Top 5 Diving Apps

There’s no thrill quite like diving.

Whether you’re just a handful of meters below the surface or a couple hundred feet deep, the underwater world is full of wonder.

Here, fish of all shapes and sizes are waiting to swim alongside you. Shipwrecks hold stories thousands of years old, and changing water conditions allow scientists to plan for what we might be able to expect on land in the future.

It’s all a beautiful adventure.

What if you want to make your diving experience even better, though?

Diving apps are the tool you need. These can help improve your knowledge of diving, diving safety, and much more.

Here are 5 apps to download before your next drop-in.

1. Scuba Exam

Before you can dive into the open sea, you need a scuba certification.

Study for this exam with the help of Scuba Exam. The app has over 250 exam questions. It also comes with quizzes and stats to help you switch up how you study.

Keep this among your other diving apps after you pass the exam. It’s a great tool to brush up on diving terms or stay up to date with the diving world.

2. iDive

iDive is known to be the one-stop shop every new and experienced diver needs.

In fact, it’s like having many diving apps in one!

This is where you can go to learn about diving basics, common terms, and keep up with the latest in the diving industry. iDive also gives you access to an online store for all the gear you’ll need on your next dive.

You can plan a dive through the app as well, for either a local outing or special vacation.

3. Dive Diary

To keep track of your favorite dives near and far, use Dive Diary.

This intuitive modern app is made to feel like a classic vintage dive log.

Customize each entry with a photo or video from your dive. Post the best ones to social media straight from the app so all your friends can fall in love with this awesome activity.

4. V-Planner

As fun and interesting as diving may seem – because it is – it can also be dangerous if you’re unprepared.

Make every dive a safe experience from start to finish with the help of V-Planner.

This is a calculator made to help you measure decompression settings. You can customize the gas mix you want and use V-Planner to make sure you get it right.

5. TripWhistle Global SOS

Gas measures and decompression are something you can plan for and control while diving.

Emergencies are always a possibility, though.

In the event that something goes wrong while you’re out at sea, you’re going to be glad you downloaded TripWhistle.

This gives you access to local emergency numbers, which you can dial right away through the app.

It displays your location on the screen so first responders know exactly where you are. Such efficiency can make a big difference whether you’re diving at your regular spot or discovering Philippines scuba diving.

Access the Best Diving Apps Anywhere You Go

No matter where you go to dive, always be prepared.

Download these five apps to make sure you can plan for, document, and fully enjoy your diving experience!

Who knows, you may enjoy diving so much you turn this hobby into a travel blog of all the places you’ve explored.

Click here to find out how to start blogging so you can share all of your dive adventures.