Top 5 Real Estate Coaching Programs Online

If you are looking for a career that provides flexibility and room for growth, real estate can be a great option. Experienced and talented real estate agents can often bring in six-figure salaries.

But getting to that point requires hard work and dedication. Real estate agents are often responsible for their own professional development and upward mobility. Rather than working toward promotions, real estate professionals grow their salaries by putting in long hours, making connections, and leveraging their professional network.

Looking to get ahead in your real estate career? Check out these 5 real estate coaching options to get started.

Real Estate Coaching Essentials

This online program starts at about $400 a month and covers essential knowledge that all real estate professionals should know. Topics include how to increase sales, how to attract listings, and how to build a network. They can also address more specialized topics, like handling short sales or working with investor buyers like Florida cash home buyers.

Peak Producers

This 12-week online course is unique in that it is offered in group sessions. This means that, in addition to your coach, you will also have a cohort of other new real estate agents. Working with a class like this can give you to the opportunity to meet other professionals in your field who can help you grow.

Another great benefit of this program is that it includes access to a customer management software. This can help you to organize your clients and be more efficient.

Coach Simple

This option is a good choice for real estate teams looking to build their productivity. Coaching sessions cover topics like effective management, setting goals, and developing effective business processes. With this service, agencies can learn how to better leverage the team’s skills and build their business in the local community.

One-on-One Coaching

This coaching service is offered by the Mike Ferry Organization. The program requires a 12-month commitment and costs $650 per month. During that month, mentees get 40 personalized coaching calls.

While this program is expensive, it is hard to beat the personalization it offers. During your coaching calls, you can focus on the exact issues you are dealing with, and get advice tailored to your specific needs.

Kinder Reese

Kinder Reese coaching is a real estate consulting business founded by two seasoned real estate agents. Michael Reese, one of the founders, is an expert in online real estate marketing, an essential skill for today’s agents.

With Michael’s help, new professionals can learn how to create an effective real estate blog, or how to grow their agency with social media. These strategies will help you to reach younger buyers and get properties sold faster.

Advancing Your Career With Real Estate Coaching

For new agents, real estate coaching is essential for success. This mentoring can provide the necessary tools for young professionals to advance and grow in their careers. Depending on your needs, you may choose to go with a group program, or an individual program tailored to your goals.

What coaching programs have you used? Let us know in the comments!