The Best Dating Apps for Divorced Singles

You said goodbye to your former spouse a while ago, and you have no regrets. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to say goodbye to love. Now could be the perfect time for you to try out divorce dating apps.

After being out of the dating pool for so long, it can be intimidating to jump back in. We understand. But if you don’t jump back in, you might miss out on your one true love.

Software has progressed to the point where it’s easier than ever to find the perfect match for you.

Here’s a rundown of the best divorce dating apps you need to try to meet singles like you. Let’s get started!

EliteSingles Is Among the Best Divorce Dating Apps

This particular app stands out in that it apparently utilizes a smart matchmaking system so that you can truly find Mr. or Mrs. Right this time around.

With this app, you’ll be matched with someone based on your education, your personalities, and even your incomes.

The income aspect is particularly important considering that half of Americans are so financially strapped that they have no ability to save. That’s why White Oak Legal offers several financial tips, with one of these tips being to keep your debt under control.

Although these tips are directed specifically at those going through a divorce, they easily apply to anybody and everybody — including those who, like you, are in search of a new flame following a marital breakup.

Parent Dating for Singles

If you have children, this may be the perfect app for you as you search for love post-divorce.

This app essentially enables you to meet those who, like you, are trying to balance rebuilding their personal lives while also taking care of their children. And the best part about using this app is that it’s free.

You can’t beat that.


This is yet another divorce dating app that can come in handy for divorcees. However, what sets this app apart is that you don’t have to be a divorcee to take advantage of it.

The purpose of this app is for any mature adult to meet a divorced person. So, if you download it, you could potentially end up finding someone through the app who has never walked down the aisle before but can’t wait to do it with you.

Single Parent Meet

This is another app that may appeal to you if you’re a divorced parent. You can actually meet single parents here for both dating and friendship purposes.

So, if you’ve been looking for someone to vent to about your marital breakup, this may be the app for you. And who knows — you may end up falling in love with him or her in the process. Talk about a win-win situation.

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