Looking to Sell Your House Fast? 6 Things to do First

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how to sell a house fast

Selling your home can take ages. Sellers can expect to show the home to at least 20 potential buyers before the offers start coming in, and even then it’s not a done deal.

That’s why lots of people look to sell their home quick. You’re busy enough as it is without trying to juggle tons of viewings.

So how can you speed up the selling process? We’ve got a few great tips!

Get Cleaning

The cleanliness of your home during viewings is crucial. If your home is cluttered or dirty, it will give viewers a negative impression.

If your house is dirty or cluttered, it can actually knock thousands of dollars off of its market value. This means you’ll be waiting longer for an offer you’ll accept.

Minimize the Personal Touches

You may think that having family photos, children’s drawings or other personal decorations will make your home seem more attractive to families. Wouldn’t buyers want to know the home was great for your family?

In actuality, very personal decorations make buyers less interested. They want to imagine themselves in the home while they are viewing it. Seeing pictures of another family breaks this illusion.

Paint It Like a Show Home

Repaint the rooms in your home to be more neutral tones. This makes sure that buyers are focused on the actual rooms, rather than the walls.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about color choices turning off buyers.

A bit of paint also goes a long way when it comes to sprucing up doorframes and runners. Pay special attention to your front door. It will be everyone’s first impression.

Clear Out The Furniture

If your furniture is oversized, or you simply have too much of it, it can make your space seem much smaller.

Reducing the amount of furniture in each room during your viewings can help your home sell faster.

Show Off Your Storage

Resist the urge to hide your clutter away when potential buyers come for a viewing. Buyers are going to be interested in the storage space available.

This means you need to clean and organize all your closets so they are presentable.

Don’t Forget Scent

The way your home smells can have a huge effect on what buyers think of your home.

Make sure that you don’t cook anything that smells too strong before a viewing — no tuna!

The smell of cleaning products is okay, but to really entice buyers you want it to smell homey. Try baking cookies, or lighting a scented candle while you prepare for the viewing.

Get Landscaping

It’s not just the inside of your home that matters.

Your front yard will be the first thing that buyers see of your home. If they aren’t impressed,  they will already be starting the viewing on a negative note.

So make sure that the outside of your home sparkles!

Wrapping Up

These tips will help you get your home sold faster.

Looking to sell without all the hassle? Good news: we buy houses, Houston!

Get your cash offer today and see how quickly you can sell!

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