Why It’s Important to Perform a Drug and Alcohol Test Before Hiring

It’s a fact that drug use in the workplace causes more accidents, more absences, decreased productivity and higher turnover. This costs employers an estimated $197 billion per year. And workplace drug use is now at the highest level it’s been in the last ten years, especially in the retail, food and beverage and education industries.

Do we really want our food and our children in the hands of someone who may be drunk or high on the job? A pre-employment drug and alcohol test will not only promote a safe and efficient work environment but also increase a company’s positive, trustworthy image.

Read on and we’ll show you why a pre-employment drug and alcohol test is an essential part of the hiring process. Here are the top 5 benefits of testing before employing.

Increased Safety

Workplace substance abuse accounts for approximately 50% of workplace accidents. The annual medical cost of workplace drug and alcohol abuse reaches into the billions. The amount of money saved by maintaining a drug-free workplace is far greater than the cost of testing employees for drugs before hiring.

Increased Productivity

Drug abuse makes it hard for employees to show up to work on time or at all. Employees who work while under the influence are 10 times more likely to be absent than sober employees.

And they display lower-quality work performance. They may come to work so drunk, stoned, or hungover that they are unable to perform properly at their job.

Under-the-influence employees are more uncaring about work and safety and likely to make poor decisions. They are also responsible for 40% of workplace theft. And they may coerce other employees into workplace drug abuse as well.

Pre-employment drug testing will keep these irresponsible applicants from corrupting the workforce.

Less Turnover

Because of their poor performance and attendance, employees who abuse drugs have a 30% higher turnover rate than those who don’t. Testing for drugs before hiring costs less than the time and money wasted on employees who abuse drugs.

Happier Employees

Worst of all, workplace substance abuse makes work more difficult, stressful and unsafe for all the sober employees who do care about their job. The increased chance of accidents that accompany workplace substance abuse puts other innocent employees at risk.

And sober employees have to work harder to make up for the poor performance and frequent absences of the non-sober workers. These factors may increase turnover in the sober employees who will no longer tolerate this stressful work environment.

Also, any company that doesn’t test employees for drugs becomes a target for drug-abusing applicants. Drug abusers who can’t pass a drug test elsewhere will seek employment with companies who don’t test.

Workplace drug-testing will keep the company safe from these hazards and give peace of mind to hard-working, sober employees.

Happier Shareholders

Pre-employment drug-testing also gives peace of mind to customers and shareholders. A company with frequent incidents associated with employee drug and alcohol abuse will develop a bad reputation. It will be seen as uncaring and unsafe, an unwise business investment.

Drug-testing employees shows that the company cares enough to keep drug abuse away from their business.

Drug and Alcohol Test Screening: It’s Worth It!

Whether employers send applicants to a lab or use their own drug testing kits on-site, the benefits are clear: pre-employment drug and alcohol screening is worth the money saved, accidents prevented and reputation earned.

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