7 Modern Home Improvements That Will Add Value to Your Home

A home is something people take personally because, well, it’s where they live.

Or it’s where they’ve lived.

Either way, your home’s value is tied to two things: the memories you’ll make there, and how good of a building it is, overall.

Whether you’re buying or selling, modern home improvements make your home is a better buy.

There are always improvements to be made on any building, exterior or interior. From a paint job to more advanced smart technology and home security, your options for increasing the sale value of your home are boundless.

So, with so many options available to you, where do you begin?

Join us, today, as we take a closer look at seven innovative opportunities for improving your home, and making it more valuable.

Seven Effective Modern Home Improvements

When it comes to improving your home, it’s the little things that count.

All the thoughtful little ways we improve a house so that living in it becomes easier, more attractive, and fun. These are the types of modern home improvements that can make or break a house’s resale value.

And, with smart technology, better design, and refined finishes, there’s never been a better time to sell your home.

So, with that in mind, let’s start with a classic.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Curb appeal is a fairly common term among house sellers.

It refers to the idea that your home’s sale value starts with how good it looks from a distance, or “on the curb”.

And those good looks start with your home’s paint job. If your walls have scuff marks or the standard wear and tear that comes with age, a high-quality paint job is an inexpensive way to bring them back to life.

Research matching color combinations for the outside walls, gutters, and awnings. Then, use neutral colors like off-white and soft grays to paint your rooms, making them look roomier.

With the right combination of colors, you can transform your entire home for a better sale.

Better Landscaping

Of course, the color of your house isn’t the only factor playing into its curb appeal.

There’s always the question of your lawn.

Hire a professional to trim back your trees and shrubs, prune back dead plants, and mow your lawn. If your grass is patchy or thin in specific areas, you can plant new grass as needed.

Finally, take a leaf blower to your driveway to get rid of grass trimmings.

The effect of professional landscaping will be a refreshed, neatened look that will add to your home’s marketability.

Update Your Window Fixtures

Like a pair of glasses that goes out of style, dated window fixtures can make your home look older than it actually is.

A good rule of thumb is, if you inherited your blinds, drapes or curtains from the owner before you, they could probably stand to be updated.

Look into quaint wooden blinds, plantation shutters, or high-end draperies to bring a touch of modernity and class to your home.

Kitchen And Bath

The two most important rooms in the sale of your home are the kitchen and bathroom.

These two rooms are where the buyer will carry out the most important parts of their day, aside from sleeping. Preparing their meals, and cleaning themselves.

They have to be spotless but, moreover, you should consider renovating these as well. You can start with something as simple as a new coat of paint, as with the outside of your home, and move on to islands and sink fixtures later on.

In your bathroom, look into new hardware and countertops. Wall mounts look better than overhead lamps, and low flow toilets continue to be very popular.

In the kitchen, new tile can add a needed flair, and stainless steel fixtures and appliances create a sleek look that’s hard to turn down.

And, as natural stone looks continue to be a hot seller in the housing market, it makes sense to research a reliable granite company to source your countertops from.

A Backup Power Generator

There are two simple facts when it comes to home electricity. Anywhere you live, there’s no guarantee against power outages. And nobody enjoys spending an evening in the dark.

A practical step you can take to make your home stand out is to invest in a backup power generator.

Maybe you’ve considered getting one for yourself but never committed to the price. This is understandable, but it’s an investment that will put a check in favor of your home when it comes time to sell.

And anything that holds a potential buyer’s attention for even a few minutes longer is worth the effort.

Make Your Basement Better

In real estate, more is almost always better.

Increasing the floor plan of your home is a great way to increase the value of the property as a whole. And one room that remains criminally underused in most homes is the basement.

If you have a basement room, invest money into remodeling it. If you can turn it into a viable bedroom, study or nook, that’s just more reason for somebody to want to live there. If the basement is big enough, you might even consider turning it into an additional apartment.

Smart Features

One of the most exciting developments in real estate and modern home improvements is smart technology.But, if you are going to buy into high tech, it has to be smart.

Audiovisual systems, for instance, lose value at an alarming rate because the technology evolves too quickly.

Certain smart devices, however, can have a positive impact on a home’s value. Nest thermostats link to smartphones and tablets for easy adjustment and can learn your preferences. Smart lighting, door locks, garage door openers and security systems, similarly, add a high degree of value to a home.

Sell More Effectively, With Modern Home Improvements

Making your home better can mean different things to different people.

Ultimately, the more you can do with what you have, the better chance you’ll have of selling your property.

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