5 Ways to Improve Local SEO for Insurance Agents

The insurance field is a multi-billion dollar market, and thanks to the web, it’s easier than ever to find a great agency. In fact, 2 million Google searches occur in just one minute.

That’s a lot of potential opportunity for discovery. However, it also means that, if a proper SEO strategy isn’t in place, people will simply never see most sites.

But focusing on a more localized area is one of the smartest things a business can do. Don’t miss out on new traffic! Here are 5 way to improve local SEO for insurance agents.

Getting SEO For Insurance Agents

1. Make Sure The Agency Is Accessible

An SEO strategy is useless if an agency doesn’t have its contact information listed on the net. Agencies looking to drum up some business should be sure their info is readily available.

And that goes for more than just an agency’s phone number. Make sure that the full business name, hours of operation, phone number, and address are all listed.

Get on Facebook, My Business, Yelp, and just about any other site that seems relevant. These things do matter, as people tend to search businesses before visiting.

Having this contact info listed before the competition’s could bring in a ton of new clients. The more information Google has about a business, the higher it tends to rank it.

2. Create A Gorgeous Site

It isn’t enough for an agency to have a website. It needs to be better than the competition.

But it’s possible to design a great looking site without hiring a web designer. Take a look at some other sites to get a feel for current design trends.

www.insuredasap.com is a great place to start, as their website features a sleek design.

Stop just browsing the web and start looking at it through a designer’s eye. Notice how the contact info is one of the first things visitors see upon visiting Insured ASAP’s site. Simple tactics like that can make a difference.

3. Use Local Content

One of the easiest ways to boost one’s visibility is simply by using more localized terms. This is because Google tends to prioritize local businesses. For instance, if someone in San Francisco searches a term — even a general one — they’d get results tailored to that area.

It pays to be niche when it comes to content. Remember how vast the internet is. Filling a site and content with local keywords and region-specific topics is a great way to boost SERPs.

4. Leverage Social Media

When people think of SEO, they likely just think about their website and its relation to Google. The truth is that it’s a bit more complex than that.

Other elements that factor into a site’s SERP, like social media accounts. This is one of the easiest SEO for real estate agents, as most firms already have a page on most social channels.

Be sure to link the website and social channels together. Cross-posting content is a great and free way to get some publicity.

5. Keep Up With Algorithms

Finally, SEO for insurance agents isn’t always going to be easy. Google tends to change its algorithms on a regular basis. In fact, there have been several changes in 2017 alone.

It’s important to keep up with current SEO algorithms, as certain rules may be replaced or altered.

Final Thoughts On SEO For Insurance Agents

SEO for insurance agents is quite a tricky beast to tame. However, if an agency is smart about their web presence, they can easily boost their traffic.

Make sure to follow these steps and never stop learning about Google’s algorithms. The more informed one is, the more manageable SEO will become.

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