5 Things to Keep in Mind When Using an Online Pharmacy

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Sometimes we just wish to have things we want materialize before our eyes. While a Jetsons world isn’t yet realized, we do have ways to bring what we want directly to our doorstep without every leaving our house.

Today you can order pretty much everything online. Your clothes, your toiletries, your groceries and even your pets. But one of the most helpful advances in online ordering is the Canadian online pharmacy.

But there are things you always need to know when using an online pharmacy.

1. Know What A Legitimate Online Pharmacy Is

There are legitimate and illegitimate online pharmacies. And it’s important to know the difference so that you end up with tested and approved versions of your medication.

Don’t use an online pharmacy if they do any of these things:

  • Don’t require a prescription for prescription drugs
  • Don’t have contact information that connects to a real person or location
  • Can’t produce a license or don’t use licensed pharmacies
  • Sell fake medication
  • Don’t follow health privacy standards

You can also check a pharmacy’s legitimacy at Safemedsonline.org.

2. Why Online Pharmacies Can Be Cheaper

Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t make it less quality. The great thing about doing business online is that you don’t have to have a chain of physical locations. You can operate out of one location and ship from there.

This eliminates overhead. Overhead is the cost of running a store with employees and security and electricity and building or rent costs. All of these have to be made up in sales. Eliminate these costs and sales prices go down.

3. Other Countries’ Online Pharmacy Laws Are Lax

Regulations in countries outside the U.S. and Canada may not have as strict of regulations on drug quality. U.S. Federal agents seized $73 million counterfeit drugs in 2014. And that’s only about 10% of the pharmaceutical black market.

This is why you need to use legitimate, licensed pharmacies in the US and Canada.

4. Order Your Medications Early

Online orders ship fast. But it’s not the same as going down to your local pharmacy and just picking up your medication. You won’t be able to take your medication the same day you order it.

Depending on where you live it can take longer to get your medication. If you are taking a vital medication order at least five days ahead of the time you will run out. This way you will not miss a dose of your vital medication.

5. You Can Order Your Pet’s Medication Online

Did you know that your pets use the same pharmacy as you do? Of course, you have to go pick it up for them. But your veterinarian can prescribe to your online pharmacy as well as your regular pharmacy.

This could save you a lot of money on your pet’s medication and it will save you the hassle of having to drive down to the pharmacy just for your Fido’s pills.

The Bottom Line

There are very few disadvantages to getting your prescriptions online. You really do save more time and money.

What are some benefits you’ve seen with online pharmacies? Let us know in the comments below.

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