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Saving Time and Money with Online Electronic Forms

October 9, 2017 - By 
electronic forms

At its peak, a business should run like a well-oiled machine, fostering creativity and encouraging efficiency.

But so many businesses out there waste time each and every day. Sure, it may not seem like a large problem at the moment, but every penny adds up eventually.

However, there’s a solution. Electronic forms are the quick, efficient solution that the modern day business needs to get more done in less time.

These quick, helpful guides will make sign-ups and form completion easier than ever! Want to learn more? Keep reading for some quick tips on how to save time and money by using forms.

Wasted Time Means Lost Money

As the saying goes, time is money.

On average, the standard employee ends up wasting up to half of their workday. Be it through meetings, menial tasks, or just simple procrastination, this type of money-wasting is all too common.

And it could cost a business thousands of dollars per year. Even the recent solar eclipse is estimated to have cost businesses $700 million in lost profits!

One of the easiest ways to cut down on slacking and increase productivity is by making the work easier.

Look at a job that requires tons of paperwork. Sure, an employee could fill out document after document and call it a day. Or they could implement electronic forms and cut down on wasted time.

Have some info that could be condensed? Combine two similar fields within the form and save time and money.

Electronic Forms Can Assist Every Business Need

Whether for billing, HR, data entry, or even the application process, every business can benefit from forms.

Even small business owners running their own site can benefit. Trying to get that mailing list up? Having a sign-up form is a fantastic way to get new users to sign up.

But a smaller business wouldn’t need the same types of forms as, say, a larger corporation’s HR department. Luckily, these forms are easily customizable.

Whether a form needs a few text fields or a few dozen, there’s a practical application in just about every business area.

No Need to Make Electronic Forms

Perhaps the thought of implementing forms into workflow sounds great. But a company may not have the skills, downloadable software or time to create a form.

Good news: Certain businesses specialize in electronic form creation!

There are plenty of companies, like Meteor Forms that do the hard work for companies. Sign up, choose a plan, and use the easy Meteor Forms online form builder software.

It’s fast, efficient, and affordable. It frees up entire departments so they can work on more pressing tasks for their business. Plus, companies can simply send and scan their previous work.

Final Thoughts

Using online forms is an easier and more convenient way to do business. They save businesses time and money and allow them to focus their attention on other areas.

Still not convinced? Try out electronic forms and see just how much of a difference forms it can make!

For more great tips on software downloads for everyday business solutions, check out the Pligg blog!


5 Essential Downloadable Tools To Aide Your Translation Work

October 8, 2017 - By 

Will robot-translators replace human workers in the future?

Probably not. In fact, new technology is only making translation work easier for people. And the best part is you can download it all from the internet.

If you’re in the translation business, there are many downloadable tools you can add to your arsenal, easily. They’ll help make life easier while supporting your work.

Here are five to know.

1. Aadarxa Bilingual Dictionary

Everybody needs a helping hand occasionally, and translators are no different. Your most trusted tool to boost your translation work should be this bilingual dictionary.

Translators who can think in two languages can benefit greatly from their abilities. But that doesn’t mean your brain is perfect.

Every once in a while, you’ll get stuck trying to remember a word. That’s when you should turn to this downloadable dictionary.

Right on your computer, you’ll be able to see definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. It’s a handy tool for any point in the translation process, from start through revisions.

2. Fluency Now

Fluency Now is a program designed for translators of any stripes, including freelancers and employees in a bigger company. Many consider it to be the premier CAT program that exists as an aid for translators.

It’s a bit pricey, but many people still choose to purchase this service all the time. That’s because it’s effective and powerful for any translator.

3. Count Anything

Count Anything doesn’t pull any punches–it helps you count words in any document, instantly. That is as important for translators as it is for anybody.

Generally, word count is the key statistic in any translation project. How you pitch, what you translate and how many words you produce while translating all revolve around a number of words involved.

That’s why this is one of the best downloadable tools you can have on your computer. Instantly know how many words are in a document you receive or create yourself.

4. AutoUnbreak

When something is translated, it’s literally re-written. While a translator should stick to the structure and meaning of the original text when possible, it’s sometimes impossible to do that throughout the text.

That’s why an editor is often needed. Enter AutoUnbreak. This tool can point out awkward line breaks in your text, which can allow you to improve the fluidity of your work.

Every translator needs an editor, whether it’s a small one-person shop or TransGlobal Incorporated. That’s why AutoUnbreak is great for everyone.

5. TransTools

TransTools bills itself as an all-in-one program for translators, and it’s not wrong. This program offers editing and spellcheck in whatever language is a la mode.

Regardless of a translator’s purpose, then, this program will come in handy for them. Skip hiring an editing service to review your document. You have all you need right on your computer.

Maximize the Benefit of Downloadable Tools

If you download these five tools, you’ll well on your way to managing a successful translation website. What are you waiting for?

Feel free to reach out to a member of our team for more information on the best downloads you can find online. Good luck!


How Using a Wedding Program Template Can Save You Money

October 3, 2017 - By 
wedding program template

A wedding is a form of self-expression. Even traditional church weddings reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. The more unique, the more expensive, right?

Not at all.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding programs are one way to make your wedding memorable without going over budget.

Wedding programs are a formal schedule of events for your wedding ceremony and reception. They also double as a keepsake for your guests.

Using an inexpensive, or even free, wedding program template can save hundreds of dollars. Read on to find out how to make them work for you.

Digital Download

Many wedding program templates are free and available for digital download. Other sites have templates and royalty-free graphics available for a small fee.

Most of these free templates include the basic parts of a wedding ceremony. They also include areas to fill in details about the bride and groom, as well as the wedding party.

You can personalize these templates as much as you need to. This way, you can reflect your wedding’s theme and your personality.

Print at Home

DIY wedding programs are easy to make, thanks to templates and desktop publishing software. Templates are designed to work with Microsoft Word, or other word processing programs.

Even better?

You can usually print from anywhere.

If your template is for a flat program that does not require folding, use card stock to give it a professional look. If the program design is for a folded card, then use printer paper for smooth folding.

The result is a wedding program that’s unique and looks professionally designed.

DIY Project Ideas

Having an outdoor June wedding? Want to include a unity sand ceremony on the beach?

Get a little creative! Turn your wedding program into a paddle fan by adding a fan stick and some ribbon. Your program then becomes a memento.

Or, you can make your wedding program functional. Add a pouch and use it as a container for the birdseed or confetti your guests will shower you with when you make your exit.

If you need a little inspiration, try a visual search engine like Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing.

DIY Wedding Program Template Online

If you’re planning a large wedding and don’t want to overheat your home printer, there are printing services available online. These services also allow you to customize your own program.

Many companies give you the option of uploading your own completed image or using a free wedding program template from their online gallery.

You can customize the template using the web site’s simple online editor and order the prints.

As the Big Day Approaches

Using a free wedding program template for your program is one small way to keep your wedding budget in check.

When you look for ways to save, you’ll have more money to invest in the parts of your wedding that matter the most to you.

With so many creative options available, you can easily create a unique and beautiful program to complement your wedding’s theme and decor.


5 Helpful Downloadable SEO Tools You Need to Try

October 2, 2017 - By 
downloadable tools

If you’re a digital marketer, one of your primary responsibilities is to get your websites to rank high on search engines such as Google. This process is referred to as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is by no means a simple process. It takes excellent content, the right keywords, and a great deal of analysis.

Fortunately, there are some downloadable tools which are designed to assist you in your SEO tasks.

Here are 5 helpful SEO tools you need to try.

1. SEOquake

SEOquake is a free online plugin which is compatible with Google, Mozilla, and Opera web browsers. It’s a powerful plugin which compiles analytical data from tons of major SEO platforms, including Google Index, SEMrush, Facebook, and more.

Instead of having to search around on several websites, SEOquake delivers you the analytics of each platform on one simple page.

With this tool, you can find relevant keywords, obtain analytics on each web page you come across, and find necessary links.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a popular SEO tool that is available in both free and premium versions. This tool is great for keyword research, advertising research, and web analysis in general.

When you search a keyword, it provides you not only with traffic information about your entered keyword, but with information about similar keywords as well.

It also allows you to determine the ranking of a given web page from a specific geographic location. This allows you to make decisions on how geography is affecting your keywords and content.

3. Long Tail Pro

Squawkia Professional SEO Services has noted the importance of using long tail keywords to achieve SEO success. Well, one of the top SEO tools for finding these long tail keywords is Long Tail Pro. While it costs money to use, it’s very arguably the best SEO tool on the market when it comes to finding up-to-date and relevant keywords.

By entering just one keyword, this tool will supply you with a list of hundreds of similar keywords. It will also supply you with all of the traffic information you could ever need for each and every keyword.

If you’re having trouble finding beneficial long tail keywords, this will be a huge help to you.

4. Outdated Content Finder

If you’re fresh out of blog ideas, you might consider using Outdated Content Finder.

This is a free tool that scours the search engines for old content based on the keywords that you enter. You can then use this content to help give you new ideas for blog posts.

