Why Your SEO Campaigns are Totally Tanking

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Creating a successful SEO campaign is one of the toughest tasks your company will face. It can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and remarkably costly.

So what do you do when your campaigns just aren’t working? Have no fear, Buffalo SEO Company has your back!

You’re putting the work in…but you’re not seeing results. What’s wrong with those SEO campaigns you’re running? Find out here!

Accessibility above everything

You may think it sounds tedious, but everything from the basic structure of your site to mobile accessibility can play a huge factor in your SEO ranking. In fact, an estimated 60% of web traffic comes from mobile pages.

For instance, do you know if your site can be easily accessed from a variety of platforms?

Mobilegeddon may sound like just another buzzword tailored to corner you into redesigning your website, but pay attention to what other companies missed: if your mobile site is a mess, you may have been penalized by Google for a variety of reasons.

Aside from your site’s organization and basic structure, make sure you’re frequently obtaining and paying attention to audience feedback.

Don’t be precious with your website. If there’s even a kernel of truth to the feedback you’re getting, make changes accordingly.

After all, you’re here to fill a market need — what’s the point if you’re not listening to your customer base?

Stagnancy can be worse than falling traffic: switch things up regularly

It’s no secret that organic traffic can be volatile at best, but fresh and engaging content can mean the difference between life and digital death.

The SEO world changes all the time, so make sure your strategies are in line with the rest of your competition.

As we’ve established, feedback is important.

Send out a survey every quarter or so to establish that your content still gels with your audience’s needs. If there’s something your site is missing, this is a great way to figure out what needs changing.

You’re also going to need to evaluate how you’re using keywords, as overuse of keywords can be just as harmful as not using keywords entirely.

When creating content, make sure your keywords make sense and aren’t too plentiful. You’ll also want to make sure you’re looking at analytics when coming up with targeted keywords.

Internal links matter

If you’ve got a well-designed, accessible website with fantastic content, your SEO makeover is nearly complete. Now it’s time to focus on link structure and internal linking practices.

Internal links are simply links that send your audience to a specific page of your domain.

A well-constructed internal link not only looks great, but it establishes domain authority with Google. This means that a well-constructed internal link can actually boost your SEO rating!

Start by completing a basic authority report of your site. This will help you discover which of your pages has the most authority, and how you can improve those that could benefit from a boost.

SEO campaigns are tough — there’s no way around it. But there’s no reason your SEO campaign has to stumble! Use these tips, and let us know in the comments how it worked for you!

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