The Best Phone Apps For Cannabis Enthusiasts

Cannabis is a plant that’s been around for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean it’s not solidly part of the digital age.

As the legal cannabis market has boomed, so has the technology that can help stoners, medical marijuana patients, and other cannabis lovers find what they need.

Are you up to date with the latest phone apps for cannabis enthusiasts? With new developments constantly being made, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we put together this essential guide to the cannabis phone apps you need to download today.

Go grab your smartphone, then keep reading to learn about the best cannabis apps for you!

1. Leafly

Probably the best-known cannabis app, this one remains on a constant can’t-live-without-it status. Leafly’s app is regularly updated so it stays relevant and useful as the cannabis market changes.

This is a catch-all app for information related to cannabis. It combines information about the nearest dispensaries, reviews of strains, and news and updates about the industry seamlessly.

Not only that, but the app includes options for networking and product deals, so you’ll always be in the loop. This is first on the list for a reason – if you want a one-stop app with lots of information, start with Leafly.

2. HighThere

Getting sick of Tinder? Why not try a dating app that’s full of cannabis enthusiasts just like you?

Dating apps are notoriously unpleasant for many people. However, HighThere is a different story – it’s specifically targeted towards cannabis lovers, so you already know you can meet someone who shares at least one of your passions on this app.

To sweeten the deals, this app is free, unlike many niche dating sites that charge for a subscription. Say goodbye to dating disasters by downloading this app now.

3. MassRoots

For the budding photographers in the cannabis community, MassRoots is the perfect platform.

This app is like Instagram for stoners: you’ll share pics and vids of all things cannabis, from gorgeous glass to amazing home growing setups.

Whether you love documenting your weed-related activities, or just want to see what everyone else is posting, this creative app is sure to inspire you!

4. WeedMaps

When it comes to finding medical and recreational dispensaries, Google Maps won’t always cut it. For a more accurate map of where to get what you need, download WeedMaps.

The name says it all: this is a maps app for dispensaries and medical shops. You can easily filter your search if you’re looking for something specific. No more aimless driving around looking for a promising sign – this app can show you exactly where to go.

5. simLEAF

Phones are great for work, education, and communication – but sometimes, you just want to play.

One of the top phone apps for cannabis-related recreation is simLEAF. This grow simulator is both fun and educational – it’s the next best thing to having your own grow op.

Adjust the settings to make each play experience unique. You can grow different strains, use different lamps, and change the nutrient or pH level of the soil in the app.

To add to the realism, the plant you grow in this app can die if you neglect it. You’ll learn to stay on top of the plant’s needs, just like if you had your own grow room.

The payoff of taking care of the virtual plant is a satisfying virtual harvest – and a lot of knowledge that can actually help prepare you for real growing in the future. When you’re ready to start growing for real, make sure you read more here.

6. Hemp INC

For another cannabis game with real-world benefits, you need to download Hemp INC.

This game has a bigger purpose: to help get cannabis legalization in more places faster. It has ties to the activist group NORML, which seeks to legalize marijuana by changing widely held misconceptions about this plant.

If you’ve ever played Farmville, you’ll be familiar with how Hemp INC works. However, this app doesn’t feel like work – it’s fun and will keep you engaged as you run into famous stoners in the app, including Jimi Hendrix and Tommy Chong. Ever dreamed of selling weed to Snoop Dogg? In Hemp INC, you can!

This app sets you up to manage and maintain your very own weed business. You’ll grow a variety of strains, develop a customer base, and buy property as your virtual business grows. Fulfill your weed entrepreneur dreams while supporting this app with a cause.

7. Ultimate Weed Trivia

Who says stoners can’t be smart? With the Ultimate Weed Trivia app, you’ll learn all about weed and keep your brain engaged as you challenge your reaction time.

From history to chemistry to botany, all aspects of cannabis and weed culture are covered in this trivia app. If you don’t know the answers yet, even better- this is a great opportunity to learn.

8. Eaze

Ever caught yourself wishing there was a marijuana delivery service (besides that unreliable friend-of-a-friend who sometimes does house calls)?

Eaze is aptly named: this app fills the gap in marijuana home delivery services, making access to cannabis easier than ever. You’ll place your order through the app, then watch your driver’s progress until they arrive.

This app lets you order medical bud, edibles, or extract, making it a great choice for anyone with health issues that sometimes prevent them from leaving the house.

Even better, this app can help you find a marijuana doctor who can write you the prescription you need. No medical marijuana card? No problem – use this app to help you get one.

Download These Phone Apps Now

Cannabis culture is constantly changing as legalization moves forward. To keep up with the times and get the most from your cannabis experience, you need to download the right phone apps.

Choose from the apps on this list to make a curated list that will take care of all your cannabis-related needs, from finding bud to finding information. Or just download them all – you never know when phone apps like these will come in handy.

Ready to learn about more great phone apps? For a different way to digitally go green, check out these amazing eco-friendly apps.