It also allows you to find inbound linking opportunities. Find an outdated blog post, contact its author, ask to edit it, and add a link to your website in the blog.

5. Link Miner

If you’re attempting to inspect the links on your website for repairs, you should consider using Link Miner.

This app finds broken links, and gives you tons of analytics on them in just a short few seconds. It’s the quickest way there is to deal with broken links.

You can find hundreds of broken links with just the press of a button.

In Search of Downloadable Tools?

If you’re seeking out downloadable tools, there are a lot of places for you to find them. But one of the best places is right here at Pligg.

Click on over to see what there is to download.


What Are the 10 Best Websites to Legally Download Music

September 28, 2017 - By 
download music

Nowadays, more people listen to music than ever before. But does that mean music is more accessible to anyone who wants it?

Yes and no.

While Spotify and Apple Music compete with each other for customers, they both can cost over 100 dollars a year (around ten dollars a month). Those costs are big enough to deter some people.

If you’ve been blocked out by high costs, we have you covered.

There are plenty of ways to listen to your favorite music without dolling up big money. That’s right–you can still download music and enjoy songs at your leisure, legally. Here are ten websites where you can do it.

Here are ten websites where you can do so.

1. Amazon MP3

Amazon does everything nowadays. Now you can add music to the list. The website plays host to millions of songs- a collection on par with Apple Music and Spotify.

Jeff Bezos’ company offers a wide selection of choices for its music-oriented customers to have access to the collection. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can receive a discount on a full-paying membership.

Or, if you’re looking to keep the cash in your wallet intact, you can check out the free options they offer. You don’t get the same diverse options of a paying customer, but hey, free music is free music.

Check out their offers to see if any float your boat.

2. Soundcloud

Since its founding a decade ago, Soundcloud has undergone many changes. Still, the platform is a great place for young artists and accomplished ones alike to upload their new music.

Still, the platform is a great place for young artists and accomplished ones alike to upload their new music.

So, Soundcloud is a great place to find new tracks from your favorite artists, both present, and future. It’s free to join as a member and download music there without limits.

3. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is similar to Soundcloud in its purpose: connect listeners with free, new music. But NoiseTrade offers a more personal angle to its clients.

The company incentivizes its artists to interact with its fans on the site.

Their music options are less expansive than other services, but that can be made up for by getting to know your favorite musicians and bands better.

4. YouTube to MP3 Conversion Sites

There are a million YouTube to MP3 converter websites out there. They all do a good service: you plug in a YouTube link and the video is converted to an MP3 file.

You can download music for free in that way. But there are some hitches.

Some of these sites deal in fishy advertisements; some videos on YouTube aren’t available for conversion.

Still, these services are convenient in certain instances. With some tips on how to find safe downloads online, you’ll be well on your way.

5. DatPiff

Are you inclined to the world of hip-hop and rap? Then DatPiff is a must for you.

DatPiff is in some ways the minor leagues of the international rap scene. For the past decade, its played host to some of the biggest stars first, initial mixtapes.

That includes Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, two of the biggest music stars in the world today.

If you’re a regular on DatPiff, you’ll be able to download music for free while also coming into contact with some of the rising stars in the industry.

6. Free Music Archive

In this case, it’s all in a name. The Free Music Archive does exactly what it promises: provide free music that can be downloaded by its users.

They even go one extra step: most of the music on the site comes with a built-in legal right to use for people doing creative projects. That means if you’re doing any kind of visual or auditory creative project, this site is a must.

Or, you might just want to listen to some good music. They’ve got you covered in that respect, too.

7. Jamendo

Jamendo bills itself as the largest platform in the world for free digital music downloads. Whether they deserve that title is up to you, ultimately, but it’s easy to see where they’re coming from.

Originally from Luxembourg, the community offers thousands of new artists a platform to get their start by connecting them with new listeners.

That means their platform is perfect for an aspiring audience or casual listener alike.

8. is similar to the other massive communities of streaming services in some ways. Like the others, it allows customers to stream thousands of tracks from new artists looking to crack into larger audiences.

But they differentiate themselves with the diversity of genre they provide. is making an effort to give its users a more fulfilling music experience. Videos and images are available alongside the tracks you can listen to on their site.

That means you can download music or choose to engage in the wide array of platforms provided on the website. It’s a good site for the music fan looking to expand their horizons.

9. Vimeo/SmartSound

Vimeo? Vimeo, the video site? That’s right–Vimeo does music now.

Vimeo Music existed for a few years until the end of 2016, when it decided to switch its focus to SmartSound. SmartSound is a service that is perfect for creative types who need to use royalty-free music in their projects.

All these add up to a lot of places to download music. But what if you want to create yours at a reasonable price?

10. Musopen

Musopen offers free and discounted products to musicians. Whether you need to find the sheet music of a specific composer from two hundred years ago or are just looking to learn to play piano, this site is the place for you.

Its made a name for itself by providing a unique service. Is it one you can take advantage of?

Download Music Stress-Free

This isn’t a Limewire situation. There’s nothing illegal about these websites, and they’re cheap, if not free–you get the best of both worlds.

If you bounce around these ten websites, you’ll be able to listen to a diverse array of music. You can download music to listen to anytime–with or without service–worry-free.

Looking for more information on the wild world of digital downloads? Check out our expert advice on the subject.

Now go download some music. What are you waiting for?


Top 5 Downloadable Marketing Tools for Your Clothing Business

September 27, 2017 - By 
downloadable tools

Digital marketing tools are a great way to raise the profile of a small business.

A stunning 42% of small businesses do not adequately utilize a website in conjunction with a social media platform.

Of the small businesses that were wise enough to use social media, 55% updated it less than once a month.

These statistics help explain why so many small businesses and startups fail.

The good news is that there is a slew of downloadable tools to achieve these marketing goals. Read on to learn more about these tools and how they can help market a clothing business.

1) Downloadable Tools For Social Media

There are so many different social media platforms to update and manage. Most businesses are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, among many others.

Some small businesses just do not have the time or staff to keep up with it all.

The solution is to download a social media management system like Hootsuite. With this downloadable tool, a small business can simultaneously update all social platforms.

Envision blasting out the hottest, new clothing design in just one shot.

Additionally, comments and messages can be reviewed concurrently too. Hootsuite offers a free version and a paid edition with expanded capabilities.

2) How can a Small Business Possibly Manage all that E-mail?

With a limited staff, how can small business owners be expected to respond to every e-mail? In addition, how can new customers be reached with e-mail blasts?

A great way to achieve e-mail automation is a marketing tool called ActiveCampaign. This software app allows small businesses to centrally manage various different e-mail campaigns.

Business owners utilize e-mail in many different ways. Some of these e-mail campaigns include sending out promotion offers, following up on sales leads, and welcoming new customers.

All the major clothing retailers utilize these e-mail marketing tactics.

E-mail management apps like ActiveCampaign make it easier to communicate with a large customer base.

3) Utilize Video Apps to Market Fresh Clothing Designs

Selling clothing is a visual business. Customers need to see products ahead of time and make sure it looks great.

A clothing business could use an app like Wistia to accomplish this. The benefits of Wistia are rapid video content and invaluable statistics.

For instance, ownership can analyze these statistics to determine if the Nickis Versace for kids campaign was successful.

4) Know what the Customer Wants

An informed owner wants to know what is most appealing to customers. Digital apps like Hotjar do exactly this.

In a clothing business, for example, Hotjar will tell ownership what items are driving the most web traffic.

5) Visual Design Apps are Important for Website Efficiency

A simple website that places an emphasis on imagery is very effective. This is especially true for a clothing business.

A great marketing tip in this industry would be to utilize Canva to enhance website design.

Canva allows users to customize imagery, including the use of elegant fonts and logos.

It also enables users to apply filters to improve the imagery even further.

The Decision Is Clear

Effectively using downloadable tools is a great way to increase the likelihood of business success.

These apps will help clothing business owners manage social media, e-mail, video content, and more.

For additional questions about digital marketing solutions, please contact us for assistance.


3 Ways to Boost Digital Downloads for an Ebook Writer

September 26, 2017 - By 
ebook writer

Ebooks are becoming more popular than ever, with Amazon having sold nearly 518k units per day in 2016.

If you’re an ebook writer in a saturated market, the chances of becoming a best-selling author depend on your marketing efforts.

Ebooks are a digital product and sales will often go up or down based on how well you promote yourself and your work on social media.

But boosting your sales doesn’t always include dry marketing tactics. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box to sell your ebooks to a wider audience.

So keep reading to discover how you can increase the number of digital downloads for your ebooks and make more money.

1. Use Your Blog As A Sales Hub

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an ebook writer is to sell your ebook exclusively on Amazon or similar platforms.

While these are the best way to get your work out there, you’re missing out on a crucial marketing component – your own blog.

To use your blog as a selling tool, first you need to create a sales page for your ebook. This is where you’ll outline what the book is about and the inspiration behind it.

