What are the Best Travel Apps for iPhone Users?

In this modern day and age, it seems like there is an app for everything. With the travel app market being so saturated, it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack when trying to find an app that is genuinely useful.

From finding the best flight deals and rooming options to language translation and expense trackers, there is no shortage of apps designed to help the tech-savvy traveler.

To get the most out of a traveling experience, consider downloading these apps. Here are the best travel apps for iPhone users.

Google Flights

Google has its own flight finder and price tracking service called Google Flights. This app compares prices across thousands of flights from different flag carriers, budget airlines, and charter flights to find the best price.

The app has a large variety of search filter options. Some of the options include: searching for flights by date, departure, destination airports, and more. Google Flights also has a price prediction feature, which alerts the traveler to price changes.


Hopper has won many awards, including Apple App Store’s Best of 2015 list and the 2016 Google Play Award winner. Hopper is one of the best travel apps for iPhone for the prospective traveler to download when searching for cheap flights.

On the app, the prospective traveler can look at the cheapest dates to fly on a month view calendar. One of the best things about Hopper is that the app will send you notifications alerting the traveler when to buy tickets.


Planning ahead is one of the best things to do to ensure a trip will go smoothly. Making a checklist of everything one may need to pack is very useful. PackPoint is an app that makes that checklist for you.

PackPoint analyzes the weather forecast and has an option for the traveler to select activities they may do during the trip. Based on all of this information, the app will offer up a list of items that should be packed based on these activities.


There are many travel apps and websites out there that can help a traveler find the best hoteles ofertas (hotel offers) for their travel plans.

However, sometimes the unexpected can occur. When accommodation plans fall through, the Roomer app can be a lifesaver.

Roomer is a marketplace app that allows users to book last minute hotel rooms at discounts. These rooms become available when other Roomer users have to cancel their trips.

Alternatively, if a user is stuck with a hotel reservation they can’t use, they can also sell it to other users on Roomer. This can be rather handy when trying to avoid cancellation fees.


Duolingo, an incredibly well-designed language learning app has over 70 million users. Although this app is not a replacement for proper language education, the app is a fun way to learn the basics of any language before a trip abroad.

The app functions like a computer game and guides a user through levels that need to be completed before advancing to the next stage.

Learning the basic vocabulary and grammar allows the traveler to be able to navigate the country better and gain more insights into the local destination.

Ready To Download the Best Travel Apps for iPhone?

There are many travel apps out there to make a traveler’s life much easier before embarking on a new adventure.

Digital downloads are the key to the future, and any prospective traveler would be wise to stay up to the date with the newest app tools to help them navigate the world.

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