10 Catchy Topics to Cover on Your Lifestyle Blog

It’s not always easy to think of topics to write about. But with a little thought and help, you can overcome writer’s block on your lifestyle blog.

It’s always best to keep a list of ideas for future posts. The longer your list, the less likely you’ll be to run out of blog topics. And lifestyle blogs have the advantage of being broad enough that you can choose from a wide variety of topics.

If you need some more ideas to add to your lists, we’ve got them for you. Here are ten topics to jumpstart your creativity and get you writing more popular lifestyle blog posts.

1. What You’ve Learned from Other Bloggers

Your blog doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You’ve probably benefited from reading other people’s blogs. It can be a good idea to show your appreciation to fellow bloggers.

Show how grateful you are to those other bloggers by mentioning them and what you’ve learned from them. Maybe it was one post on their blog that gave you inspiration. Or perhaps you interacted with a blogger on social media and got some great advice.

Readers love to know how you get inspired. They also want to know that you’re not self-centered and that you care about others.

2. Write About Your Fitness Routine

Not everyone has a set fitness routine. But most people wish they did. And readers like to hear about other people’s healthy habits.

If you have a special quirk to your workouts or use an app, you should share it with your readers. They might want to give it a try too.

This is also a great idea for a post if you happen to be trying a trendy workout routine. You can discuss how it feels and whether it works.

More importantly, if you have just started a fitness routine, you can write multiple posts. You can continue to write about your progress. Readers want to know how you’re doing.

3. Dieting Without Trying

Maybe you’re one of the fortunate people who doesn’t need to diet. And maybe you maintain a healthy diet without having to think about it as healthy.

Of course, when you write about this sort of diet plan, be sure to show your readers how easy it is for them to do the same. Otherwise, they will just get jealous.

4. A Weekly Meal Plan

Do you plan your meals in advance? If you do, you’ve got a great lifestyle blog topic.

Readers love to learn about planning meals ahead. Most people don’t think about what they’re cooking until the last minute and could use the advice.

You can also use this opportunity to discuss how to preserve those meals for the week. If you make all your dinners at once, you may write about properly freezing those meals to eat later on.

5. Online-to-Offline Networking

Plenty of bloggers write about how they’ve increased their following on [insert platform]. And most of those posts have grown stale. Look at how you can update that topic.

Have you met with people who were previously just social media connections? If you did, you can write about it.

Not everyone meets with social media contacts. But it can be a life-changing experience. And sometimes those meetings can grow into lasting friendships.

6. Write a Book Review

If you want to be a better writer, you should read more. The same goes for bloggers.

While you’re finding great books to read, you can write a review. There’s no need to just focus on the books you’ve enjoyed reading. People will want to hear the positive and negative reviews.

If you have a specific theme to your lifestyle blog, you can review books that fit that niche. And publishers might take notice and offer you new books to review in the future.

7. Review Your Favorite Products

Much like those book reviews, you can review products that you use or find interesting, like portable solar panels.

If your lifestyle blog focuses on cooking and food, then you can review kitchen products. Readers are always looking to buy or replace kitchen appliances, so it’s your opportunity to tell them about your blender, crock pot, or new pan.

These posts serve a dual purpose, as you can include affiliate links to the products for your readers.

8. Participate in an Activity

Are you up for a challenge? Then write about it!

Whether you’re participating in a fun bike ride or entering a marathon, it’s an opportunity to tell the world. People enjoy reading about activities and contests because it gives them ideas of things to do.

You can sometimes turn these into multiple posts. If you’re training for a marathon, you can write about the training and your result after the race.

9. Discuss Local News

You may not think that your local news is all that interesting, but other people might think otherwise.

Readers like to hear about smaller news stories from other places. Most of these stories don’t make national news, but they can be relatable to your readers.

It’s rare that most U.S. readers will see news about lake of the Ozarks, but they may be interested in learning more about the area.

10. Respond to Op-ed Columns

You have an opinion and you should use it. You just need to read the news every day and see what other people are writing about it. It’s easy enough to find a variety of opinions online.

Sometimes you’ll come across an opinion piece that is so out-of-touch with your life that you’ll feel the need to respond. Take the opportunity to write your opinion on the subject.

Your lifestyle blog doesn’t have to only be about your life. It can be about society, and that would require you to discuss society as it relates to your life.

Kickstart Your Lifestyle Blog Today

With a few fresh ideas, your lifestyle blog will thrive. Just be sure to keep all the ideas in a safe place so you check them out when you need inspiration.

There are always more ideas out there. Jot down any ideas you have throughout the day and you’ll have an endless supply for your blog.

You can also check out our blog if you need some help finding apps to improve your writing.