Next, you’ll need to tell your story in your About the Author section. People often buy something because of the story behind it.

Make sure to be honest and straightforward, without making up things or embellishing it for appeal. Simple and easy always seals the deal.

To sell ebooks on your blog, you’ll need to set up an online shop. Another option is to use special programs for this purpose that’ll do the job for you (for a commission).

2. Implement Videos in Your Ebook Marketing

In marketing, visual content works much better than written because people remember it more. So a great way to increase visibility for your ebook is to use videos when promoting it.

It can be a simple book trailer with some images, text, and music to accompany it. This works especially well for non-fiction books.

If you’ve published a novel, for example, an even better alternative is to sit down in front of the camera and talk about what inspired you to write it.

3. Use Your Mailing List

If you have a blog, you’ve probably created a mailing list that you send newsletters to. And if you’re an ebook writer as well, you can use this list to promote and sell your ebooks.

The people on this list are typically regular readers of your blog and love what you do. So you can send them an email presenting your ebooks and offer them some sort of exclusive discount.

This way, you’re still providing the valuable content they expect from you and make a profit in the process.

Become a Big-time Ebook Writer with Our Tips

The process of writing ebooks may come naturally to you, but you need to learn how to sell them in today’s digital era.

Need more digital marketing information?

Check out our marketing blog archive for tons of useful tips!


5 Secure Websites Where You Can Access Legal Document Downloads

September 22, 2017 - By 
document downloads

Hiring an attorney is expensive, even for simple legal needs like petitioning for a change of name. Did you know that most legal needs can be resolved on your own with legal form document downloads?

All you need to do is find the proper form for your legal needs, fill it out and pay the required filing fee at your local courthouse.

Even when dealing with complex legal issues like establishing a DBA (doing business as) or filing for divorce, you can still handle things on your own with the right document downloads.

In this article we’re going to cover the top 5 secure websites where you can access all the legal document downloads you’ll need.

Not only will this save you money, it’ll end your legal stress.

1. US Legal Document Downloads

This is one of the most helpful and comprehensive online legal forms services available.

This service boasts over 36,000 legal forms that are state-specific, as well as a host of non-legal documents. US Legal covers more areas of law than any other legal form document download website.

US Legal’s range of documents is so extensive that it’s unlikely you’d need to look at any other site to find what you’re looking for.

They even have the documents you’ll need when you learn how to apply for income based repayment navient on student loans.

One negative is that they don’t have any presence on social media.

2. FindLegalForms, Inc.

This is also a very comprehensive service with almost any legal form you could need. They allow you to download your chosen forms directly into an MS Word document so you can enter all your personal information.

You can also choose PDF downloads if you’d like to fill out the forms by hand before filing.

FindLegalForms gives you great support options that make it a top pick.

On the downside, you can’t access immigration forms on this site. But other than that, it’s quite good.

3. Rocket Lawyer

One of the best features of Rocket Lawyer is that you can speak with an attorney for free as a part of their service.

That’s a unique option you should definitely take advantage of.

They also have most of the forms you’ll need for personal and business needs. However, you won’t be able to access lien forms or certain immigration forms like the I-485 (to apply for permanent residency).

They do have a very extensive list of real estate, business and financial forms that make it a good choice.

4. Legal Zoom

At Legal Zoom, the forms are simple to locate and fill out.

You’ll get easy questionnaires to help you find the legal forms you need. You also get the option of previewing them before making a purchase.

They’ll auto-check your forms for errors and spelling mistakes to make sure everything is done right.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any bill of sale or loan agreement forms.

5. Law Depot

This is another easy-to-use service with state-specific forms for business, real estate, finance and personal legal issues.

For each form, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions within an interview format.

Completed forms are then saved, printed or emailed off to be signed and filed with the court.

You’ll notice that they don’t offer any bankruptcy documents.

You should utilize these free options before going after the more expensive versions.

When it’s time to resolve legal issues, check out this article on hiring an attorney.


3 Great Hearing Aid Apps All Users Should Download

September 18, 2017 - By 
hearing aid apps

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 1 in 8 Americans reports hearing loss in one or both ears.

Today, technology has made everything easier, including managing your medical and emotional health.

Whether you have worn hearing aids for years or you’re a novice user, hearing aid apps can make the world of difference in your comfort and well-being.

Let’s get into some of our favorites!

1. uHear (IOS)

Before getting started on all your Hearplex research, consider taking a free, self-administered test to screen your hearing.

Concerned that you listen to headphones too loudly? We’re all guilty of that (not to mention guilty of going to too many rock concerts!).

Fortunately, uHear is one of those simple and effective hearing aid apps that allows you to identify any problems within about five minutes.

There are three tests:

  • Hearing sensitivity- determining normal range hearing
  • Speech in noise- identifying speech in noisy situation
  • Questionnaire- hearing in ordinary situations

While this test does not necessarily replace the feedback or professional testing done by an audiologist, it’s a great starting point.

It’s also a great way to detect potential issues and bring them to your physician or audiologist during your next appointment.

2. Sound Alert (IOS and Android)

This highly-advanced app allows you to transform your ordinary smartphone into a customized safety and alerting advice.

In a nutshell, Sound Alert allows you to convert essentially any environmental sound into a notification. Monitor everything from delivered packages to smoke alarms to your neighbor knocking on the door.

Best of all? You choose how the notification works. It can vary from a vibration to a flashing light to a smartwatch vibration.

This app works seamlessly with other technologies, including the company’s microphone and pebble watch.

Prices for this app start at $69, but for the comprehensive and customized features it provides, it’s a great option for those with busy lives and schedules.

3. MyHearing (IOS and Android)

This is one of the most revolutionary telehealth communication options for patients and their audiologists.

Essentially, it’s a two-way tool. It allows audiologists to check in with patients, monitor and review progress, send and receive text messages, and adjust hearing aids as needed.

It’s safely encrypted (meaning, your information is confidential) and very user-friendly, with tutorials, learning modules, and an extensive FAQ.

This technology eases the process between the initial appointment and any follow-up visits. It’s important because hearing aid fittings often need to be adjusted over time, and going in for several appointments can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Best of all? It’s completely free!

Final Thoughts on Hearing Aid Apps

No matter how you manage your hearing, using these apps can be a great tool for your overall health care plan.

Be sure to update your physician and/or audiologist if you have questions or concerns during your using. They can be a valuable asset for your overall well-being and making sure everything is on track!

Now get back to listening to music and taking care of yourself.


5 Benefits of Having Online Pay Stubs Available for Download

September 15, 2017 - By 

The invention of the pay stub generator has revolutionized the way that bosses pay employees. While paper pay stubs certainly had their place once, the go-to option now is online pay stubs.

Online payment systems have cut out tons of work, and have made it much easier for employees to receive their hard-earned money.

But how does a pay stub generator benefit the employer?

Here are 5 benefits of having online pay stubs available for download.

1. Reliability

One of the biggest benefits of using online pay stubs is that it’s reliable.

When sending out paper pay stubs, you’re at the mercy of several entities. These entities include everything from mail complications, to the weather, to holidays, and more. Any of these entities can delay pay stubs and keep your employees from getting paid on time.

Using an online pay stub system ensures that pay stubs will reach your employees as quickly as possible without any complications.

2. Simplicity

Using paper pay stubs leaves you subject to a number of additional work that you wouldn’t have if you used online ones.

Not only do paper pay stubs have to be printed, they have to be handed out and mailed as well. With a pay stub generator, you can simply enter payment information and have it in the possession of your employees with the click of a button.

This will make not only your life easier, but the lives of your employees as well.

3. Protects Information

While we hope that they never happen, disasters and mishaps are a possibility. What if your building catches on fire and all of your paper records are destroyed? What if a hurricane hits your town and water logs all of your records?

These disasters would cause huge finance and paperwork issues for your company.

By having an online pay stub system, your records can’t be destroyed by such disasters. As long as you have your online records backed up, they will remain safe.

4. Saves Time

Dealing with paperwork is time-consuming. Not only does it take time to print paper documents out. It also takes time to organize said documents so that they can be found in and transferred to the correct areas.

Taking advantage of an online payment system will nix pay stub paperwork altogether.

No longer will you have to print, envelope, mail, and hand out paper pay stubs. Simply plug all pertinent payment information into your payment system, press a button, and send the information to the appropriate person.

5. Saves Money

Paperwork is expensive. Not only do paper and ink cost money, the process of using them costs money as well. As they so often say, “time is money.” You don’t want to waste time and money printing out paper materials.

While switching over to an online payment system may be expensive in the short-run, it will pay itself off time and time again in the long-run.

This will serve to save your business quite a bit of money over time.

Make Payment Easy with Online Pay Stubs

Looking for information about online pay stubs? Perhaps you’re looking to download your own online payment system?

If so, we here at can help you.

Get started by checking out our blog!


5 Digital Marketing Apps All Marketers Should Download

September 15, 2017 - By 

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. As a marketer, it’s important to perpetually keep your finger on the pulse of these changes.

