Make Yourself Relax In Beach

Make Yourself Relax In Beach

Artist: Ehsan

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This is a relaxation audio which contains sound of sea water splashing on beach and sound of sea birds in addition to the Brainwave Entraining sound.

If you like natural sounds of beach then this audio is for you. It will help you to drift yourself away from daily worries for some time and relax in a virtual sea beach environment.

Listen to this audio, take a shift from your daily life and make yourself relax in beach.

Length of Audio: 15 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment: Sound of sea water splashing on beach and sounds of sea birds

Requirement: You can hear this audio with or without stereo headphones but headphone/earphone is recommended for getting better results

Frequency Level: Alpha

Best Time To Hear: Whenever you have the time to relax.

Eyes Closed or Open?: It is highly recommended to close your eyes while listening to this audio but you can hear this audio keeping your eyes open

Position during listening this audio: Lie down or sit on a chair by keeping your back straight while listening to this audio.


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