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My first experience with night vision technology wasn’t in real life. What caught my imagination was that scene in Jurassic Park where Tim Murphy picks up the fancy looking night vision goggles and is then told by the lawyer to put them down because “those are probably expensive.”

I suddenly saw myself out in the pre-historic bush hunting velociraptors in the dark.

Now that I’m a grown man, I hunt other things in the dark. Which is why I use the best night vision scope. They don’t look as fancy as the goggles in Jurassic Park, but they are better.

1. Armasight CO-Mini 3 Alpha

This is technically a conversion piece, but it’s my go-to when I need a something reliable for medium range magnified night vision.

It Features:

  • Manual gain adjustment
  • A third generation vision scope
  • A QD mount for Picatinny rail systems
  • 1x magnification capability
  • Daytime optics conversion

2. ATN Thor-HD

This all-digital night vision scope is closest to what I saw in Jurassic Park and dreamed of using as a kid. This all digital device will give you full-color images instead of the traditional monochrome output.

It Features:

  • A digital thermal scope setting
  • A Color Display
  • Multiple digital reticle patterns for target variation
  • Has a long battery life for long hunts
  • Can run on one battery
  • Attaches to any standard Picatinny rail

3. Pulsar Apex XD50

A step down from the Thor as far as color goes, this digital wonder gives you vibrant images. It is clearly designed for long distance shooting as I can spot a target from 1400 yards on any given night.

It Features:

  • A wireless remote control for remote setup
  • A 1.9x magnification for long distance spotting
  • High-resolution imagery that is superior to tube imaging
  • Displays thermal signatures from 1400 yards away
  • It’s definitely one of the longest range night vision scopes on the market today.

4. Armasight Nemesis 6X Gen2+ SDi

Armasight definitely had hunters in mind when they built the Nemesis. It’s an interesting combination of second generation night vision technology with high powered magnification clear enough to feel like you’re standing in front of the target.

It Features:

  • Second generation night vision technology
  • 6 power magnification (highly powerful)
  • An auto-brightness control for easy hands-free use
  • It attaches to standard Picatinny rails
  • Includes an illuminated red center cross reticle
  • Made with sturdy waterproof construction for any weather situation

5. Pulsar N750 Digisight

This sight is a basic go-to sight. It works well enough.

It doesn’t stand out among the competition but it’s affordable. It doesn’t touch the geek side.

But when you need something dependable that won’t break the bank, the Pulsar N750 will do for just about any situation.

It Features:

  • A digital night vision scope
  • Second generation style technology
  • A long eye relief to keep any sort of distraction out
  • A built-in IR illuminator so you don’t have to purchase one
  • OLED display
  • A video out feature if you want to capture the hunt


There are many fine rifle night vision scopes out there today. If you pick one that fits your needs and your preferences, you will see clearly in the dark for a long time.

What are you favorite night vision scopes? Let me know. And, as always, stay on target!

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