Top 5 SMS Apps for Android

There’s one consistent complaint among the nearly 107.7 million Android users in the U.S. – the messaging app that’s pre-installed sucks.

SMS is still the gold standard for messaging on any smartphone, and texting’s one of the top activities we use our phones for (apart from looking at #foodporn and watching cute puppy videos). However, texting can be unpleasant when the app you use doesn’t work properly or have the features you want.

Luckily for you Android users, there are tons of high-quality SMS apps you can download in place of the pre-installed app. They range from being very bare-bones to packing tons of features.

To help you choose your next go-to texting app, we’ve compiled a list of the best SMS apps for you to choose from.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is a highly customizable and streamline messaging app.

When you first download it (free), it will walk you through your customization setup. This does take a few minutes, but it’s worth it to have your app exactly as you want it.

The app offers a clean experience while providing more complex options like sending e-cards for birthdays and holidays.

Google Messenger

Google Messenger is one of the most popular SMS apps among Android users. It’s free, simple to use, and cuts through the clutter of Google Hangouts.

This app has many of the same features as Google Hangouts like sending recorded video and audio, blocking SMS, and location sharing.

You can also integrate your Gchats into Google Messenger, making it a one-stop shop for your SMS and online chats.


If you text a lot for your work or on behalf of your business, you need TextBetter.

It allows you to enable your main business line to send texts and emails. The main benefit is customers interact with only one number.

Use TextBetter for sending texts to landlines, managing engagement campaigns, and tracking conversations.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is ideal for those who feel like Big Brother is watching.

The app encrypts your texts using end-to-end encryption which protects them from being intercepted when they go through data centers. You also can’t take screenshots in the app.

Signal is also versatile. It works similarly to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp but if your SMS recipient doesn’t have Signal, the message sends as a regular SMS to their phone.

Apart from its versatility and security, Signal is also free to download.

chomp SMS

chomp SMS has been around for a long time and is one of the most popular Android messaging apps.

It allows you to customize how your messages look and has tons of emojis. It also lets you reply in message pop-ups, add a passcode to the app, and blacklist numbers you’re sick of hearing from.

While all those features are great, the app can feel a bit bloated to others. chomp SMS is also free to download.

SMS Apps to Try and Love

Depending on your SMS apps preferences, you’ll find a messenger app to satisfy your needs. Whether you want something that’s very light or something that has tons of customizable features, there’s something for you.

Once you’ve found an app you love, you can learn more about how to use messaging to engage with your customers and increase sales here.