If nothing else, this simple little software application will save you loads of time by not having to constantly check/delete useless spam messages.


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