4 Adult Toys Every Bold Couple Need in Their Lives

Sex is a fun, healthy part of any adult relationship. As time passes, though, many couples feel their once-intense passion go limp. To reignite the spark, they turn to adult toys.

Adult toys aren’t just for couples looking to make sex fun again. They’re also for those who harbor more particular sexual tastes and consider the common missionary position “vanilla.”

There are multiple types of these toys on market. The adult toy for you and your partner depends on, well, you and your partner.

Let’s check out four must-try toys below.

4 Adult Toys Every Bold Couple Need in Their Lives

Lubricant isn’t the only toy that you’ll find enjoyable in the bedroom. Check out our list of four adult toys to try below.

1. Strap Ons

Strap ons consist of a harness and a dildo. The harness straps around the waist so the dildo sets in the place of a penis.

Both women and men use strap ons. Women roleplay as men and use the dildo to penetrate their partners just as men do. Men sometimes use strap ons in lieu of their own penises due to erectile dysfunction and other penile troubles.

Straps on are a turn-on for a variety of reasons. Besides roleplay, they can be used to double-penetrate and during other fantasy fulfillments.

The use of strap ons also invites couples to discuss exactly what they want in the bedroom. Communication is a huge part of intimacy between partners.

2. Rechargeable, Waterproof Vibrators

Vibrators are a classic bedroom toy, especially when it comes to women’s pleasure.

One problem that vibrator users sometimes experience is dead batteries. Nothing is more frustrating than getting your motor running and then your vibrator’s battery dying. Imagine if it died just as you were about to take off!

Another issue is lack of experimental potential. Vibrators are great for use in the bedroom but few other intimate settings.

That isn’t the case with rechargeable, waterproof vibrators. These adult toys are charged between sessions, ensuring you’ll never experience another dead battery again. They also encourage water play in bathtubs, private jacuzzis, and other water-based settings.

3. Restriction Kits

Restriction kits got a boost in popularity thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

Fifty Shades doesn’t portray the BDSM lifestyle accurately. However, it did inspire a more mainstream audience to check out BDSM and try some of its lighter attributes.

Restriction kits are one of those attributes. These kits include straps that restrict one’s arm movements as well as a blind that covers one’s eyes.

The idea behind restriction kits is to heighten one’s other senses. When you lose one of your senses, the others become stronger. If you can’t see, your sense of touch will automatically become more sensitive.

4. Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls are another staple in the sex toy world.

Ben Wa balls are inserted into the vagina or anus. They are used mainly to promote stronger orgasms. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have other uses.

One of those uses is medical in nature. Ben Wa balls can promote vaginal strength following childbirth. They can also combat health problems such as urinal incontinence.

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