Managing all of these changes, and calculating necessary statistics to analyze them is not an easy task. You need all of the help you can get.

Fortunately, there are a number of digital marketing apps available for smartphone and computer use which can help you get the job done.

Here are 5 digital marketing apps that all marketers should download.

5 Digital Marketing Apps You Need to Check Out

1. Wistia

Wistia is a company that provides video hosting services for various businesses.

If you’re in digital marketing and make frequent use of video content (and you should be), the Wistia app is an invaluable resource for you.

Not only does it allow you to post a high number of quick and responsive videos, it also offers you some of the most in-depth video statistics available today.

Having these statistics on your side will enable you to deeply analyze your videos, helping you to decide which type of videos are effective and which types of videos are useless.

2. Keyword Explorer

Created by marketing analytics software company Moz, Keyword Explorer is very arguably the best keyword research app on the market today.

Entering a keyword phrase into the app will give you tons of information on everything from monthly traffic, to related keywords, to page ranking potential, and more.

It’s the most comprehensive keyword research tool you’re going to find.

3. Hotjar

One of the keys to digital marketing is knowing what your website visitors are interested in and clicking on. Knowing this information allows you to optimize your website and convert on as much traffic as possible.

Fortunately, the Hotjar app exists to tell you exactly where users are clicking on your website.

Providing everything from click heat maps, to information on which device was used to make the click, and more, it essentially allows you to get inside the minds of your users.

Digital marketers who understand their users are successful digital marketers. It’s that simple.

4. ScreamingFrog

A large part of high-quality digital marketing is auditing your website. At the very least, you should run an audit once a month. However, the more, the better.

Trying to audit your website without the use of any tools is a waste of time. There are tons of SEO auditing digital marketing apps available on the market today. One of the best is ScreamingFrog.

ScreamingFrog is capable of crawling the entire index of your website, finding components that aren’t optimized, and providing you with reports on what needs fixing.

It’s incredibly useful, and certainly beats just using your eyes.

5. BuzzSumo

Wouldn’t it be great to have an entire database of the most-shared online articles at your disposal? Well, with BuzzSumo, you can.

This useful app provides you with information on the most-shared articles over the previous 12 months. It tells you everything from how many times it was shared, to who wrote it, to who is connected to it, and more.

There’s no better way to keep tabs on trending articles.

Find Thousands of Downloads

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5 Downloadable Tutorials for Glass Blowing

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Glassblowing is a mysterious art. How can someone dip a pole in molten glass and form a blob into intricate art?

And yet, like most mysteries, the internet is rife with answers. You can find and download tutorials on pretty much any subject. Not all of them are free, though. But by taking an online tutorial you save a bundle on lessons.

Today we’re going to direct you to five of our favorite “downloadable” tutorials on glass blowing. Scroll down to see.

1. Downloadable Tutorials for Glass Blowing: Glasscraft’s Webinars

The idea of downloadable tutorials is a thing of the past. Why? Video streaming.

There once was a time when you had to download every video you wanted to watch. The internet wasn’t fast enough for streaming video.

Now, not only can we watch videos without downloading, we can participate in live video classes called webinars. And Glasscraft’s webinars are probably the best you’ll find on the internet.

2. Bernard Katz Glass Videos

If you’re a world renowned artist do you share your knowledge or horde it? Bernard Katz chose the former and you can learn from him on his website.

Learn about everything from necking (not that thing you did in high school) to blocking and papering hot glass. He even includes a video about dipping a potato in glass.

This man does some pretty amazing stuff.

3. Matt Baker Makes a Pipe

Glass art doesn’t necessarily have to be blown from a metal tube. You can set up a lampworking station at home if you have the space.

Matt Baker shows you how to make a simple glass pipe not unlike what you can find at Brothers with Glass. And he only uses a lampworking setup and a glass tube.

It’s a simple process that requires pulling a glass tube in two directions over a lampworking flame. If you have the materials and the station, you can quickly learn to make your own tobacco pipe.

4. Getting Back to the Basics with the Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center

If you’ve never glass blown before and want to learn a thing or two before heading to your local studio, then check out the Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center. Their goal is to spread basic glass blowing knowledge and teach you how to create scientific glass equipment.

The site includes 17 written tutorials for the aspiring glass guru. You’ll find everything here from terminology to glass silvering.

5. Howcast’s Glassblowing Videos

After you’ve reviewed Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center’s information, jet on over to Howcast’s glass blowing page. You’ll find 35 videos in their beginner’s guide.

You’ll learn about the tools. You’ll learn about finding your first glassblowing classes. And Howcast guides you through some of the more important details including how to safely dress for a glass blowing class.

Conclusion: Soon You’ll Be a Pro

Glassblowing is a beautiful hobby. And not many people know how to work with glass.

If you prepare yourself ahead of attending a physical class with downloadable tutorials, you’ll quickly learn the skills and soon make glass art of your own.

If you need content for your new glass blowing blog (which you’ll soon be writing), check out our content pack.


5 Cool Photo Apps You Should Download for Your iPhone

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photo apps

If you have an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with the fact that these little devices can take a better picture than many digital cameras on the market today.

That might be because an 800-person Apple team is dedicated solely to making the iPhone camera work as great as possible.

Want to expand on this functionality? Try downloading some photo apps that can turn your photos into spectacular captures of some of your favorite moments.

Today, we’re breaking down five of our favorite apps designed just for this purpose.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!


Pronounced “Visco,” VSCO is one of the top photo apps, featuring a range of gorgeous filters and editing options — for free.

Users will also get access to the app’s built-in camera, which boasts a slew of impressive manual controls.

2. Manual

Love your iPhone but miss the way your manual camera worked? If so, Manual is the ideal alternative.

Designed to mimic much of a manual camera’s controls, this $3.99 app allows users to adjust shutter speed, ISO settings, white balance, focus, and more.

Editors will appreciate that you can save in a variety of formats, including JPEG, RAW format, or both. If you opt for RAW, you’ll skip the compression and enable easier edits.

3. Camera+

Another one of the best photo apps, Camera+ offers many of the same features as the Manual app after many tweaks and changes by the development team.

Two standout features of this $2.99 app? You can set the focus and exposure separately, and can also play around with shutter speed and ISO to get the exact image you want.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the app’s 30-second timer (a generous time frame compared to most apps), and get in front of the camera yourself!

4. ProCamera

Optimized for iOS 10, ProCamera is one of those apps that’s perfect for any occasion.

You can set your exposure time, degree of tint, and ISO sensitivity with the press of a button. Nighttime event? Don’t sweat it! With the $5 app’s built-in night camera, you’ll never miss a beat.

With more than 70 filters and full-resolution photo previews, you’ll never want to exit this app, especially when you see its impressively sleek and minimal interface.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Ask any professional photographer which program he or she uses to make pictures look so impressive, and chances are the word “Photoshop” will be used.

Now, the photo editing giant has taken its desktop software game to the handheld market. Adobe Photoshop Express lets you access many of its popular features, such as layers, adjustments, and selections from the convenience of your iPhone.

In the mood to make something special with your pictures, like a woven photo blanket from The Memories Place? Create a mock-up of your design with the app. You can even add text and blend images for extra pizazz!

Photo Apps and More: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking for information on photo apps or want to access the latest data on music, movies, and more, we’re here for you.

Our online database is chock-full of relevant, timely, and interesting insights. Feel free to browse our selection today!


5 Creative Digital Brochures You Can Download Now

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digital brochures

In the modern world of marketing, it’s important to get creative. You need to stand out from the competition to get the attention of customers!

One way to get that recognition is with digital brochures. This modern way to show off your products or services is unique and memorable. Fortunately, it’s also easy and inexpensive.

Lucidpress offers some excellent brochure templates that let you present your business in a fun, interesting way. These creative brochure designs are easy to download and customize to meet your needs.

We’ve chosen 5 of their most creative designs available for you to use. Check out what you can do with these amazing brochure designs, and get creative with your marketing today!

5 Lucidpress Digital Brochures to Download Today

1. Keynote Brochure

With a clean, minimalist design, this brochure is perfect when you want to highlight simplicity.

Having a streamlined, simple design is a benefit to many modern businesses. If you’re an orthodontic company selling Invisalign, your brochure can be a visual reminder of how easy this fix is. If you’re marketing wedding planning services, a streamlined brochure helps show that you are here to make the day go smoothly.

The Keynote design is a great way to use beautiful images and simple text to show how you will make your customers’ lives easier.

2. Passport Brochure

If you’re in a creative industry that caters to an adventurous crowd, this travel-themed brochure is the way to go.

A fun design that showcases visual images, the Passport brochure is an obvious choice for a travel company. However, it can also be good for anything from a dating consultant service to a clothing company for a modern young customer.

3. Melody CD Booklet Brochure

For an extra creative twist, use a CD booklet design to make your brochure.

This fits perfectly with an artistic business related to music or other creative endeavors. Customers are sure to remember a brochure that reminds them of a CD – this is a great choice for the millennial crowd.

