How to Become an Ordained Minister Online

Organized religion certainly complicates things, doesn’t it?

Some people just have a supernatural closeness to a Higher Power. They might have a “normal” job like real estate, but they are a spiritual guide.

They counsel their friends. They pray for the heartbroken. They visit the sick.

They do everything a minister does. But they aren’t recognized as such because they haven’t jumped through all the hoops that churches ask them to be ordained.

Traditionally, becoming an ordained minister requires years of training and formal education. Education that, frankly, not everyone needs to minister to their community.

Thankfully, there are a number of denominations that allow you to become an ordained minister online—without years of training.

Check Local Regulations

While most of what a minister does is purely religious, there are a few instances where ordination carries legal significance, like officiating a marriage, for instance.

While a wedding is very much a spiritual ceremony, it needs to be performed by an ordained minister in order to be recognized by law. In the US, marriage licenses are issued by the county clerk. Every county has slightly different regulations about who can perform a wedding.

Some counties don’t require an official ordination at all. Some don’t recognize anyone who became an ordained minister online.

If performing weddings or hosting marriage seminars is your primary reason for getting ordained, you’ll be sorely disappointed if your county doesn’t recognize online ordinations.

Find an Ordaining Church

Once you’ve determined that becoming an ordained minister online is right for you, it’s time to find an ordaining church.

There are a number of denominations that will ordain anyone online for a small fee. But this is a serious matter. You don’t want to hand some cash to just any online church and call it a day.

Just like any traditional church, each online church has a unique set of beliefs. Most of these churches will have a statement of faith somewhere on their website.

Before you become an ordained minister online through that church, make sure you read through their statement of faith. Ensure they line up with your convictions. If anything opposes your own beliefs, close the page and keep looking.

As an ordained minister—yes, even one who was ordained online—you will be an official representative of that church.

There are plenty of churches that will ordain ministers online. Don’t bind yourself to a church that you don’t feel comfortable representing.

Become an Ordained Minister Online!

Once you find a good church, it’s time to get ordained!

Every church will have a slightly different process. Some will require you to commit yourself to the beliefs of that church. Some might make you take a test. Some only ask for a small fee and give you a certificate of ordination.

But regardless of the church you choose, the steps to becoming an ordained minister online are usually readily available.

After your ordination, set yourself to the good work. Minister to your community with the knowledge that you have a legal recognition for the role you’ve always held in your circle.

Not everything in life has a manual. But as an ordained minister, you’ll be able to offer peace for life’s most trying moments.

So what are you waiting for? Get ordained today!