Concentration Increaser

Concentration Increaser

Artist: Ehsan

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It has been found in various studies & experiments that in lower lower beta frequency range (15 Hz 18 Hz) it is easier for us to concentrate on what we do.

Based on this finding this audio is produced which contains Isochronic Beats having alternating frequencies between 15 Hz 18 Hz. The length of each cycle is 6 minutes and the full audio contains 4 complete cycles. The Isochronic Beat starts from 15 Hz, Ramp up to 18 Hz, then Ramp down to 15 Hz (this completes 1 cycle) & again starts to ramp up to 18 Hz.

As your brain will be entrained in between 15 Hz 18 Hz so your ability to put focus on what you are doing will also increase.

Length of Audio: 25 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment: Ambient Music

Requirement: Listen to this audio with stereo headphones

Frequency Level: Only Beta

Best Time To Hear: Before starting a work or during doing a work in which you need to concentrate.

Eyes Closed or Open?: You can listen to this audio keeping your eyes closed (if you hear the audio before starting a work) or open (if you are hearing it during doing a work)

Position during listening this audio: Lie down or sit on a chair by keeping your back straight while listening to this audio.


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