3 Ways a Warm eCard Download Can Make Happier Holidays

During the holidays, everyone’s looking for a great deal. So it doesn’t matter the industry you’re in – retail, B2B or car sales. Certain times of the year present opportunities for the savvy shopper, such as Black Friday and the After Christmas Sale.

However, simply lowering your rates isn’t going to get more foot traffic into your shop. So the key is to build relationships with them.

And what better way to do that than with warm eCard downloads? Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts. By your business going out of its way to send a customer or prospect an eCard download, you earn brownie points.

So if you’re making plans for your holiday marketing (as you should be), then you’ll find the following helpful.

Now, let’s look into what makes an eCards a great marketing move.

1. Connect with Customers

What’s great about eCards is that they don’t cost a dime. In most cases, they’re free – unless you dish out money to have one customized.

But even if you go that route, the cost is minimal. And what you can potentially get in return makes it all worthwhile. For one, you’re connecting with customers during times of festivities.

And this makes them more willing to spend their money.

The most popular holidays are in the fall, which is all about giving. So by reaching out to say Happy Holidays, you’re winning them over.

This goes for both, holiday eCards for businesses and consumers.

Just make sure you don’t focus solely on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Remember, not everyone celebrates these. So it’s good to segment your audience and send out Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and general Seasons Greetings cards.

2. Extend Cost Savings in the eCard Download

Now, if you really want to brighten the mood of your customers, then include a discount in your eCard.

The user can print it out and bring it into your store (great way to boost foot traffic). Or they can use the code on your website.

Either way, it’s an excellent way to win points and get more traffic and sales over the holidays. Just make sure your offer is enticing enough to get customers to act.

Research the most popular products or services and provide a coupon for those. And make sure to include a time limit to create a sense of urgency.

3. Show Your Brand’s Personality and Humanity

The one thing you don’t want to come off as a brand is corporate-feeling. Corporations are cold and inhumane, which is why a lot of consumers avoid them.

Instead, they’re drawn to brands that show personality and humanity. And you can display this in your eCard Download.

For example, you can ask subscribers to donate to a cause or charity you’re partaking in. Choose one that connects with your brand and audience.

For instance, if your brand boasts about being a vegan business, then donating to a cause to stop poaching is acceptable.

Get Tips and Ideas for Your eCard

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On the blog, there’s plenty of advice for making your marketing campaigns more creative. Plus, you can download tools to make your life easier.

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