Beating the Odds: Finding the Casino for You

There’s no doubt about it: gambling is exciting.

Whether you love to play games of chance or bet on sports, playing for money will give you an adrenaline thrill like no other. That’s why the global casino industry will bring in an estimated 120 billion dollars this year.

Getting started can be overwhelming. How do you make sure you are treated fairly and not subjected to cheating or fraud?

Whether you’re a first-timer or returning to gambling after taking a break these tips will help you choose the right casino for you.

Types of casinos

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “casino”?

Is it the luxurious atmosphere of a Las Vegas establishment?  A humble bingo hall? Or maybe a flashy website pops into your head.

Think about the type of casino that makes you feel comfortable. You’re more likely to make winning decisions in the right environment for you.

Land based casinos

Traditionally the word “casino” refers to a building used for social amusements, specifically gambling. This means you have to go in person to the casino in order to play.

A casino could be a large, stand-alone establishment, or one part of a larger entertainment complex like a hotel or theme park.

To use a land based casino you will have to choose a casino near where you live or in a place you can easily travel to.

Benefits of land based casinos

  • Social atmosphere
  • See in person that the establishment is properly licensed
  • Payment options include cash
  • Offers entertainment, food, and drink

Online Casinos

With an internet connection, we also have the option of using online casinos.

Online casinos come in several forms. Some run “virtual” versions of casino games through websites. Others require the user to download software onto their computer in order to play.

Some sites are dedicated to sports betting.

Online casino games are made fair by using special software to generate random results. Many online casinos also offer live dealer games, where users can watch the game through video and text their choices to the dealer.

Benefits of online casinos

  • Convenient – you don’t have to leave your house
  • Immediate – you can put those sports betting tips you just received to use the minute you get them
  • Choices of games are unlimited
  • Many payment options

Do your research

If you want to keep the odds in your favor it’s always important to do some research. You wouldn’t bet on a game you know nothing about; the same goes for choosing a casino.


This is by far the most important thing to know before you begin a gambling activity. Is the casino you’ve chosen properly licensed? If not you may inadvertently end up participating in something illegal.

Be aware of the laws in your area and make sure that the casino you’ve chosen complies with them.

This is especially important with online casinos – make sure you are connecting with a casino which operates under a regulatory body. Otherwise, it’s easy to become the victim of internet fraud.

Read reviews

People love to share their experiences, good or bad, online.

For land based casinos, travel websites can be a good source. For online sites find reputable reviews from news stories or non-profit websites.

Other questions to ask about online casinos

  • Does the casino offer the type of betting you want?
  • How does the casino payout wins?
  • Does the casino offer bonuses?
  • Does the website/software work with the computer you have?

Don’t leave it to luck

Much of the fun of gaming is based on luck. Choosing a good casino with care instead of leaving it to chance will ensure the odds are in your favor.