This Toyota App Is Taking on Distracted Teen Driving

A parent’s worse nightmare is having their child get hurt when outside of their supervision.

Teens love their electronic devices and aren’t always fully aware of the dangers of distracted driving.

This is why having your teen get behind the wheel provides more challenges and adjustments than ever before. Thankfully, there are some technological advancements that keep teens safe and put parents’ minds at ease.

Any parent who wants their teen to be safe on the road should check out the new Toyota app, which works to prevent distracted driving.

Learn a little bit more about this innovative new app by reading below.

What Does This Toyota App Do?

This app came about due to rampant cases of texting and driving.

Teens specifically drive distracted, because they love their mobile devices and don’t have the life or driving experience to understand the danger.

This Toyota app takes matters into his own hands in a very entertaining way.

Any time the Toyota app recognizes that the teenage driver is using their phone, it immediately plays selections from a parent created Spotify playlist.

By interrupting the teen’s driving experience with oldies but goodies, they’ll recognize the error of their ways and will stop driving distracted, to get back to their own playlist.

Both parents and the teen need to download the app in order to configure settings.

Why Is The App Important?

This app is crucial because distracted driving is deadly.

According to studies, distracted driving causes nearly 2 million crashes annually. Among these crashes, 11 teens are killed every single day.

What’s staggering is that 94% of teenage drivers polled say that they understand that texting and driving is dangerous, yet nearly 40% still engage in the act.

The app is critical because it takes the option out of their hands. Though teenagers are of legal driving age, mental maturity takes some time to develop.

In the meantime, the app saves lives.

How Exactly Does The App Work?

First, parents and teens need to have Android devices in order to access the app.

The phone must be paired with the vehicle so that it recognizes when the car is in motion.

When the app is active, it disables phone calls, text messages, social media platforms and other alerts. The app also recognizes when the teenager is speeding, at which point it will also interrupt with the parent’s created music playlist.

What Makes This App Effective?

Let’s face it.

A teenager’s worst fear at this time of life is to be considered uncool.

There’s nothing less cool than driving around to your parents’ music. This social pressure works to the parents’ advantage, by keeping the teenager in line, while also building positive habits.

It’s best to install the app when the teenager first gets their license. By having the app continuously interrupt their dangerous driving habits, it instills the skills that they’ll hone over the years.

This is a humorous, yet very effective training tool that makes teenage drivers everywhere more conscious and responsible.

Using this app, while also maintaining your teen’s vehicle, makes them as safe as possible on the road.

Start by finding a credible Toyota auto repair shop that can keeps their car in tip top shape. Make sure that they understand what to do when they get into a car accident, so they’re well prepared.

How Can I Get Started?

Head to the Android market place today and download the app.

Let this app purchase inform the way you shop from here on out. This app serves a need and uses digital technology to shape the way you think, shop and live your life.

Try out Toyota’s app and then search a digital download database that can serve other needs in your life as a parent.