High End Affiliate Marketing Secrets – With Private Label Rights

High End Affiliate Marketing Secrets – With Private Label Rights

How To Successfully Sell High End Affiliate Products!

Hi, youre listening to Terry Telford. Today were very fortunate to have with us an extremely successful high-end affiliate marketer. His name is Josh Peak.

Josh has actually developed a very interesting business model because he is a professional affiliate marketer, but not for your average $20, $30, $100 programs. Josh specializes in high-end affiliate programs. So, when were talking about high-end were talking about anything in the range of $4,000 to $10,000. So, its a little bit of a different aspect or way of doing business than it would be for marketing your low-end, up to $100, affiliate products.

So, Josh has agreed to let me pick his brain for a while and basically go through a run through of how he runs his business and how he actually gets people signed up to his affiliate programs when they cost the dollar figures that were looking at.

First of all, Id like to say thank you very much for being here today, Josh.

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