4. Lavender Cafe Brochure

This aesthetically pleasing brochure design features lavender as the central color, giving it a relaxing feel.

Although the design is perfect for cafes and restaurants, it will also work well with a spa or massage company, a clothing line, or any other company that needs a visually pleasing, soft design.

5. Redwood Coast Brochure

Use this photo-heavy design to creatively show the perfect visuals for your company.

Maybe you’re a wedding photographer, travel planner, or own a restaurant. Anytime beautiful company images are available, it’s helpful to show as many as possible. The mosaic-like layout of pictures in this brochure is the perfect way to show off your amazing visuals.

A few small text blocks let you add the information you need, without taking away from the visual design. Use the images to tell a story, immersing your customers in the experience you can provide.

Design a Great Brochure Today

Digital brochures are a great way to showcase what your company can do at a quick glance.

Choose the right brochure template, and it’s easy to showcase your company in a creative way that will get the attention of customers. With great images and some well-crafted text, you can stand out from the industry competition.

Need to add more to your digital brochure design? We can help you get what you need, from logos to graphics – check out what we have to offer here.


5 Hemp Cook Books to Download in 2017

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hemp cook books

With marijuana legalization spreading to more states every year and public support for legalization at an all-time high, the plant’s role in our culture is changing.

While marijuana may still be a federally controlled substance, it is hardly the taboo it once was.

Many people are starting to rethink cannabis, and are finding new uses for it all the time. For example, many people are looking to add hemp to their diets. Hemp is rich in protein, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.

If you want to get in on the cannabis culinary action, here are the five hemp cook books to download.

1. Superfood Lover’s Hemp Cookbook by Andrea Silver

If your interest in hemp is mostly a nutritional one, this book is a must-buy.

Unlike some other hemp cook books, Silver’s book focuses in on preparing hemp in such a way that no THC will make it into your system. This book’s purposes are purely nutritional rather than recreational.

This book is part four in the author’s series of superfood cook books. She teaches you how to use hemp flour, healthy hemp oil, and hemp seeds to make delicious foods that are just as tasty as they are healthy.

2. The Official High Times Cookbook

If your culinary aspirations are a little more recreational, look no further than this compilation from the editors of High Times magazine.

High Times has long been the most trusted voice in marijuana culture. So when they write a hemp cook book, you already know what to expect: hundreds of marijuana recipes that mix delicious cuisine with a good high.

This cook book features recipes inspired by famous stoners like Snoop Dog, Cheech and Chong, and Willie Nelson.

It’s not just pot brownies, though. From appetizers to elegant pasta, this cook book has it all.

3. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis by Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf

If you really want to impress your stoner friends, Herb is the book for you.

This book features over 200 pages of detailed recipes and beautiful illustrations that don’t just use hemp as a means to a buzz, but utilizes its unique taste profile as well.

It also includes instructions to use sophisticated culinary techniques to create cannabis infusions and reductions that are as tasty as they are educational.

4. The Baked Buddha by Darren Ma

Cannabis has a wide cultural influence. So why should a hemp cook book limit itself?

The Baked Buddha combines culinary cannabis with Asian cuisine. Make marijuana infused beef noodle soup, ramens, laksas, and much more.

That makes this the perfect companion for the cosmopolitan stoner.

5. The Hemp Cookbook: From Seed to Shining Seed by Todd Dalato

Published in 1999, The Hemp Cookbook was the first hemp cook book on the market. It opened up the world to the culinary possibilities of hemp.

But even though it’s almost twenty years old, it’s still a masterpiece of hemp cooking.

Todd Dalato combines hemp with other delicious, nutritious ingredients to create astonishing meals.

Download These Hemp Cook Books Today

Whether you’re a hobbyist or if you have plans to open your own cannabis restaurant, hemp is a delicious, versatile ingredient with hundreds of culinary applications.

These cook books are just the tip of the ice berg.

To download cook books, manuals, and more, visit our database!


5 Things to Know Before Downloading Bitcoin Software

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bitcoin mining software

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we view many things. From entertainment consumption to public discourse, the web has connected the globe in a way that cannot be ignored.

But in addition to our entertainment, the net has also given way to a brand new form of exchange. Known as cryptocurrency, anyone can now create their own form of virtual currency.

From the meme-driven Dogecoin to Burger King’s Whoppercoin, it seems as if there’s a currency for everyone. Yet none have sustained the popularity of the original, Bitcoin.

Through a powerful Peer-to-Peer network, Bitcoin mining software has slowly taken over the web. Thanks to its low processing fees and relatively low mining cost, Bitcoins are more popular than ever.

But before you start mining, you’ll want to read our guide. Here are 5 things to know before downloading this software.

1. The Basics of Bitcoin Mining

So how does it work? In essence, the process is actually fairly simple, but be sure to consult Bitcoin’s guide. A user installs mining software on his or her computer and lets it run continuously.

As the software connects to other networks, each network connects back to a central network. So while there isn’t a central bank system for Bitcoin, all transactions are stored on the network.

The stronger the network, the more powerful the value of Bitcoin.

2. Not Everyone Accepts Bitcoin

One of the only downsides to paying with Bitcoin is that not every site accepts it. While lots of online sites such as Overstock and Dish accept it, it won’t replace your debit card anytime soon.

The good news is that sites all around the globe accept Bitcoin as payment. Furthermore, Bitcoin transactions are often faster than a PayPal transaction.

3. You’ll Need a Strong Power Supply

While it’s tempting to view Bitcoin as a way to make free money, that’s not quite the case. You’ll need a pretty powerful machine to mine Bitcoin. In fact, it requires so much power that many individuals rent out spaces and servers.

While the software itself is easy enough to run, processing power can be an issue. You’ll need a PC capable of long hours and tons of power consumption.

Check if your current computer is capable of running Bitcoin mining software on a regular basis.

4. The Bitcoin Market Fluctuates

The primary concern among Bitcoin miners is the temperament of the market. Bitcoin has a tendency to ebb and flow at a rate that “normal” currencies just don’t see.

If you choose to download Bitcoin mining software, expect to see the value drop and rise rapidly. Check the Bitcoin Market Journal for up-to-date info on the current Bitcoin rates.

5. Most Bitcoin Mining Software is Free

Now for a bit of good news. Aside from hardware, it costs virtually nothing to get started! You can download most software for free.

Take a few minutes to research the various types of software. While they all perform the same task, some work better on certain systems than others.

Download Bitcoin Guides

Despite its flaws, Bitcoin is still a tremendous force in the marketplace. Check out our selection of downloads to learn more about how you can start mining Bitcoin today! You’ll get great information from highly trusted sellers.

And don’t forget that we offer tons of other downloads. From movies to music to software, we have all the options you’ll need!


How Digital Products Are Changing Shopping Habits

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digital products

The Internet has changed the way the world operates. You can submit documents, meet people from other companies, and shop all at the click of a mouse.

The Internet is, quite literally, a boundless plane. There is no limit to the amount of information that it can store. As such, more and more consumers are going digital when shopping for a new product.

Digital shopping and digital products disrupted the traditional shopping model. And it goes beyond just “finding stuff quicker and cheaper.”

The Traditional Shopping Model

Prior to the dawn of digital products and digital shopping, consumers followed the following shopping model:

Recognizing a Need

Consumers realize they need something. Perhaps it’s winter clothes for their children, or maybe it’s the latest phone software. Regardless, they need to address this need.

Performing Research

Now that they acknowledge this need, consumers next research how to satisfy it. This step could be as simple as checking the sales portion of the newspaper.  It could be as difficult as reading up on car or computer mechanics.

Evaluating All Available Possibilities

Consumers compare and contrast potential solutions to their need. They weigh the pros and cons of each product. Typical pros and cons include cost, material, durability, color, size, and convenience.

Making a Purchase

When consumers reach a decision, they purchase the chosen product. They then incorporate the product into their daily lives to fulfill their need.

Evaluating the Product Post-Purchase

Does the product meet the need? If it does not, what aspect of the need doesn’t it meet and why?

Post-purchase, customers will examine whether or not the product truly meets the need. If it does not, they will determine why. They may even end up returning the product in exchange for a new product that suits the need better.

The Advantages of Digital Products

Digital products have affected virtually every step of this model for a variety of reasons. One reason relates to the products themselves and how they compare with their physical counterparts.


There is much to be said for the convenience of digital products. You can purchase them at any time instead of waiting for a store to open. You don’t have to drive anywhere, and you receive them instantly no matter when you purchase them.

Additionally, digital products are kept as a file on an electronic device. As such, you can take the file with you wherever you go. You can also back up these products in the event something happens to your electronic device so you don’t lose the files.


Physical products cost money to make. They require material to be produced as well as labor to assemble and ship them.

Digital products require none of that. They are simply information in digital form. As such, they are typically cheaper than their physical counterparts.


Physical products all take up space. If you’re an avid reader or a movie fan, sooner or later you’ll run out of shelf space for books and Blu Rays.

