The 5 Best Motivational Cards You Can Download

No matter who you are, everybody needs a little motivation once in a while. There are periods in every man’s and every woman’s life when they get a little down, a little moody, and start feeling just a little bit glum and uninspired.

If one of your friends or family is feeling down there’s a way to help. Send them a motivational card that will get them counting their blessings and looking forward to what will come next in their life.

This article will list five of the best motivational cards that you can send to your struggling loved ones who need a little pickup. Each of these cards can be downloaded directly to your computer, so you can easily email the card, or print it off and mail it (or even deliver in person).

1. The Best is Yet to Come

This minimal motivational card delivers a short and sweet message: the best is yet to come.

Sometimes, one goes through a phase where they feel like things simply aren’t going according to plan. They feel worried about the future and wonder whether the situation they’re in will stay unfavorable.

At these times, a reminder that there’s still hope for the future can be a great pick-me-up.

Download the card here.

2. Impossible Until Done

This motivational card has another very important message: it only seems impossible until it is done. This message is a quote by Nelson Mandela, one of the most revered figures in African history.

This card is perfect for when someone faces a difficult task that they may initially think insurmountable. It serves as a great reminder of the fact that if you really set your mind on something and put in the work, nothing is impossible.

Download the card here.

3. Best Days

This is one of my favorite motivational cards. The card is a quote by Anne Frank, which reads, “What a wonderful thought that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”

This is another reminder for those feeling despondent about their current situation that the future is always bright.

Download the card here.

4. The Past is a Lesson

I believe that the idea behind this item is probably the most important of all the motivational cards. It says that “The past is nothing but a lesson on how to be more successful in the future.”

This card will really speak to anyone who feels that they may have made a mistake or failed at something recently. It will remind them that past failures are merely stepping stones to success.

Download the card here.

5. Rise Up & Attack

Finally, there’s this card which says, “Rise up & attack the day with enthusiasm.”

It’s a simple reminder to carpe diem—seize the day. Life truly is a beautiful thing that’s meant to be grasped with both hands and enjoyed. Remembering that can go a long way towards bringing some inspiration into a depressed life.

Download the card here.

You can find more kinds of digital downloads at the following link, including cards with compassion USA.

Which of these Motivational Cards is Your Favorite?

Now that you have a good overview of five of the best motivational cards out there, pick your favorite one, download it, and send it to your loved one ASAP. You never know but your card may arrive right when someone is feeling down and needs it most!