The First Step is Admitting You Have an Addiction

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Anyone who has ever been caught up in the awful throes of an addiction knows one thing to be true more than anything else: Admitting that you have an addiction is the first step towards a path of meaningful recovery.

It may sound cliche but, in reality, it’s true. The first step towards solving any problem is admitting that the problem exists in the first place.

The First Step

Addictions show up in many different forms in many different people, but, there is one constant that runs through all addictions, and it never ever varies.

A real recovery program can only begin when you finally admit that you have an addiction.

It starts when you get honest, firstly with yourself, and then with others. It begins the moment you realize that you do not have to live like this anymore.

Freedom from addiction begins when you allow yourself to tell the truth about who you are and where you find yourself at this juncture in your life.

Recovery begins the moment you say those painfully powerful words: I have a problem.

The Barrier to Recovery

When we are caught up in an addiction, we become our own worst enemy. In most cases, one extraordinarily significant barrier to our recovery emerges…


This is because when we’re caught up in addiction, a whole new mindset can drive our behavior. We can begin to deny the truth. We can start to concoct all sorts of excuses.

Addiction and Its Fake Promises

There may be a lot of hurt in that beautiful heart of yours, and at first, it will seek to justify your actions, rather than seek the redemption you so desperately want.

You might feel that you can find temporary relief in your addiction.

It understands you. You can trust it. At least, with it, you know where you stand.

So, instead of confronting the truth, it may seem easier to minimize the problem. You might feel that admitting that addiction has taken over your life would make you feel insecure and powerless.

It would draw attention to the problem, right? Admitting that you have a problem would mean facing the consequences of your choices, wouldn’t it?

As a consequence, it may seem easier to deny the seriousness of your addiction and to hide the extent of the problem from others, and worse of all, from yourself.

Addiction and Its Lies

All of this is perfectly understandable but, at its heart, addiction has sold you one enormous, corrosive lie.

Addiction might appear to promise you freedom from pain, freedom from suffering, freedom from feeling, but what it is actually doing is inviting unimaginable pain and suffering into your life.

Like a degenerative disease, your addiction wants to take over your life. It not only wants to own you, it wants your heart, your mind, and your body too.

And, even when it has taken all of those, it won’t be happy until it has taken your soul.

Hope and Recovery

The good news is that there is only one requirement to begin a journey of recovery from addiction, and that is the desire to stop participating in your own destruction.

Recovery starts the moment you admit that you have an addiction.

And, the rest of your glorious life begins from there.

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