That isn’t the case with digital products. They take up a small amount of space on your computer, and they can be moved to external hard drives and other computers.

The Impact of Digital Products

Another reason why these products have interrupted the traditional sales model is how consumers now shop.

Digital products are sold via the Internet. As such, practically all information about them is found online. The same holds true for their physical counterparts.

As a result, consumers are now taking their research and evaluation tactics to the Internet.

Finding Information

Consumers are no longer content with simple box and tag descriptions. They prefer performing in-depth research about products before making any decisions.

One way they research is reading articles and product summaries. Amazon and other online sellers typically include detailed descriptions of their products. Articles contain such descriptions and sometimes even act as advertisements for products.

Reading Reviews and Blog Posts

Another way they research is reading reviews and blog posts about products. Reviews provide detailed evaluations of a product’s effectiveness or lack thereof. Amazon is particularly noted for the lengthy reviews section on its’ product listings.

Blog posts are also a go-to tool for today’s consumers. Like reviews, blog posts provide detailed accounts of one’s experience with a product. However, they are also likely to include information about competing products, sometimes even with a chart of the products’ features for easy comparison.

Watching Vlogs

The emergence of high-speed internet has allowed more access to video streaming. Video bloggers (“vloggers”) and YouTube personalities often make videos detailing their experiences with products.

In fact, sometimes companies will seek out these individuals and provide them with free demos in exchange for a video review.

Checking Out Social Media

Blogs, YouTube, and Amazon aren’t the only places where you can find information and reviews about products.

More than ever, consumers are relying on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for product information. Such platforms are associated with friends and family, so product information feels more casual and trustworthy.

In fact, consumers often glean inspiration from social media for future purchases.  Videos of new and exciting products circulate around Facebook like wildfire.  DIY remedies and gift ideas populate nearly every Pinterest search.

What’s more, social media platforms utilize algorithms. What you search on the sites determines the kind of paid advertising that pops up on your news feeds.

These sites will tell you they use algorithms to show you content you care about. Of course, the real motive is to show you content that contributors pay to have shown to you. Those contributors are businesses that want to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Algorithms are constantly changing based on a multitude of things, including the kind of content you click on, and how often you click on it.

Self-Driven Purchases

After all is said and done, the shopping model has evolved into a self-driven one. This model is inspired simply by the amount of time we spent on the Internet.

To keep up, businesses must understand and accept this new model. They also have to anticipate self-driven purchases in order to advertise effectively. If they don’t, they’ll get lost in an endless sea of digital information.

Are you an avid shopper of digital products? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below.


5 Free Baby Crochet Patterns You Should Download

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baby crochet patterns

If you love crocheting, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun of baby crochet patterns.

You don’t even need to spend money to try this fun crochet idea. There are some wonderful free patterns out there that you can download right at home.

Your baby will be warm and happy in these new crocheted items. Plus, you’ll love making adorable new things for the little one in your life.

Ready to try some baby crochet patterns? Try these downloadable patterns that are completely free.

5 Free Baby Crochet Patterns to Try

1. Coco Holly Doll

This beautiful doll is a fun challenge.

Designed by knit and crochet designer Annie Modesitt, this doll is actually a two-for-one. One one side is Holly, the down-to-earth natural girl. Flip the skirt and she transforms into Coco, the stylish social butterfly!

This is a creative way to use crochet to let you make a unique toy that’s unlike most dolls you can find at the store.

This doll also requires some knitting work. So, make sure you have the required experience before you download the pattern.

2. Berry Hat

Everyone loves a baby in a costume. Babies can be dressed up in all kinds of cute ways, but we love a dress-up piece that’s also functional, like this baby berry hat.

Depending on what color yarn you choose, you can make this fun hat into any berry you want. Try red yarn for a raspberry, or purple for a blackberry. You can also get creative and try an unexpected mix of colors.

3. Rainbow Booties

Put all the colors of the rainbow on the little one with these cute baby booties.

This easy crochet pattern doesn’t take much time to complete, but looks exciting thanks to all of the colors.

Change the size of the hook you use to make booties of a different size. You can fit babies, newborns, or even small toddlers using this technique.

Adding a pair of laces at the front ensures the booties stay on.

4. Tiny Toy Cars

For a toy that’s perfectly portable, try making a tiny crochet car.

These little vehicles are great for gifts and easy to take anywhere. This makes them great for keeping a fussy baby entertained. You can personalize these cute automobiles with colors and unique touches.

5. Fluffy Blanket

Baby blankets often become so sentimental that some parents keep their child’s for years. A handmade crochet baby blanket will also likely be held onto by your child, too. In fact, you might find the same blanket on a single bed in the child’s room years later.

A striped, fluffy blanket can be made unique with different color combinations. This makes it the perfect blanket for any baby.

Ready to Crochet?

There are countless baby crochet patterns out there – these are just some of the best.

If you’re not very experienced with crochet yet, don’t worry. We have plenty of information to help you get started!

With these fun patterns, you can make unique and creative baby gifts anytime you need them.



The 5 Best Motivational Cards You Can Download

August 21, 2017 - By 

No matter who you are, everybody needs a little motivation once in a while. There are periods in every man’s and every woman’s life when they get a little down, a little moody, and start feeling just a little bit glum and uninspired.

If one of your friends or family is feeling down there’s a way to help. Send them a motivational card that will get them counting their blessings and looking forward to what will come next in their life.

This article will list five of the best motivational cards that you can send to your struggling loved ones who need a little pickup. Each of these cards can be downloaded directly to your computer, so you can easily email the card, or print it off and mail it (or even deliver in person).

1. The Best is Yet to Come

This minimal motivational card delivers a short and sweet message: the best is yet to come.

Sometimes, one goes through a phase where they feel like things simply aren’t going according to plan. They feel worried about the future and wonder whether the situation they’re in will stay unfavorable.

At these times, a reminder that there’s still hope for the future can be a great pick-me-up.

Download the card here.

2. Impossible Until Done

This motivational card has another very important message: it only seems impossible until it is done. This message is a quote by Nelson Mandela, one of the most revered figures in African history.

This card is perfect for when someone faces a difficult task that they may initially think insurmountable. It serves as a great reminder of the fact that if you really set your mind on something and put in the work, nothing is impossible.

Download the card here.

3. Best Days

This is one of my favorite motivational cards. The card is a quote by Anne Frank, which reads, “What a wonderful thought that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”

This is another reminder for those feeling despondent about their current situation that the future is always bright.

Download the card here.

4. The Past is a Lesson

I believe that the idea behind this item is probably the most important of all the motivational cards. It says that “The past is nothing but a lesson on how to be more successful in the future.”

This card will really speak to anyone who feels that they may have made a mistake or failed at something recently. It will remind them that past failures are merely stepping stones to success.

Download the card here.

5. Rise Up & Attack

Finally, there’s this card which says, “Rise up & attack the day with enthusiasm.”

It’s a simple reminder to carpe diem—seize the day. Life truly is a beautiful thing that’s meant to be grasped with both hands and enjoyed. Remembering that can go a long way towards bringing some inspiration into a depressed life.

Download the card here.

You can find more kinds of digital downloads at the following link, including cards with compassion USA.

Which of these Motivational Cards is Your Favorite?

Now that you have a good overview of five of the best motivational cards out there, pick your favorite one, download it, and send it to your loved one ASAP. You never know but your card may arrive right when someone is feeling down and needs it most!


How to Download Logo Graphics for Your Brand Strategy

August 18, 2017 - By 

What do all the successful multi-million dollar companies have in common? They’ve all chosen the perfect graphics to use for their logos.

The big brands know that choosing the right representation for their business is an important key to a successful branding strategy.

Choosing the right graphics can be the difference between making a brand widely recognizable or easily forgettable. Here are some tips on downloading a graphic that brings out the best in any company:

Why Logos are Important in Brand Strategy

It’s difficult for people anywhere to walk pass a Nike sneaker or poster and not immediately recognize the company.

This is a prime example of a large business that has built a brand, even a culture, around a very simple yet powerful logo design.

The logo graphics that a company chooses is the face of their brand. The logo’s main purpose is to make a strong statement that attracts its target audience.

Choosing a logo graphic that is confusing to consumers or one that is difficult for others to relate to can cause people to overlook a company.

Studies have shown that images and colors can affect people’s moods and behaviors. It’s important that brands take the interests and thought processes of their target audiences into consideration.

Summarize the Brand

Figuring out a brand’s identity or a company’s primary mission can help with choosing the right logo.

No need to overthink choosing graphics. A good place to start would be looking at symbols specific to the company’s industry or name. For instance, an education logo might include books, school houses or child toys.

The company’s name might include a hint for what to include in the logo, such as a certain animal or object.

However, not all logo graphics are directly related to the company’s name. A brand can make their logo more unique by creating a customized graphic. There are many programs that allow companies to build and download diy online logos quickly and easily.

Choosing the Right Logo Graphics

Now that there’s an idea of what the logo will look like, it’s time to actually start narrowing down graphics.

