How to Build A Mobile App For Fitness

The mobile app marketing is one of the largest markets in all of tech, generating billions of dollars each year.

Of course, part of a successful app creation strategy requires you and your team to focus on a popular market.

And perhaps no market is quite as in-demand as the fitness industry. Thanks to wearable tech like the Fitbit, people love combining their love of technology with their desire for a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a mobile app for fitness is a great idea, but how can you create an app that has both staying power and popularity?

Read on for a brief list of tips to help you create a great mobile app for fitness.

Determine Your Market

The first step to creating a revolutionary fitness app is to determine your app’s intended audience. There are millions of apps downloaded on digital marketplaces each day. It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Therefore, the more targeted your fitness app, the better.

What kind of audience are you looking to attract? Casual fitness lovers? Yoga experts? New runners?

The fitness world itself is quite splintered, but this is to your advantage.

Your app doesn’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, it just needs to serve your audience well. Find your audience, then create your app with them in mind.

Focus on Your User Interface

The core of an app’s staying power comes from functionality and usability. Customers will typically forgive a lackluster app as long as it looks nice and is easy to navigate around.

So how can you create a great, user-friendly UI?

First, make sure your app isn’t too cluttered. If it’s too busy, it may overwhelm your user. Try and keep things simple and concise.

Next, include easy to find search and help functions. It’s likely that someone, somewhere will encounter a problem. Give them the resources needed to find what they’re looking for or let them get in touch with the dev team if a problem is new.

Beat Strong Fitness & Nutrition is a great example of a simple, easy to use design. Everything you need to know about the business is presented front and center for the user, including information about the company and contact info.

Break Your App

Before we continue, no, we don’t literally mean break and delete your app.

In this instance, breaking is a synonym for stress-testing the app before releasing it to the public.

When you think your app is perfect, enlist the help of some family and friends. Let them mess around with the app and get feedback.

Encourage them to test every button and interact with your app in every way possible.

Believe it or not, finding bugs is a good thing. It lets you know what kinks still need to be ironed out before release. Just allow enough time to fix any errors you or your testers find.

Change The World With Your Mobile App For Fitness

Creating a great fitness app is going to take plenty of time and effort. Remember to test for bugs, create a simple UI, and always design with your audience in mind.

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