Top 5 Downloadable Financial Data Management Tools

Are you struggling to find an out-of-the-box solution to manage your business’s finances? You’re not alone: despite the growing amount of software and apps available, many companies are turning to downloadable tools to supplement their financial data management.

This shift is likely heralded by the increasing complexity of business operations. Your company is unique, and unless you’re prepared to shell out for a custom-built financial management system, you’ll need to find workarounds to make your system work for you.

Not to worry – these five downloadable tools might be the perfect complements to your existing financial software:

No More Ransom Downloadable Tools

It might sound like something out of a James Bond movie, but criminals no longer have to break down your door to take everything you’ve worked hard for. Ransomware attacks are a real threat to businesses, and one attack could devastate your company.

This dangerous piece of malware infects your business technology system and holds it hostage until you pay a hefty ransom. Some organizations, including Alberta’s University of Calgary, paid a whopping $20,000 to these cyber extortionists o get its system back.

Spearheaded by Europol, the No More Ransom initiative provides downloadable tools for decrypting computers that have been victimized by ransomware attacks.


Investors and developers shouldn’t be without the Intrinio stock data API. You get instant access to financial data via mobile device or computer app so you can make better investments for your business.

Unlike similar services, Intrinio only charges for the data you use. You aren’t paying for more functionality than you need, which means you can expect a bigger ROI on your investments.


Keeping your data clean and organized presents its own form of financial payoff. The web-based DataWrangler acts as your financial data housekeeper. It rearranges your data into formats that spreadsheet apps and other tools can use it.

For example, if you click on a column or row in an Excel sheet, DataWrangler will offer suggestions, such as Delete Row. This helps you spend more time learning from your data than trying to fix it.

You can take it for a test drive on their website to see how it works before you commit your team to using it.

Google Fusion Tables

Visuals are gold in the financial realm, and Google Fusion Tables makes it easier than ever to transform data into valuable illustrations. You can upload a variety of file formats and the web-based app turns it into maps, graphs, charts, scatter plots, or other images.

You can also fuse multiple tables to create a more encompassing visual. Best of all, this app is suited for beginners and above, so anyone on your team can use it.


If you need to factor in time components to your financial data, TimeFlow can help you prepare a visual analysis. TimeFlow takes text files and manipulates them into visual timelines.

This tool color and size-codes to help you detect patterns. Plus, it offers some statistical summaries to give you better insights.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of free or inexpensive downloadable tools to help you run a more profitable business – if you know where to look. For more business and financial advice, see our full online archive.