The internet is the perfect place to find logo graphics for any business, especially if time is an issue or there’s no extra money to hire a graphic designer.

Businesses can gain access to easy graphic design software with just a little research and patience. A lot of the software is free, high-quality and fairly user-friendly. Be sure to pay attention to which computer systems the programs run best on (Apple or PC).

After downloading the software or finding an online program, search for specific images. Download and save the files that fit best with the brand’s strategic goals.

Narrow down the pile of graphics to choose the perfect one for your business.

Building the Brand

A logo may not be the entire company but it is an important factor in building the brand of a business and attracting customers.

A brand can get left behind by not choosing the logo graphic that best fits the aim of the business.

No need to waste time on finding logo graphics that can take the business to the next level. Use digital downloads via online logo and graphic design programs.

Start building a better brand today!


The Best eBook Readers on the Market

May 23, 2017 - By 

Prefer to read books on the screen rather than by the page? Tired of all the clutter that comes with once-read books? Looking to streamline your reading routine?

30% of readers read from eBook reader last year, and if you’ve never tried them out for yourself, now might be the time!

The unique and attractive benefits of this cutting-edge technology include:

  • Portability. Rather than crammed bookshelves, thousands of titles can fit within one device
  • Environmental benefits. Less paper and packaging costs.
  • Instant downloading, rather than searching for it in the bookstore or waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
  • On-demand entertainment and convenience. Whether it’s learning how to level up your blog or repair your Yamaha WaveRunner XLT1200 Jet Ski, ebook Readers allow you to access infinite information from your fingertips.

Yet, with so many models on the market, it may feel overwhelming to find the right eBook reader for you. Luckily, we’ve done the research, and have come up with the ultimate list for you!

Let’s dig in!

The Hottest E-Book Readers on the Market

Best in Price

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Retails for $99.99

Why we love it

  • At $99.99, it’s one of the most affordable eBook readers on the market
  • Single charge lasts from 6-8 weeks
  • Can hold it comfortably with just one hand
  • Comfortable and appropriate lighting for a variety of settings
  • Includes Smart Lookup, which provides dictionary access and Wikipedia for increased learning
  • Available for free, 2-day shipping if you already have Amazon Prime
  • Access to the Kindle store

Best Large Screen

Kobo Aura One

Retails for $229.99

Why we love it:

  • Waterproof from the inside out, because who doesn’t love reading in the bathtub or poolside?
  • Seamless integration with your local, public library
  • Up to 1-month battery life
  • Can store up to 6,000 ebooks
  • Premium large screen with adaptability for large text
  • Access to Kobo marketplace and variety of accessories
  • Connects with Wifi/3G

Best Premium eBook Reader

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Retails for $289.99

Why we love it:

  • Lightest Kindle market on the market. 30% thinner than the rest. This means more comfortable reading for you. It also means taking up less space in your bag or suitcase,
  • Crafted technology designed to “rest” in your hand like a book. Suitable for one-handed reading (who doesn’t want that?)
  • Built-in light features 60% increased LED compared to other Kindle models
  • Automatically charges when cover is snapped on (no pesky cords)
  • Premium leather charging case included in price
  • Can connect with WIFI or 3G

Best Compatibility Features

Nook Glowlight Plus

Retails for $99.99

Why we love it:

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Naturally adjustable lighting that’s evenly dispersed
  • Six-week battery from a single charge
  • Seamlessly integrates with all devices
  • Supports local library access and borrowing
  • Free lifetime in-store Barnes & Noble customer support

Best for Sensitive Eyes

Kobo Aura H20

Retails for $159.99

Why we love it:

  • Extra-large no-glare touchscreen designed to look like actual paper print
  • ComfortLight directs the light on the page- rather than your eyes
  • High-definition quality
  • Waterproof and dustproof (drying cloth included!)
  • Options to customize- 24 font sizes, 11 font types, adjustable margins, ability to highlight, jot down notes, and its own dictionary

When Should You Consider a Tablet?

Interested in streamlining your book library while also being able to surf the Internet, take photos, or email?

Looking for something portable and accessible (and bigger than just a cell phone?)

If so, tablets might be for you. In addition to providing reader capabilities, they also allow for various other tasks, such as playing games, email, phone calls, social media, etc.

These can be excellent tools in the workplace or school. They also make for great sources of knowledge and entertainment for people of all ages.

But, with so many models on the market, it can feel tough to narrow down your choices. We’ve done the hard work for you. We recommend you consider checking out the following models:

Best in Price

Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa

Retails for: $64.99

Why we love it:

  • At $64.99, it’s one of the most affordable and effective, all-inclusive tablets on the market
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Stunning HD display with clear resolution and fantastic lighting
  • Alexa integration: can ask questions, get up-to-date news, and control your home with a simple request

Best for Apple Fanatics

Apple iPad

Retails for $329+

Why we love it:

  • Seamless integration with your other Apple products and tools (Macbook, iPhone, iCloud)
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • HD camera
  • Over 1 million apps available (through Apple app store)
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Variety of fonts, texts, and colors
  • Can be covered under AppleCare for additional cost

Best for Kids

Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Retails for $99.99

Why we love it:

  • Includes 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (excellent educational tools and games for children)
  • Attractive, sturdy case included with price
  • 2-year warranty guarantee. Perfect for clumsy kids
  • Unlimited access to kid-friendly books (promotes fun in learning)
  • Parental controls for monitoring
  • Makes for a great gift for the child in your life

Narrowing down Your Decision?

Some points to consider:

  • Where do you do most of your reading? If you’re a bathtub, poolside, or beach reader, we highly recommend waterproof models!
  • Does weight matter? Do you want it to “feel” like an actual book (lightweight and easy to flip through) or do you mind if it feels more like a screen?
  • Do you want a device that can “do it all?” If so, we highly recommend looking into tablets, as they provide tremendous bang for your buck.
  • What’s your budget? Technology prices can dramatically vary. An effective eBook reader can range from $60 to upwards of $400.

How to Take Advantage of Your Ebook Reader

Did you know that these powerful devices can be used for so much more than just books?

At Pligg, our extensive library offers everything from repair manuals to documents to software to music- all downloadable, all instantaneous, and all right to your streaming device.

We are constantly adding new content. In our database, we pride ourselves in featuring whatever is hot on the market, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide a totally customized experience for you.


Get Bigger Sales Using Auction Templates

May 10, 2017 - By 
auction templates

Selling on auction sites like eBay, GunBroker, Bid4Assets and other online auction marketplaces that support HTML has always been a gamble.

Luckily, you can improve your product listings by getting free auction templates to boost your sales.

An auction template is usually a great option if you are not adept at writing your own, or you simply have no time. The good thing is that you can customize the template to give your own personality to your pages.

Here are some of the benefits your online store can enjoy from using auction templates.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Easy to use

Most templates are usually easy to implement to your product listings. They come with sections for adding your text so you can add your product titles and descriptions easily. This is where you want your target keywords to appear.

If you understand coding, templates offer an easy way to give your listings a look and feel you desire. Some systems only need you to enter the product details and then pick a template that suits you.

Moreover, most usually come with directions and documentation on how to install and modify the theme.

2. Listing design

With a template, you can create sections that you want to put content for potential customers to see. A template can have 6 to 12 sections for auction title, feature image, product description, payment details, business logo, shipping details and much more.

Ensure the layout is done correctly while giving emphasis to the most important details first. Don’t forget to add your business logo to give your listing a professional feel.

Create engaging taglines, titles, and call to actions that will prompt your customers to buy or contact you.

3. Save time

Auction templates allow you to focus on improving your sales instead of creating your own templates.

The benefit of using free options is that you can make profiles within your system to make the creation of an auction fast.

A good system that offers built-in image hosting allows you to upload images in bulk and store them for later use.

This whole process makes running your online store more convenient as you are able to focus on things that matter.

4. Promote other auctions

Another great feature that you can benefit from using templates is the cross promotion.

One way you can do this is by adding a cross-gallery in your successful auctions. This way, you are able to drive traffic to other auctions and improve your conversion rates.

When adding auctions to the gallery, ensure they are all optimized and the message they’re passing is clear.

The bottom line

Using free auction templates can help to improve your conversion rates which result in increased sales.

Take the time to design and personalize the layout if you want a different look for every product you sell. Manipulate the colors, font sizes, and shades until you get something that fits your product.

Before optimizing your auction listings, make sure you research and pick the right keywords that customer use to find the products.

Take ample time and work through every step.


5 Benefits of E-Books That Make Them Perfect For Students

April 17, 2017 - By 
benefits of e-books

While e-reader sales are slowing down, this doesn’t mean this is true for e-books.

Only 19% of adults own an e-reader right now, while this number was at a full 32% in early 2014.

But e-book sales, in the meantime, have been on a steady rise since 2008.

What is accounting for this odd paradox? Tablet and smartphone usage and sales.

People are reading more and more on their tablets and smartphones. Which means that e-books have just found a different screen on which to live.

But what does this mean for students?

