7 Fishing Apps Every Fisherman Needs on Their Phone

More than 45.7 million Americans took at least one fishing trip last year. Using a fishing app on your next fishing trip will give you the edge to catch bigger, better fish. Even if you aren’t competitive and just looking for a relaxing day on the water. You need the below apps let you track […]

Top 10 Productivity Apps You Need on Your Phone

Life can be distracting. Whether it’s social media or that show you just started binging, staying focused isn’t easy. It should come as no surprise that most people are too distracted to even work when they’re at work. Most workers report spending little more than half the day working. The question is: How do you […]

Top 7 Apps for People Over 40

Are you entering or already living in what we deem as the “middle age” phase? It’s possible that you may not be as tech-savvy as some of the younger generations. Apps are a modern technology that has exploded in the last couple of decades. People are now reliant on their phones more than ever. So […]

The Best Dating Apps for Divorced Singles

You said goodbye to your former spouse a while ago, and you have no regrets. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to say goodbye to love. Now could be the perfect time for you to try out divorce dating apps. After being out of the dating pool for so long, it can be intimidating to […]

Top 20 Apps for Men’s Health

Want to enjoy better health and well-being? Perhaps you’re looking to get leaner and build mass? Either way, it has never been easier to take care of yourself. With the advent of technology, we have access to cutting-edge apps that make clean eating and fitness a breeze. Some can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and […]

The 7 Best Writing Apps to Download in 2018

Whether you’re trying to recreate the Great American Novel, want to weave short stories, or just want to tell others about your life experience, writing has never been more accessible. Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, it’s easier than ever for writers to get their content in front of the right eyes. However, a quick […]

10 Best Photo Editing Apps

A good camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone, but sometimes, it’s just not enough on its own. We all need a little extra help to get our photos just right, and when built-in apps won’t do the trick, you need to download something extra. That’s where photo editing apps come […]

The Top 10 Dogs Apps for Pet Owners

Did you know that there are over 89 million dog owners in the United States? As technology has grown, having the latest dog apps will help you and your furry friend in your day to day adventures! Take a look at the 10 best dog apps every dog owner needs to have this year. Dog […]

4 Helpful Dental Apps You Need to Know About

Need a little extra assistance brushing your teeth, improving your oral hygiene, or even explaining complex dental procedures to your patients? Good news: there’s an app for that. You might be surprised to learn that the world of dental apps is rapidly growing, but the market is only getting bigger every day. No matter the […]

The 10 Best Hookup Apps for 2018

Tired of hitting up the bars every other night trying to find a hookup? You’re certainly not the only person to feel tired of the grind. Plenty of people are now skipping the bar or club in favor of staying home and hanging out on their phone. Yes, that’s right, you can actually find a […]

10 Best Medical Apps for Doctors, Patients, and Students

Have you read about Apple’s new health effort that’s going to be a part of iOS 11.3? According to reports, Apple’s Health app will have a new Health Records section, which will let users gather and view all of their medical records. At the moment, it’s still in beta testing, but the company’s optimistic it […]