Students have been taking advantage of the e-book revolution from the start. And so have textbook companies.

A lot of students will still buy a physical textbook, but a lot of textbooks now come with a digital copy as well.

But what are the benefits of e-books for students? Let’s study and find out.

1. One Of The Benefits Of E-Books: Leave The Textbook In The Dorm

Physical textbooks still haven’t been eclipsed by e-books. And for good reason.

Our brains use the location in a physical book to help us remember information.

It might be part of our proprioception or some long-established habit we’ve formed since the invention of the printing press.

This doesn’t mean that physical textbooks are better for a student than their e-book counterparts.

In fact, they are both useful tools.

A student doesn’t need to lug their physical textbook to class when they have an e-book on their tablet, computer, or e-reader.

This does two things, saves their backs and gives them ample space to take notes without resorting to pen and paper.

Each textbook weighs between 2 and 7 pounds. If you’re taking a full course load of 12 hours, that’s 3-6 textbooks you’re lugging around every day.

And most student backpacks aren’t designed to carry that weight without hurting the wearer’s back.

Consider the weight of a tablet in comparison. Under 2 lbs.

One of the benefits of e-books: you could carry hundreds of textbooks on a tablet computer or an e-reader.

2. Benefits Of e-Books: Students Don’t Miss Out On Learning Due To Logistics Problems Or TextBooks Out Of Stock

Did you ever have to share a book in high school or college with your neighbor?

It’s utterly distracting having to sit inches away from your class partner. And if they are someone who doesn’t like you, they may just hog the book and you’re stuck with nothing.

The shipping system isn’t perfect.

While Amazon promises two-day shipping on a lot of items, and big data and machine learning are making logistics more and more efficient by the day. We still do

We still do not have a perfect shipping system.

So, when students and university bookstores rely on an imperfect shipping system, only students lose out in the long run.

One of the benefits of e-books is the ability to avoid this problem.

You can download the book as soon as you get your syllabus and your funding.

No more sitting down in class being utterly embarrassed that you don’t have your textbook.

No more sharing with the person next to you and watching their begrudging looks.

e-Books are kept on a server. And as long as the server is running, e-books will always be in stock.

3. e-Books Are Connected To The Internet

If you’ve become accustomed to reading on an e-reader or tablet, you probably automatically hold down on a difficult word to find out what it means.

Hilariously, some of us have even forgotten this isn’t possible on a physical page.

But this highlights the effectiveness and ease by which we get extra information beyond an e-book through an e-book.

That’s right. An e-book is more than a book. It’s a portal to other sources of information.

If a textbook cites a source and that source is online, the author can include a hyperlink.

Especially with e-books on tablets on laptops, this is one of the major benefits of e-books as textbooks.

We don’t need to be bound to the book itself. Most if not all academic material is found in previous research or study. And we use those sources to prove and test theories and other academic knowledge.

If we can link to these authoritative sources, we can learn more and judge the text of the book better.

And this is utterly useful for students as well as professors.

4. Students With Vision Impairment Can Benefit

For the longest time, large print books were a burden for students with vision impairment.

If you can imagine, textbooks already weigh a ton. And if you increase the font size, the size of the book goes up.

But one of the benefits of e-books is the ability to change font size.

You are not longer stuck with 12pt font. If you have troubling making out the words on the page, you simply zoom in.

It’s really that simple.

And you no longer have to rely on the insanely massive books that were large print.

5. The Benefits Of e-Books: No More Costly CD or DVDs

It used to be that if a textbook company wanted to add any extra material to the book, they would load it onto a CD or DVD and paste the plastic container inside the book cover.

This is no longer the case.

All they have to do now is include it with the e-book file or link out to a server and give a password.

This opens up boundless opportunity for textbook companies to supplement material.

They can add 3-D models of the human body in anatomy textbooks. Videos of instruction for pretty much any topic.

And with the invention of virtual reality, who knows what we’ll be doing with e-books in the future.

Maybe we’ll be reading our history textbooks while simultaneously walking through the streets of Ancient Rome.

The benefits of e-books have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for students.

e-Books Aren’t Going Away

We’ve not seen a waning in e-book sales since their advent. And we don’t expect this to change.

People haven’t stopped reading. And students will always need the benefits of e-books.

If you’re looking to buy some e-books, check out our massive library.


The Top 10 Music Trends Changing The Industry This Year

March 22, 2017 - By 
music trends

The U.S. music industry was said to be worth $15.5 billion in 2016. But given that we’re living in a technological world where geography plays a smaller part, globally, it’s closer to $43 billion.

The music industry was caught napping a few years back; music streaming was beginning to take-off, but the industry’s big hitters ignored it.

Right up until it affected their sales numbers.

It’s doubtful they’ll be as complacent with the next big music trends; check out ten of them here.

Music Trends

1) Music Streaming

In 2016, music streaming became the industry’s biggest source of income; revenue from streaming grew by 57% in the first half of the year.

We’ve all heard of the likes of Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Google Play Music, but when the likes of Amazon join in, you know that the music industry must be sitting up and taking notes.

Even iTunes (that has a 64% share of the U.S. digital music market) must be re-evaluating their business plan.

2) Virtual Reality

A bit more of slow-burner, Virtual Reality won’t be the biggest of the music trends this year, but it’s certainly on the way up.

Market experts say that the VR music market could be worth as much as $30 billion by the year 2020, but that encompasses more than just music (think merchandising and the like).

Artists such as Bjork, Paul McCartney, U2, Coldplay, and Deadmau5 have already experimented with Virtual Reality systems with great results; whether that’s with an immersive video or at a live concert.

3) Artistic Holograms

Sadly, 2016 was a bad year for the music industry, we lost such greats as David Bowie, George Michael, Leonard Cohen and Prince (among much more).

But technology could mean that we see them making one-off appearances at special gigs in the form of a hologram.

Even as far back as 2012, Tupac was appearing ‘on-stage’ with Snoop and Dre, and in Japan, they already have a totally holographic pop star; the ’16-year-old’ Hatsune Miku.

4) Social Media

Social media is taking over the planet right now.

Along with the big guns, it seems that not a day goes by without another startup claiming to be the next Facebook (and hoping to emulate their success).

But with instant gratification in the form of likes, comments, and shares, it’s no wonder that b(r)ands are using social media as a way of communicating directly with their fans.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Massachusetts or Mumbai, you can keep up to date with all things relating to Taylor Swift or Metallica.

5) Different Release

Has downloading or streaming had its day?

Not quite (see point 1), but the way that artists are releasing new music is changing; the ‘unexpected album drop’ is here.

We’ve seen bands like U2 release direct to fans, but as with any business, finding a new way of doing something to add that all-important USP is crucial to success.

Take Beatie Wolfe for instance; the London, UK, based artist recently released a musical jacket as a way of getting her music out there.

She’s also done a full album on a series of digital interactive cards.

6) Artificial Intelligence

Heading into a music studio and ‘cutting’ a record is so old hat.

Why not just tell your computer the type of tune and how you’re feeling and let it do the work?

While still in the early stages, there is no doubt that AI will find its place within the music trends for this coming year.

OK, it may not be able to write a classic (excuse me Mr. Lennon – I am the Walrus?), but the type of music will definitely have its place – think of royalty free music.

7) Political

Let’s just get it out there … we have no political leanings whatsoever, this is merely a comment on trends in the music industry.

2017 has seen a rise in political songwriting; people wanting to comment on today’s society, the political landscape and whoever may be in power.

Truthfully, we don’t think it matters who is in the hot seat, but we’re heading back to an era of musicians using their following to deliver a message.

8) Vinyl

Vinyl sales are booming; 2015 saw the highest record of vinyl sold since 1988, while CD sales were down 17%.

That growth is happening year on year, as hipsters are trying new ways of out-cooling the cool people.

It’s no longer about clean, crisp sound, people actually want the hiss, scratch, and warmth of vinyl.

Having said that, we’re still waiting for traditional record players to make a resurgence.

9) Algorithms

Nearly every piece of tech is driven by algorithms, why should the music business be any different?

Not to be confused with Artificial Intelligence, an algorithm can be used to actually make music along with recognizing the types of music you want and recognizing you.

As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent, algorithms will be used to recognize you as you approach billboards, advertising hoardings or even your favorite store.

It will play you music based on your mood or even body language; it will quite literally be tailored for you.

10) Live Music

We love technology, it enables you to be reading this right now, or to carry around thousands of tracks in our pocket, either on our cell or MP3 / 4 players.

But is there really anything that will replace live music, now or in future?

Sure, being able to choose your music depending on mood or taste for the day is great, but no matter how good technology gets, it will never be able to recreate the atmosphere of a gig.

It won’t get you drunk, shove you in the mosh pit or leave you with the ‘super fan’ that you bumped into while in the line waiting for the restroom.

Live music is here to stay, it’s more than a trend, it’s a movement.

Here at Pligg, we have a whole world of knowledge at your fingertips, from music trends to making apps.

Be sure to check back regularly for updated content.

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